The city below the dungeon
34 Chapter 34
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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34 Chapter 34

The archers placed oil to their arrow tips beforehand and started to slowly move towards the goblin village.

The goblins still haven't seen the archers at all but when the first arrow hit to the wall of the village, only then the goblins saw them, but it was too late now.

The small goblin village that was made from wood and straw was in flames in seconds.

The goblins that didn't have any water or anything at all to put out the flames started to kill themselves when they were trying to get out from the small gate that was still locked and down.

The patrolling goblins jumped out from the walls and the unlucky ones broke their legs immediately.

Will and his team just watched the show and listened to the shrieks of burning goblins.

The plan that Will made was really successful and the archers just picked up the goblins that got out of the village.

Finally, the gate broke up and the goblins and wolves that were still alive started to pour out from the village.

There was still a lot of them even more than Will even expected, but the goblins were panicking and there wasn't any order among them so that would make it even easier to Will and his team.

"So do you want to give all the credits to the archers and see how they kill every goblin?" Will asked from the rogue and tank who enthusiastically answered.

"Of course not sir! But we are just waiting for your orders!" The tank and rogue shouted at the same time.

"So then what are you waiting for. Go and bash out some goblin heads." Will said and the tank and rogue started to run towards the goblins killing every goblin that got their way.

"Archers save your arrows and rest your arms now," Will said and started to prepare himself and slowly started to walk towards the goblins

The first goblin that came to Will's way lost its head immediately but there was still a lot more to kill, but there wasn't any leader amongst the goblins so the goblins were just wandering around the burning village and some of them hasn't even noticed Will and his team at all.

The goblins only now started to understand that they were under attack and there were actually humans in their lines reaping their lives in every second that passed through.

Finally one of the goblins started to take the lead and organize the rest of goblins to attack against the intruders.

The goblins started to pack together and started to work as a team, as the leader of the goblins knew that they couldn't do anything at all to the intruders if they all worked alone and didn't help each other. So he trusted that their manpower could take the intruders down.

It wasn't clearly working as the watched how his friends and family were slaughtered mercilessly in front of him, how there were injured goblins that were bleeding out from their stomachs and how there were goblins heads flying around.

But then the leader remembered the archers and his hate started to pour out and he ordered the wolf riders to break through and kill those archers that burned their village down. As the leader thought that those archers are the reason why they lost, beaches they burned out the village. Because they lost so many goblins in the village because the enemy archers they were mercilessly slaughtered now.

Will and his team started to relax as even when the goblins were grouping up and were more organized, they were still losing horribly to them.

"These cave dwellers cannot really put up a fight. This is getting really boring." The tank said while bashing a goblins head open with his shield and stabbed one of the goblins on the stomach.

"Our archers did do a great job, as they made our job so much easier."  The rogue said while slicing through the goblins that were in front of him.

But they both didn't know that the wolf riders were preparing themselves to dash to where the archers were.

"Don't relax now as." Will's words were cut short as a wolf's claws opened his face up and left deep scars across his left eye to the cheek.

"Argh!" Will shouted from the pain that he was feeling right now.

He went momentarily blind because the blood was flowing to his left eye but he shouted to his teammates.

"Stop those wolf riders we cannot let them to the archers, as if they get there there is going to be casualties." Will started to climb up and tried to kill the goblins around him but his head was still spinning from the attack he received.

The goblins noticed this and started to surround Will that was just randomly swinging his sword while holding his left hand on his face.

"Tank go and save the leader, I'm going after those wolf riders." The rogue shouted and started to run towards the archers.

"Good luck" the tank shouted and started to run towards Will and when he got there he swept his sword to the nearest goblins and five of them lost their heads immediately.

The goblins started now to focus on the tank now as they saw him as a bigger problem now than Will who was barely standing up.

The archers who saw the wolf riders to come towards them didn't panic much, they just prepared their bows and started to pick the wolves, but they couldn't kill them all especially the goblins top of the wolves.

One wolf even when there were arrows on its hide leaped top of one of the archers and straightly bite the archer's hand and with its last strength, the wolf tossed the archers against the wall.

The archer didn't move after that and just slowly slide down from the wall, but the rogue who finally did catch up with the wolf riders immediately killed the wolf that was laying down on the floor. and sprinted towards the archer that was lying on a pool of blood now.

Just at this moment, there was a robotic voice that announced to them.

"Congrats for beating the first floor. You have been rewarded with anything that is left in the goblin village and with 50 silver's."


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