Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 37 Chapter 37

Hours and hours passed and Will and his crew just watched how the plain was burning down.

Sometimes they heard the shrieks of the burning wolves and sometimes there were wolves that tried to dash from the narrow entrance to the first floor, but Will and his team had that entrance so secured that the wolves didn't make it pass of them.

In the end, even the system got bored and announced.

"Congrats for passing the second floor. The reward would have been direwolves hide and all the other valuable resources in it, but as you burned it all down you got 50 silver's again."

Will and his team didn't care about the reward they were more interested in the announcement as it sounded so human-like. But Mark and his crew were fighting about the pouch of silver like their life would depend on it. In the end, Mark won and pocketed the silver on his own pockets.

"Now as you are ready we can travel to the third floor," Will said and started to lead the group again.

"How they can do this! How they can just burn the plain and watch it and wait there!" Raven was shouting out of loud, as she again watched how her minions were slaughtered. And this time they didn't even have a chance to fight back, they were just burned alive.

"If, if those people burn the forest also, I don't know at all what to do then. They just cannot burn everything down in my dungeon? Right?" Raven asked herself as she was so sure that she was going to watch another massacre soon on the forest floor. As she is going to guess they are going to burn it also down. Like cowards they are and her goblins won't have any chance at all. They are going also experience that horrible death, to be burned alive. Raven didn't want to see that at all but she still watched the screen again and hoped that they won't burn the forest also down.

"So the boy's let's make a bet. Do we burn the next floor down also or not? What do you think? It thinks yes." The rogue said while trying to lighten the mood around the two groups.

"You know that is dead bet as everyone would bet to the yes answer. So there isn't any way I'm in that bet." The tank said very seriously.

"Hey what if we get what we are going to burn down next? Like do we burn down forest, plain or village." One of the people that belonged on Mark's crew suggested and everyone was in that idea. They started to throw around ideas what would be the next thing that they will burn down next. So the mood between the two groups got better with this small game that was meant for a joke.

They walked and finally, they got to the third floor and Will said, while he was looking at the forest.

"Yeah, we burn this down also, easier for us. So let's just burn it down and after that walk in the burned forest." Who knows if it was Will's way to get revenge by himself, as he watched how his city was burning down. How his comrades in arms sacrificed themselves and burned the city. So maybe Will wanted to pay back with burning the dungeon down? Who knows but nobody was against that idea and the first person who did light his torch up was from Mark's crew.

But when he tried to burn down the first branch he saw he was suddenly nailed down with countless arrows on his body. But this didn't stop the fire as the torch that dropped down still was burning, but nobody didn't pay any attention to it at all, as Will shouted.

"Run to the next floor! Don't stop at all just run and burn this damn forest down!" Will started to run and set on fire every branch he saw at the same time. The others followed Will's crazy command, but nobody wanted to oppose that. So those who had shields or anything that would go as cover put it as the top of their heads and started to run while there was a rain of arrows directed of them from above of the trees.

Nobody knew what they were facing but one thing they did knew. And it was whatever they were facing now had damn good accuracy and there was a lot of them in the trees.

So many of them got hit some unlucky ones got hit to the legs and no one went back to them at all, they were left at their own mercy and luck. As now it was every man for itself situation.

Only when they were going to stop running and stop to the next floor entrance they could see how many of them were injured or killed.

So everyone just did run as fast they could towards the next floor.