The travels of a Nymphomaniac
20 Little night to socialize. Part3
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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20 Little night to socialize. Part3

Carried away by his bestial side, the Viscount who does not take into account the state of the beautiful bllonde, grabs the beautiful girl's sweaty head and again, he directs his sex between her lips.

Rhea tries to grab the Viscount's testicles to make them roll between her fingers, but between the huge cock brutally pounding her little pussy and the vicious finger indiscreetly searching her ass, she doesn't have the strength.

The Baron who holds her firmly by her ankles,takes great pleasure in spreading his thighs to the limit of their breaking point and as his wife removes her finger to insert her tongue into her asshole, the bully accelerates the rhythm from his dick strokes.

"Her giant breasts jumping out at the rhythm of my strokes hips defeated me. I'm at my breaking point. Dear friend, look how I'm going to spill my noble seed in her little cunt."

Rhea wants to moan. Between the tongue with the three fingers that now search her dilated anus and this cock that tears her so deliciously, she wants to scream to free herself but the sex sinking down her throat prevents her from doing so.

The boiling sex of this baron who has laid her on her side warms up her body already to its boiling point. The tongue that his wife has introduced in full into her anus and who pulls forcefully on one of her nipples, makes Rhea lose all her points of reference.

The Viscount still fills her mouth with his enormous stem and finally, when she feels the Baron's sex contract against her thin intimate walls and stick to the entrance of her uterus, Rhea believes that she will finally be able to breathe a little.

The hot liquid that he expels in the bottom of her, quickly mixes with her own love juice. His sex still between her thighs, the Baron grabs her hips and pushing further, his big cock ends up spitting out the few drops of the milky liquid that overflow from Rhea's vagina.

"I've never seen such breasts before. They really deserve that I linger on them. Viscount, why don't we go somewhere more suitable for our evening?"

"Oh, you have all my congratulations on that magnificent internal ejaculation, my friend, but, allow me to empty the contents of my balls into her mouth and we'll go where you suggest."

Rhea, who to salute his efforts, has just come into tune with the Baron, must recover her wits to try to analyze the words the Noble has just spoken.

"Swallow all my seed, my beautiful one, and let's follow my good friend who manifestly, wants to study your huge breasts more closely."

Before expelling his sperm in the back of Rhea's throat, the Viscount's big cock seems to shrink one second and the next one becomes even bigger than it is.

Choked by the abundance of semen escaping from the glans of the muscular man, and his big cock that's lodged in the back of her throat, Rhea has great difficulty swallowing all the liquid offered to her.

Very happy to go to in his friend's private rooms that are known by all for their exotic toys, to better share the view of his beauty whose mouth overflows with sperm, the Viscount pulls his cock out of her small mouth and presents the girl's exhausted face to his good friend.

"All right, before we head to my private playground, I'll have my maids bring your young lover a sexy little bustier who will be able to reveal all the beauty of her enormous breasts."

While the baron leaves to settle the few details he deems necessary for a successful evening, the Viscount squats between the knees of Rhea, whose face wavers between exhaustion and bliss.

He puts his slightly rough warrior hand on the flat belly of the young woman who instantly emits a moan.

With his index finger, starting from her belly button, the Viscount draws a line until her extremely swollen clitoris.

He smiles broadly as he watches her little pussy from which his friend's sperm is spilling out, and yet who palpitates so much that he guesses that the little animal is still hungry.

If his simple caress on her belly is enough to make this beauty moan whose hunger for sex is no longer a secret for him, then what if...

To access her secret garden as he wishes, he spreads the two legs of Rhea who feeling the air tickling her large labia majora slightly open, arches backwards.

The Viscount can only laugh at this reaction, which is exaggerated to say the least. As much out of excitement as out of amusement, he largely spreads her two large labia majora soaked with love juice and semen, then he places his index finger on her clitoris ready to explode.

"More! I want more cocks at the bottom of me."

"Rhea, I'm a lucky man to be able to enjoy the body of the worst bitch ever born in our beautiful kingdom."

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