The city below the dungeon
33 Chapter 33
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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33 Chapter 33

raven finally had a chance to follow the intruders. she cursed out of loud that why she couldn't see anything at all in her own dungeon and then the system announced to her.

"host you have a chance to follow the intrudes if you want to." and then there was suddenly an option for a bird's eye view for the dungeon, where raven could see the intruders.

so for while raven had played with the new toy that let her see the situation inside the dungeon and saw that there were only six humans left, as one of them died to her pitfall trap. but one of them had clearly disarmed the other pitfall traps and they were getting very close to the goblin village, where there was also the basic wolves waiting for them. "system if i have this let's say 'spy tool' do i have a tool that would send messages on the minions head telepathically, as i don't want the intruders to hear the message at all."

raven asked while actively looking at how the intruders carefully walked closer to the goblin village.

"yes host, of course, you have that kind of tool with you, hasn't treah told you about them yet? but that aside yes you just have to concentrate on the floor you want the message to be sent, then you can choose to which minions if it's telepathic or then the regular voice that everyone will hear." the system said clearly confused as her host didn't know about the basic command tools on her dungeon.

"no treah hasn't told me those at all, hmm i will ask later from her, but for now i will focus on the message," raven said and started to focus on the message, that she will send on to her goblins and wolves.

"enemy near, prepare weapons and kill them all." that was raven's message for the first floor.

the goblins started to prepare themselves for the coming fight. the ones who had made friends with wolves mounted on their ride, the ones who could use bows somewhat went on the wooden walls of their small village. otherwise, the rest of them were waiting behind the gate as there wouldn't be any help coming for them. the goblin archers from the forest couldn't help either as they had their own city to defend for. but the goblins didn't mind it as this was their chance to show their skills to their master. this was their time to make their master proud of them. so they will win this fight for their master.

on the intruder's side, they were cursing when will the cave end but then suddenly the rogue cave out the warning sign and they all stopped their advancement and started to wait for the rogues report.

when the rogue finally came will immediately asked him why there was a warning sign.

"so the report rogue why did you whistle the warning sign, what did you saw in the front?"

"there is a goblin village made from wood, they didn't see me but there are archers on the walls patrolling around, but otherwise i didn't see any other goblins at all." the rogue reported immediately to will.

"finally we can crack some heads open and fight. i'm so over of those traps that have been on our way so this is a nice change." the tanks said and prepared himself for the combat.

"stop it and quiet down now," will said immediately and the tank just silently murmured but did comply the order.

"it's made of wood right?" will asked from the rogue.

"yes sir, the whole city has made from wood and as we know goblins it hasn't been build that well." the rogue answered immediately.

"do you think our archers would have clear shots to the city in front of the path," will asked from the rogue while thinking about something.

"yes sir, there is enough room for them to shoot to the city, but we just have three archers and they have a horde in there probably, so why do you ask?" the rogue answered and asked immediately from will.

"so here is my plan. the enemy doesn't know we are here still, so we can surprise them easily. we will send the archers front of the city to have clear shot, but this time with flaming arrows that will hopefully set the whole village on fire. then tank you will help the archers to retreat to the safety and block the coming attacks, while i and rogue are going to start picking them up when they pour from the city. same with the archers while they are in the safety they can start picking up the goblins with arrows." will said and looked towards his team who now did understand why he asked those questions from the rogue.

everyone nodded and started to prepare for the plan.

while raven could see that the intrudes were planning something, she couldn't see hear anything at all, but she wanted to warn her goblins, but she couldn't get a message through and the system again woke up.

"you cannot send messages when the intruders are close to your minions as it would be actively cheating. the minions have to survive with their own, so you cannot help them or guide them at all. you can only watch from here how the situation will go on." the system said and started to slumber again.

raven anxiously looked to the screen and waited for the results from the battle that hasn't even started yet.

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