The city below the dungeon
36 Chapter 36
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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36 Chapter 36

Mark and his team looted the goblin village in a professional way, as Mark said: "Will you got 50 silver's out from clearing out this floor, so everything that is in the goblin village belongs to me right?" And Will just agreed to it and let Mark do his job.

While they were now traveling again towards the next floor Will asked Mark straightly.

"How did you know that we are here? How did you find us out?"

"Oh after I informed you about the beast horde, I really didn't stop running and I made a tactical retreat out from the town. Then I stayed on the mines in the south side of Holger and then I did find out similar minded people and we started to work as a team. After that we hmm let's say we 'cleaned out' the Holger. So one day with our usual crew, we saw that people were nearing our base operations, so of course, we stalked you and listened from the shadows. It was quite a shock when I saw that it was you, Will. My crew wanted to 'clean you out' but I said let's wait and see what you are up here. As my crew thought you are rivals in our 'business' but then you made our job easier, as you cleaned out the city from the beasts and just passed through it. It made me interested what are you up and finally when you packed up your camp, we followed you in here and now we are on this point." Mark said while not hiding anything at all from Will as he believed in the line,' dead men tell no tales' so he can silence them after their cooperation is over. So why not get their trust and hide the things for now, as later they all will be dead anyway.

"You really don't hold your tongue at all and tell straightly these things to me," Will said and looked towards Mark.

"We are teammates now and I don't hide things from my teammates at all. As for now, the one thing we need is mutual trust. So why hide things?" Mark said while he looked towards Will.

Will didn't say anything at all after that and no one else spoke at all, as Will's team didn't trust to Mark's and Mark's crew didn't have anything to say to Will's.

So they walked in silence towards the next floor.

In same time Raven couldn't do anything at all. She still couldn't believe that her goblins lost so horribly. It was just straightforward slaughter and one-sided even.

"Where is Treah now? Why don't I see her around at all?" Raven asked from the empty room but no one answered to her.

Raven didn't say anything else now and started to focus on the screen again and hoped that the direwolves would do any better against the intruders.

As next Mark and Will have to cross the simple grass plain with direwolves being the only minions there. So Raven just hoped that it wasn't going to be a slaughter again and this time she would win against the intruders.

"What is this, I see just grass and only grass now," Mark said while he looked towards the grass plain.

"I guess we got to the second floor of the dungeon now, so everyone prepares yourselves for possible combat. As if this is the second floor there must be some kind of minions here and as if those wolves and goblins were just the first ones I don't want to know that much what the rest of the minions would be." Will said and Mark's crew just laughed at him and started to make jokes about him and how he was so 'careful'.

One person from Mark's crew even started to run forward to show that there isn't anything at all in this grass plain, as if there would be they would have seen them already.

"You idiot come back here! You are putting all of us in danger now!" Will shouted to the person who just answered.

"Are you really demented old grandpa now. Just look around you, this is a fucking grass plain. If there would be enemies here we would have seen them already."

But his words were cut short as suddenly he was surrounded by wolves that appeared so suddenly that he couldn't even let a scream out when he was gone to the tall grass.

After that, they didn't see him or hear him.

"Fucking idiot! I even warned him. Why didn't you say or do anything at all Mark? He was part of your crew after all." Will said while being clearly angry now.

Mark just shrugged his shoulders and said.

"He wouldn't have listened to me also and now we have one person less to share the loot with so why should I care, if some dimwitted idiot didn't listen to orders. As I think now that he served as a good example to the  rest of the team of what happens when you don't listen to orders at all."

Will just silently looked towards Mark, as he couldn't really believe his word and attitude towards humans. Was it really the same Mark he had once known?

"So this is the plan now. Basically same that we did to the goblin village, but for now we use fire to burn this whole grass plain down. So that would kill some of the wolves and leave no hiding place for them at all. So set fire to this place and retreat back to the caves and make some kind of cloth that you can put to your mouth, to prevent you from inhaling too much of the smoke." Will said and tore a part of his shirt and put it to cover his mouth for an example the others.

Mark and the others followed Will and soon everyone had something on their mouths.

"Is everyone ready?" Will asked and they nodded and set the grass plain to fire and started to retreat to the cave again.

"So if someone wants to grill something or needs fire, just go there and get it and do it," Mark said while pointing to the fire that was spreading now across the plains.

"Fire one of the best things that has been invented, so useful especially for clearing stuff up, but I think this fire is going last long so we are going to camp and relax here for a while," Will said and didn't even pay attention to Mark at all.


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