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4 The little wet meadow.

In a small meadow from which the animals have fled in fear, two beasts are howling in fury.

"So, little bitch, how does it feel when I plow your perverted little cunt?"

"Oh yeah, yeah, that's so good, but fuck me even faster, monk. Devastate my cheeky little girl's pussy that's turned you out of the right path. Yes, like that, destroy my inside. Come into my womb and repaint me the bottom."

Less than two days ago, Dimitry was a lamb of unsurpassed purity, but since the one he thought was a goddess introduced him to the joys of intense sex, he's turned into a furious bull whose raging cock refuses to cool down.

Since he first penetrated her, they haven't made more than one Miles. Stopping every five minutes to indulge their baser instincts, the young monk has barely escaped from the very narrow pussy that now literally aspires his cock.

Caught in the now customary vice, the depraved young monk violently slaps the greedy bitch's little ass who, bites her lips. Finding that he's been penetrating her in this position for too long and wanting to change his grip, he lets go of her hips to cling to her huge tits which, under his repeated powerful dick strokes, shake back and forth.

"And when I squeeze your tits like this, I'm sure you like them too, don't you little bitch?"

"Yes, I'm a little whore who likes her tits squished. Monk, slap my ass again and pull my nipples out."

In addition to being initiated into sex by the world's worst bitch, if Dimitry's learned anything in the last few days, it's that girl can't get enough. To punish her for being a temperamental little girl who can't live without getting her rump fucked, he releases one of her tits and brings his hand closer to her butt.

For having turned her into a pervert who is barely good at following his beastly impulses, the young man tells himself that he must punish this diabolical girl very severely. Ready to put his convictions into practice, he stretches out his index finger and savagely penetrates the bitch's asshole, which against all odds, screams with pleasure.

"Don't you ever get tired of it, you bitch? How do I have to punish you for you to apologize for leading me astray from my intended path?"

"Be inventive, little dick with a soft glans."

Little dick with a soft glans? The abbey only had communal baths, so Dimitry knows how huge his sex is compared to other men's. As for his glans, seeing it deform the labia majora of the beautiful blonde, it's certain that its tip is harder than rock.

"You will understand that a monk's anger is not to be taken lightly. Take a second one in the asshole and see if you get smart afterwards."

Without ceasing the movements of his cock, which moves back and forth in the small cyprine-soaked vagina, which has to dilate enormously each time to accommodate him, Dimitry tries to insert his middle finger into the anus of the beautiful girl.

It's surprisingly tight and the movements of Rhea's body don't facilitate the introduction of his finger into the asshole of the beauty whose screams provoke the leak of a group of birds.

Dimitry tries once again to go through the back door, but too excited by the two enormous tits that are bouncing, when his cock hits the young woman's uterus, he feels his sex contracting and accompanied by a virile scream, his half-colossus spits a powerful spurt of sperm into the little pussy that comes to stick against her belly.

Exhausted after this seventh round and as many internal ejaculations, the defeated monk collapses on the soft grass of the small meadow.

Seeing the monk who already seems to give up the fight, Rhea pouting. The beautiful young woman, squinting her eyes, is determined not to let this monk abandon her in the middle of the game, so quietly, she crawls through the grass until she reaches his dick covered with their two liquids that have mixed together.

With his eyes watching the clouds that still today take amusing shapes, Dimitry realizes only too late that the beautiful blonde quickly takes hold of his cock and swallows it greedily.

He is really exhausted. He would like to rest for a little hour to regain some strength, however, when he feels the hot mouth sliding along his sex, it's stronger than he can... The half-colossus who had just fallen asleep immediately stands at attention.

Still lying on his back, hands below the head and a big smile on his face, Dimitry takes advantage of the moment. He takes pleasure in feeling his cock that Rhea is pumping like crazy. Her sweet little tongue wrapped around his acorn is a delight.

[Isn't this heaven?] Carried away by this happiness that far surpasses what he feels when he gets down on his knees and prays, the monk falls asleep.

Rhea looks at the face of the idiot who, with his eyes wide open, hesitates to enter the gates of the small town, which after four days they have just reached.

She sees the monk take a step forward and then finally, being too afraid to move forward, move backwards and take her hand. In order not to offend this beast of sex who knows how to give her pleasure, she covers her mouth in order to hide the little laugh she cannot contain and pulls the hand of the idiot dressed in a robe.

"Come, little boy. Even though it may seem scary to you, tell yourself that close to me you are safe because I am watching over you and protecting you. Ha-ha-ha."

The bitch never misses an opportunity to make fun of him, but it's true that in front of all those people walking around the other side of the door, Dimitry is scared to death.

"I might get lost, so don't let go of my hand."

The town, isolated from the trade routes, has nothing in common with those in the centre of Visgon.

In this dirty and poor place, live mostly families without money, forgotten by all and unable to find accommodation in the too expensive cities of the Kingdom.

One can also cross in these places where every morning corpses lie under piles of feathers of nocturnal birds of prey, many mercenaries who come to sell the products of their unofficial missions.

But more than these groups of people, it is the criminals who have come to hide in this city where no one will bother to come and get them who are the most numerous.

In the middle of the street where the rubbish attracts the rats who don't hesitate to go out in broad daylight, all the vicious eyes that land on her, make her uncomfortable. Ever since she crossed the small rotten wooden gate of this ruined city, she has had the unpleasant impression that all these rude men want to devour her.

As a perfect monk discovering the world, Dimitry is anything but reliable. With an astonished expression written on his face, he runs from shop front to shop front to observe what he considers to be wonders.

Faced with an inn that seems correct to her, Rhea wants to ask the simpleton for his opinion but...

"Monk, monk, where are you monk?"