The city below the dungeon
38 Chapter 38
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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38 Chapter 38

"what the fuck is wrong with you! have you gone crazy! what the fuck was that idea!" mark shouted to will when he got to the next floor exit also.

"what did a cat go your tongue now? tell me what is wrong with you, as now it seems like you did that to just get out of me and my gang, so tell me it wasn't planned and deliberately done against me?" mark questioned will as his suspicions started to rise. but he wasn't wrong at all will had planned that out with his team, just to get rid of some of mark's crew. it was deliberately done against them and his team knows that, but of course, they wouldn't ever tell that to mark and his crew.

"sorry something just switched inside of me and of course it wasn't deliberately done against you and your crew. it was just that i honestly couldn't think of a better plan and now we can test the strengths of our teams. also, fewer people to share the loot with. right partner?" will put all of his actor skills to work to convince mark and thor out of his suspicions.

"you are a right partner but next time you could warn me and tell me honestly that you want to get rid of some people. as there are easier ways to do that." mark answered but still didn't trust will that much, but accepted his answer for now. but he swore to himself that later will is going to pay from that and that will's death will be a very slow and painful one.

"for now let's wait and see who comes back. so let's take this time and rest now."

will said and started to prepare temporarily camp for them.

in same time raven was banging her head against the wall.

"why i had to jinx it! why! i guessed that they will use fire, but no let's hope that they don't use it at all. but they did use it and now even my forest is burned down and more minions lost. at least they cannot burn the next couple areas down at all. let's see what they can do without their precious fire." raven said while pouting, as now all of her plans have gone straightly to the garbage can.

what use of her dungeon had if they can just burn every floor down? to kill all of her minions in the same method? as just now it seems like her nature-themed dungeon just has one fatal weakness and that is a fire. so is every adventurer who comes to her dungeon is going to always burn it down? as that just seems so inconvenient and really weak. as what's the idea of the dungeon with many minions if you can just simply burn it down? so now to raven the nature seems very weak and poor choice and she's starting to regret choosing it. she wanted to rant and talk to treah but she still didn't see her around at all. raven wondered where treah always disappears, as she cannot find her at all.

hours have passed and now will and mark came in conclusion that there isn't anyone else alive at all. as now all the survivors must be at the camp.

but for their surprise, they actually haven't lost anyone else than one of mark's crew members. so only two of mark's crew members had died in that floor and mark whispered to will.

"as i said very inconvenient method as only i lost more of my crew members, but you didn't lose anyone at all."

will didn't answer to mark, as he was happy that his full team survived this far.

even when they knew what the plan was, there was the danger that they would lose some of the members.

of course, they hadn't survived without injuries at all, as the archer had couple arrows stuck at his arm piece armor and some of them had pierced through of the leather armor. so he couldn't use his bow for a while and had to use a knife with his non-dominant hand. the tank's armor and the shield have lasted every hit of the arrows and he was fine. and the rogue was too fast and stealthy for the arrows.

but it was like a miracle to mark's crew as the rest of members there also didn't have the slightest injuries at all. so will's plan only half worked and he also lost a potential member of his team as the archer. what use there was for him? as he was specialized to bow and arrows, but now he had to wield a dagger with his non-dominant hand. but for now, they let the members of the party rest more in the makeshift camp as their inner clock told them that it was night time to them. even in the dungeon, it was getting darker, as it seemed like there was also day and night circle in the dungeon.

so they made their camp to the path of the third and fourth floor and made a guard shift that everyone would get rest, but also would have to guard the camp.

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