Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 35 Chapter 35

The rogue didn't care at all about the announcement, as he was near the injured archers now. He saw that the archer's whole left arm was missing and that the archer was coughing blood.

"Just end me." The archer said weakly while coughing up more blood.

"No. No, you, you are going to be alright you have to be alright." The rogue said and started to panic, but the archer didn't want to hear anything from the rogue's mouth now.

The archer did take an arrow that was next to him and with his only arm he turned it towards him and stabbed it through his heart and with his last strength he said.

"Don't want to burden you." The rogue was too late he couldn't do anything at all while he watched the archer to die in front of him. Heck, he didn't even know that archer's name but he was he's a teammate.

They all were teammates and only now did the archers last words sink up to the rogue's brains. He was also thinking about the team as he didn't want to burden them at all, so he chooses to end his life with his own hand, then become a burden to the team.

The rogue slowly started to walk towards where the rest of the team was now.

"What about the archer? I guess he didn't make it then?" Will asked from the rogue while he was sitting down on the tank was placing a makeshift bandage on his left eye.

"No, he ended his own life, as he didn't want to be a burden to our team." The rogue said and didn't say anything else at all and just collapsed down to the hard terrain and started to take a deep breath to calm himself down.

"So it seems like we are in a dungeon, as I think you all heard that 'voice' who announced that we beat the first floor," Will said and looked around of him.

"Yes, sir we heard the announcement also." The tank answered.

"So now we basically have completed our mission. But we still have a choice, do we want to explore this dungeon that has already harvested two lives from our team, or report that we found out the reason why Holger was destroyed and lose our chance to be the first ones to conquer this dungeon?" Will asked from his team and started to wait for the answer.

The teammates started to talk between them and in the end, they all came to the decision that they want to continue exploring the dungeon out.

"So we will continue onwards here, but if someone wants to leave raise your hand now," Will said to the team and one of the archers raises his hand but then suddenly there was a blade on his neck and blood started to flow out from his throat.

"Hello again Will. We really cannot let him go right? Or he could sell the information about the dungeon, or claim your rewards right?" Mark asked while cleaning his blade.

The tank, rogue, and archer started to prepare their weapons but Will ordered them to put them down and they unwillingly did do so.

"Mark I guess with this interaction that you also killed John? That you could get to Holger and to safety first?" Will asked from Mark immediately.

"He was just small sacrifice for my plans, as you see I stayed around and gathered nice grew of same-minded people," Mark said and whistled and suddenly there were five guys behind him with weapons pointed to Will and he's a team.

"What do you want Mark? As if you wanted us dead, you would have already done it." Will asked from Mark and looked with his only fine eye the crew behind Mark.

"I just have a business plan. We both know that this is a dungeon and we both know that if we join forces we have a better chance to survive in this dungeon. So that is my proposal for you and your team, that we join force's and split the loot 50/50." Mark said and released a very sweet smile that showed his missing teeth.

"We cannot trust that bastard. He just killed one of our teammates without even blinking his eyes at all." The tank said but the rogue and the last archer stayed quiet.

"But there is truth in his voice. We have a better chance to survive if we join our force's. So I accept your proposition, but don't let me regret this or there will be something else missing from your head than your teeth." Will said and got up to shake Mark's hand.

"You aren't going to regret this my old friend. Men put your weapons down these are our allies now!" Mark shouted and his crew did put their weapons out

Will and his team showed clear mistrust to Mark and his crew, but Mark didn't care about it.

As he could kill them at the end as no one would ever know what happens to them as the bodies disappear in the dungeon.

In the same time, Raven was more anxious as she just watched how Will and his team slaughtered her goblins and wolves and now there was even more intrudes.

Raven didn't know at all what is going to happen but she hoped that her dungeon will be enough to stop those intrudes and turn them to dungeon points.