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The path of the lustful demon
Author :blue_cloud
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267 The Deal.

Many corpses lied beside the elder as he looked at Feng Hao with horror. Despite having a higher realm, he was like a child on front of Feng Hao! He toyed and played with him without giving a chance to fight back.

"Who are you?" said the Elder.

"Your father!" laughed Feng Hao as his spear stabbed the elder's throat.

Feng Hao looked at the corpses and smiled.

"Good. Now, I just need to find what I need. Also, isn't its time for that bastard to wake up?" asked Feng Hao with irritation.

Inside Feng Hao's body, A weak and small soul was sitting in a crossed legs position. The soul's eyes trembled and opened slowly.

"Its seems that you did your part of the deal very well" said the soul.

"Of course! Who do you think I am?!" said Feng Hao.

"Right, you are my Devil Heart. So, this is the least I could expect from you".

This weak and small soul was Feng Hao. And the one who controls the body was the Devil Heart.

Feng Hao never died, He entered into a coma-like state after making a deal with the Devil Heart.

You might be wondering why the Devil Heart made a deal with Feng Hao. The reason is because of one thing, The God Baptism.

First, let speak about what happened in the tomb.

When Feng Hao was about to die from Hu Ge's sneak attack. The Devil Heart tried to take over Feng Hao's body. But, he was horrified to find that he could not take over Feng Hao soul and body because golden energy repulsed him! This golden energy was the product of The God Baptism.

The Devil Heart was extremely terrified as if Feng Hao soul disappeared, he will also die with him. The Devil Heart and Feng Hao were connected in the soul. No matter what the Devil Heart did, he couldn't take over Feng Hao's soul or body which made him even more afraid.

Feng Hao used this chance to strike a deal with Devil Heart. Help me and I will give you what you want! The Devil Heart refused Feng Hao's offer at first and tried to find other methods to take control. Sadly, he was out of time and Feng Hao will die in a few seconds. So, the Devil Heart accepted the deal while gritting his teeth.

I shall help you until you get back into your feet but in two conditions. First, Give me a body! Second, he will have to take a part of Feng Hao's soul to himself once the body was found So it can live without any problems.

" A small price to keep living" that what Feng Hao thought of before accepting The Devil Heart's terms and allowing him to take control.

The Devil Heart then did his job and helped Feng Hao.

"If the other Devils knew about me, they will laugh to death at me!" said the Devil Heart with irritation. Feng Hao's soul was like a bone that stuck in his throat. He was not and will not be able to get rid of it no matter what. Otherwise, why would he make the deal with Feng Hao?!

"Devil Heart, what kind of body you want?" asked Feng Hao.

"I want a body similar to yours" said The Devil Heart.

"Well, good like in finding a body like that!" said Feng Hao.

"I don't want to waste my time searching. I want to build a body" said the Devil Heart.

"You want to create an Avatar?!"

"Correct! But, the Avatar Technique must be extremely high level like the one you had before" said the Devil Heart.

"Forget about it! I will not allow you to have a body like mine!" said Feng Hao.

The Devil Heart's face turned extremely cold and said " You want to stop me?!".

"I can drag you to hell with me! So, yes!" said Feng Hao with a smile.

"I will only allow you to have one type of Qi other than the Chaos Qi! Also, you will leave a part of you Devilish Aura into my Bloodline!" said Feng Hao.

"Fuck you! I will kill every important person to you! Starting with your cauldrons!" said the Devil Heart. The cauldron core appeared in his hand and started to exert some pressure on it.

Feng Hao's eyes turned extremely cold and said " then, I promise you will have the worst possible death with me! I will make sure that it will be long and satisfying to your tastes!".

The Devil Heart's face turned ugly at Feng Hao's words.

Feng Hao had the advantage over the Devil Heart. He knew this and the Devil Heart also knew this.
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"Damn! I should have let you die that day!".

"Well, regret it! You can't back off from the deal now after making our conscious linked by the oath!" said Feng Hao.

The Devil Heart clicked his tongue and said in a depressed tone " If I have known that the God Baptism will make such trouble to me, I would have prevented you from achieving it!".

"As I said, You can only spend your time regretting the fact you have been a lazy Devil Heart. Also, A stupid one" said Feng Hao.

" Fuck it, I want to you die with me!" yelled the Devil Heart.

Feng Hao smiled and ignored the Devil Heart threats. He knew that the Devil Heart will not kill himself because he wants to live! He didn't want to die so he made the deal with Feng Hao. The Devil Heart could be considered a living person with emotions and fear but doesn't have a body.

"Also, why did you say I died there?!" said Feng Hao.

"Because, I want to kill you after building my body".

"Keep dreaming!" said Feng Hao.

"My life will be hard with him beside me" both Feng Hao and the Devil Heart thought of this at the same time.

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