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21 Sailing on same boa

I was playing with an empty glass in one hand and propped my chin in the palm of the other hand . I didn't even move an inch after Austin left . I looked at my watch and realised that I sat here for almost twenty minutes .

Placing my glass on the table I stood and left through the second door .

I saw Rachel from far ,she was sitting on the bench where we usually sit . She was busy reading something and looked beautiful . She was indeed a beautiful girl, not the most beautiful girl but she was beautiful in her own way . She have hazel eyes , her lips were pink in colour and her thick black hair was long but not as long as mine .

I walked in the direction where she was sitting and reading . As I was walking I over heard four girls talking .

Damn!!! he is hot , said a girl in low voice cupping her mouth .

I agree , I love his silky hair and the way he brushes his hair at times , it makes him look more attractive ,said another girl and other two girls were just standing and looking at the game .

They were my juniors .

I looked at the girls and then turned my head in the direction where they were looking .

The guy they were talking about was tall and had a black watch . He was standing at one side folding his hands and watching his team members play .

Looking at that guy I smiled and walked away.

I came and sat beside Rachel , she looked at me and asked about elocution , she asked me in excitement , how did it go ? .

It wasn't great but I told confidently without any mistakes , I said .

That's amazing , I'm happy for you , she said holding my hands and with a bright smile .

I smiled and asked her why was she sitting here alone .

Cindy told that we don't have classes now so I came out to read my novel peacefully , she replied softly .

oh , I said .

By the way , what do you think about the guy who is standing there and watching the game , I pointed him with my index finger so that she could look at him .

She looked at him and then at me , there was a slight smile on her face .

He looks awfully handsome , she replied with a slight smile .

how does he look while brushing his hair? I asked her in a teasing tone .

He looks like a cute chimpanzee, she replied with a blushing smile.

Even I started to smile looking at the way she was blushing .

It was my cousin , Justin .

Justin was our school basket ball team captain. He was smart ,intelligent , good looking. He was popular especially among girls . Half of the girls from his class have a secret crush on him and they even told him directly on his face . He was an easy going guy , he always had a smile plastered on his face . He tries to show off at times but then he is a sweet heart .

I didn't know that the guys were playing basket ball here ,she said .

Obviously you wouldn't know , you were busy reading your novel , I said moving corner of my lips slightly upwards.

To my reply she pinched me slightly .

I giggled and jumped in excitement .

She looked at me in surprise .

Austin doesn't have a crush on Veronica , I said excitedly in a low voice .

You met him ?,she asked .

Yes , I did , I replied while nodding .

I told her what happened .

Awww, really ? , you should have told him that you like him , you idiot . she said pinching me again .

I wanted to tell him but I couldn't , I told her in a bitter tone .

She placed her palm on my cheeks and said , that's okay babe , let's hope that you'll tell him in the future .

Hopefully , I replied .

As we were busy talking , Justin came towards us and asked me about my speech while holding a bottle in his hand . His hair was wet , his face was shining . He looked more handsome .

It went good , I replied with a smile.

That's nice , he said looking at Rachel while she was busy reading her novel .

Did something happen ? , your face turned red , Justin asked looking at her face which turned after looking at him .

I .... well....I , before she could reply he was called by one of his team mates.

Justin's team mate called his name out loud and told him to come immediately to which he gave a nod .

He looked at me and told that he'll talk to me later before he left he took a glance at Rachel and then ran towards the basket ball court .

I looked at Rachel who was covering her face and couldn't control my laugh.

Okay , now stop laughing . I didn't expect him to come to us and talk and why the hell did he come all of a sudden ,she said cupping her face .

I guess he came to ask about my speech , I replied while trying to control my laugh .

Oh yeah right , did he look at me ?,she asked.

Yes , he did,I replied with a giggle.

Damnn!! how embarrassing, she replied covering her face.

I laughed again .

Let's leave from here , she said and started to walk and I followed her .

While we were walking she asked me " Do you want to participate in dance competition ? ."

Hell .... No , I snorted .

" Oh , you sure you won't participate ?, she asked me again .

Why would I participate when I'm least intrested in it , I replied.

" I thought you would love to participate , so sad ," she said dramatically .

What do you mean , I said and gave a quizzical look .

"Mmmmm ..... I overheard 10th A section's class representative talking to her class teacher .I mean Austin's class teacher and his class representative were talking about him " she said .

What were they talking ? , I asked her .

" I couldn't hear their entire Conversation but I guess she wants him to participate " she said .

Oh yeah , while leaving he told me that his teacher was calling him , I said .

So ...wanna participate? , she asked me raising her eyebrows.

You think I wouldn't? , I replied looking at her raising my right eyebrow and folding my hands .

After sometime ,we went to Cindy , I asked her to write my name in the list of people intrested in dance I looked at Rachel and asked if she was intrested , her reply was the same , she wasn't intrested in dancing .

Cindy told us that Veronica was writing the names of the people who were intrested in dance . Veronica is Justin's and Austin's class mate, most of the girls of her class hates her .

Rachel and I looked at eacthother , looking at Rachel I understood what she had in her mind .

Yes we have to go and give my name and you are coming with me , I said and held her wrist .

Are you serious ?, she asked me.

Yes I am. I replied .

I went to Austin's class for the first time , neither he wasn't there nor Justin .We stood near the door .It was embarrassing , people were staring at us as if we were aliens .

I guess leaving right now would be the best choice , Rachel said in low voice.

I glared at her but didn't reply .

I am standing out, I won't come in she said .

I sighed heavily and said okay .

I saw Veronica sitting in her bench , she was busy writing her notes .I walked towards her and told that I came to give my name .

She understood that I came to give my name for dance competition .

She took out a paper and wrote my name .

She know my name ? , I thought when she was writing my name in the paper .

After writing she looked at me and gave a bright smile ,I gave a half smile as I was surprised looking the way she smiled .

I said thankyou and left the class .

In the evening while going to our house we went to a shop and bought two coke tins .I started to talk about Veronica to Rachel .

She seems to be nice , I said .

Who ?, Rachel asked taking a sip .

Veronica , I said .

What did you talk to her , she asked me .

Nothing , we just gave a smile to eacthother . I just felt that she is sweet like Justin says .

Ohh!!! ,was her reply .

I could sense a kind of jealous in her voice .

Justin doesn't like her in that way , I said looking at her with a slight smile .

I don't care whom he likes , she said kicking a stone while looking at her coke tin .

Really ? , I asked .

Well, it's his wish , just like I like him , he might like any other girl , I just hope that he doesn't dislike me , she said .

Her voice was low , she liked him since many years even though she knew that he doesn't like her the way she likes him .

I totally understand since we are sailing on the same boat , I said with a wink .

Cheers , we said in unison and laughed .

_____ ______ ______ _____ _______

My entire schooling days were spent with Rachel . Whenever she was absent I used not understand what to do .It was a hell for me to survive in school whenever she was absent , even though Someone would sit beside me I used to feel lonely , the classes would be boring ,my day would be incomplete . I used to scold her whenever she was absent and so did she whenever I was absent . Very few people have such friends in their life and I feel blessed to have a person like Rachel in my life .