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269 A good father

It was hard for people to not look at Alfonso's way, not only because of Alfonso himself but for Demeter. In time like this, one would expect that Alfonso somehow learned how to dance and they demonstrated a beautiful yet unprepared choreography, but…

Reality was cruel…

"Ouch! Alfonso you are stomping me!"


"You can't dance because you have that cane with you!"

"I won't deny it"

"Drop it!"


"You… you are being childish!"

"Maybe, but I won't release it!"


Both of them discussed for some time before staring at each other and then…


Both of busted in laugh.

"Alfonso, sometimes you are act so childish!" Said Demeter between laughs.

"Haha, maybe" Laughed Alfonso.

Not only Alfonso and Demeter were the focus of attention, a couple of centimeters away from them, a couple of couples were also the talk of everyone.

"Mr. Dionysius, I know that I promise that I would dance with you but…"


"Can you stop burying yourself on my breasts?" Asked Rebecca helplessly.

"Is not my fault! I am small, so my head involuntary posed itself in your breast! That's right! This can't be helped!" Said Dionysius without one bit of shame.

"…" Rebecca was speechless.

In front of them, another couple was dancing… in a funny way.

"Where do you think you are touching!?" Asked Anastasia.

"My lady, I am grabbing your waist!"

"You are hundred years too early to grab my waist!"

"Then, where do I grab you?"

"I will allow you to grab my foot"

"…" Hans was speechless.

And behind them…

"I-I I am sorry, this is my first dancing, so…"

"Don't worry, my princess, just take it slowly" Said Artemis with a handsome smile.

The other girls at her surroundings felt a couple of arrows piercing towards their heart when hey looked at Artemis smile. They looked at their own couples and compared…

"Alas, comparisons are too cruel" Though all the girls.

Anyway, Alfonso's group was having their own pleasure time on the party, even Susana, who couldn't dance, started small conversations with some scholars that were acquaintances of her back when she studied in Dragon Academy.

All in all, everyone was having a good time, well…. Almost all of them.


[Meanwhile, in the inner side of the manor]

"Why can't I go to the party!?"

"Miss Mummy… please understand…" Said one guard helplessly.

"Who are you calling a mummy!? My name is Aphrodite, A-P-H-R-O-D-I-T-E"

"I am sorry for being disrespectful, Miss Aphrodite, however, this party is very important to his majesty and Mr.Lockheart, so, if someone with your… extravagant appearance where to appear, it will sure cause a commotion" Said Aphrodite.


"B-But Mr. Lockheart told me that he would come to fetch you as soon as the party ends"

"Really?" Said Aphrodite with a pitiful voice.

"Y-yeah" Said the guard.

"I understand, then, I will be a good girl, I promise, but…"


"Can't you untie me? It's hurting my hands" Said Aphrodite.

"B-b-but it was an order from Mr. Lockheart…"

"Don't worry, I am the most trustful woman you can find, I promise that I won't escaped" Said Aphrodite.

The guard looked at Aphrodite suspiciously.

"I am telling the true! Surely, you, a handsome and gentle guard won't bully a little girl like me, right?" Said Aphrodite with an even more pitiful voice.

The guard was touched, he was about to untie Aphrodite when he remember something, he took out a small cards.

"Aphrodite might try to say something like: 'Don't worry, I am the most trustful woman you can find, I promise that I won't escaped' or 'I am telling the true! Surely, you, a handsome and gentle guard won't bully a little girl like me, right' , don't listen to her, she is lying.


Ps: In time like this, tell her this…"

"Shut up, you whore" Repeated the guard.


"I- it's, it's what is written on the notes" Said the guard.

"What notes!?"

"The ones that Mr. Artemis left with me…" Said the guard.

"ARTEMIS, you fucking bitch, you will pay for this!" Swore Aphrodite.


While everyone at the party was having a good time, someone was anxiously looking at one specific couple.

"My lord, are you sure about this? It isn't too late"

"I don't have another option, Ulter, when I took the loan from lord Leopold, my destiny was sealed" Said the man.

"But… my lord, if you do this… who is going to take care of miss and your son? He is still young" Said Ulter.

"You know the situation… if I don't do this… they will die" Said the man with a defeated expression.

"My lord! If… if you do this, you will get yourself killed" Said Ulter with a mix of sadness and anger.

"That's the plan…" Said the man with a bitter smile.

"I won't ask you to come with me, Ulter, you have been by mi side since I was a brat, you are my family" Said the man.

"I will follow my lord, even in death" Said Ulter with conviction.

The man turned to look at Ulter, he had some tears on his eyes, but, soon enough, he wiped them, it was not the time to be sentimental.

"No, Ulter, you have to life, when the times comes, you will leave to Inferno City"

"My lord!"

"Who is going to take care of my wife and son if you are gone?" Said the man.

"My lord…"

"This is my last order as your lord, please, Ulter" Said the man.

Ulter looked at the man sitting at his side, he was forty something years old, his appearance didn't reflect his age, he was tall and had some grey on his hair.

"Ulter, I will take action when the song ends, remember to call the dog of Leopold to watch closely, if we do this right, they will let me family go by the end of the night" Said the man.

"That some of a bitch" Ulter eyes become red with fury when his lord mention the dog of Leopold.

"Forget about revenge, Ulter, we came touch the dog without the owner taking actions, at that time, not even god will save my family" Said the man.

"I understand…" Said Ulter with defeat.

The song ended and the couples when back to their seats, Ulter looked at the couple and breathed deeply.

"It's time" Though the man.

 He walked towards the couple with a smile on his face.

"Hello, it's a privilege to finally meet you, Mr. Lockheart" Said the man.

Alfonso turned around to look at the man.

"My name is Griftor, I am the head of the Actenios family in Inferno City"