The travels of a Nymphomaniac
26 Starting the milking machine. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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26 Starting the milking machine. Part2

By all the gods, what a slow girl! His eyes turn toward the young brown maid running towards him, the Baron frowns.

He understands that because of her short stature, she had to use the stepladder to unhook the two suction cups, which she then attached to the glass pipes of the milking machine, but couldn't she have been faster?

"Master, these are the..."

The Baron, in a hurry to play with Rhea's huge breasts, rips off the object that the young brown maid politely hands him over.

Angry that this idiot girl has delaying his moment of amusement, he slaps her so violently that the little maid collapses on the floor.

As he watches the young maid caressing her painful face for a moment before getting up very quickly, the Baron sighs.

Fourteen gold coins for the share of two...

That day, he had bought these two girls who were not very tall but whose sexy body would certainly please his distinguished guests.

Their nice supple ass, their small breasts topped with big nipples with which to play is most pleasant as well as their pretty little faces...

How much of his noble sperm has he wasted by squirting into the pussy of these two good-for-nothings. Depressed by their inactivity, he had thrown them in the hands of his guards who thanked him and indulged in appalling gang-bangs, devastating all the holes of the two maids, but that wasn't enough to turn these two slaves into bitches hungry cocks.

He did not understand the reason for this until later, when one of his servants discreetly reported to him at the bend in the corridor that he had seen the two girls kissing passionately.

Lesbians! What a bad business deal, he had concluded with this swindler who pretended to be the best slave trader in the capital?

Considering their pretty faces, their little asses that he liked to penetrate from time to time and the money he had to pay to acquire them, the Baron decided not to execute them. In search of assistants for his small personal room, he entrusted the girls in love with each other with the very rewarding task of helping him when he received guests. However...

"As always you are useless. I don't have time to deal with your case now but get ready to be severely punished as soon as my good friend leaves. Dear Viscount, please follow me. I'll show you how to take care of those two monstrous udders."

With the Viscount keeping his questions to himself and his wife on his heels, the Baron goes very quickly alongside Rhea.

Turning his vicious eyes to his old comrade from the academy, he lifts one of the young woman's heavy udder who can't stop peeing on the little maid. The young beauty must want to express herself, but she came so much that her voice became hoarse that it makes her few words sound like grunts, totally incomprehensible.

He had been waiting for this moment for so long, that without wasting another second, he approaches the second object his maid brought him from the huge breast that he holds in his hand.

Grabbing it right just above the nipple, he voluntarily crushes this mountain of a size he had never seen before.

Making sure that the compressed nipple is sufficiently swollen, the Baron directs what turns out to be a syringe with a big needle towards the center of Rhea's sublime breast, whose increasingly dilated pussy has just projected an abundant jet of love juice that has soiled his so luxurious pants.

Still silently, compressing even more that breast he so desires between his fingers, when the crushed udder separates into two equal parts whoth the swollen summit protruding properly he inserts the tip of the needle into the small erect nipple, got so hard, that the pointed object has difficulty in piercing it.

Without putting too much force so as not to hurt his best friend's supposed future wife, the needle slowly penetrates the beautiful woman's breast, until it disappears completely inside.

The Baron then gradually injects a very thick, pungent smelling product into her, before removing the needle. Out of pure pleasure or perhaps to relieve his guilt, he tilts his head and licks this nipple harder than stone, than out of sheer lust, he has just martyred.

His tongue gently traces the delicious halo in the perfect shape which emphasizes the beauty of this ideal breast that causes his dick to double in size.

First gently, his eager mouth, sucks the nipple which starts to swell at a glance.

Now being able to wedge the large nipple between his teeth, the Baron begins to suck the huge breast with force.

When, during a suction exerted on the nipple which has quadrupled in size, the Baron feels a few drops of this liquid which he likes to consume so much come to rest on his tongue, he he gently massages it then squeezes the udder at its base.

Squeezing the monstrous breast even harder, he continues his powerful suction until which he feels the udder swelling even more between his teeth and release a large amount of this liquid which he gulps avidly.

A great lover of the high quality milk produced by women's bodies, the Baron now squeezes and pulls on the enormous nipple which expels powerful jets of the delicious liquid directly down his throat.

Excited by the enormous breasts that make him harder than ever, his fingers cling even more firmly to the long purple-coloured udder. Hungry, the Baron brings his face close to the disproportionately mountain and pulls the deformed nipple forward.

Sticking his mouth again against the udder of the beautiful one who never stops screaming, like a spoiled child, he suckles her breast until he is momentarily full.

To better show his friend what wonderful udders his wife has, he removes his mouth from this oversized breast and slowly exerts a little pressure on her nipple, while pulling it slightly forward.

With just a few squeezes, the large udder ejects a long stream of white liquid onto the ground. Smiling, very happy to be the one who can teach this noble art to his good friend, he slowly begins to milk the beautiful girl under the amazed gaze of the Viscount, immersed in contemplation.

Playing with that sublime breast is just an appetizer for this sex toys lover and very satisfied of this product he found at a local slave trader's house, the Baron licks his lips still impregnated with this tasty hot milk. After taking a small step to the side, he lifts, crushes and sticks his needle in the second breast of the beautiful Rhea, then smiling almost meanly, his gaze falls on one of the machines of which he is most proud.

"My good friend, you are now about to witness the demonstration of one of the wonders that modern science has made available to us. You there, the milking machine is ready to go,"

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