The city below the dungeon
32 Chapter 32
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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32 Chapter 32

Will and his team started to ascend to the cave. The tank and spear guy took it all a joke still. That this all is taking time from the real object and search, as they are just going to find an empty cave and that the rogue made the whole thing up to save his own back.

Raven was on full panic mode right now, as the system just informed that the intruders were ascending slowly to her dungeon. In same time Raven was relieved and excited to test her dungeon out. But she still was overly anxious as those things were still creeping at her mind not leaving her alone even for a moment.

"See there's nothing here, we are just wasting our time, let's just turn back now and let's not waste any more of our time." The tank said clearly annoyed that they were still ascending to the cave.

"Yes let's just turn back the rogueeee." The spear guys words cut short as he started to run forward to speed up the process, next they just heard some gurgling and then just silence.

"Everyone prepare yourselves to possible combat. Rogue can you go first and search the area, as you are most suitable for it." Will said and prepared himself.

"Yes sir, I will search the front and run back if any danger is there." The rogue started to slowly search the front while being extra careful now.

Will and the rest of the team waited for the rogues signal and it came fairly quickly.

They all started to go lower in the cave, still on the combat mode and when they came to the rogue they didn't see the spear guy anywhere.

"Is this a fucking joke where is Samm? Where is the guy with a spear? Answer me or I will kill you!" The tank shouted out and started to turn hostile. As they haven't ever said their names, they just called them with their class name, so they guessed that the tank was friends or knew the spear guy as he shouted his name.

"That's enough from you, stop this now as no one is going to kill their teammates in front of me," Will said and stopped the tank guy from advancing towards the rogue.

"If you all could be careful and come to me but don't pass me, then you will see." The rogue said and drew a line in the air that they shouldn't pass.

They all came to the rogue and didn't pass the line but they didn't see anything at all.

"What the fuck is this, I don't see anything at all! Where is Samm?" The tank was getting more hostile and annoyed as he didn't see his friend anywhere.

"Don't move and just look down carefully." The rogue said and they all looked down.

There they saw the spear guy on a pitfall, wooden spikes have impaled his skull and but the rest of the body seemed fairly well impacted, as he was wearing armor and the pitfall wasn't that deep. They all could imagine what would happen if the spear guy wouldn't have gotten annoyed and started to run ahead. They all would probably be in the pitfall or at least half of them.

The wooden spikes wouldn't have gotten through most of the armor probably, so they would have been injured, or in worst case scenario the wooden spikes would have gone through their head.

No one wanted to test or found out the theory, especially those who were wearing light armor.

When Will and his team was grieving about the spears fate Raven was very happy with this development.

She was so happy that she didn't forget the traps completely and placed some of them down, as now there was one less intruder in her dungeon, so she wouldn't have to worry about that intruder anymore. Now she would have to focus on the rest of them.

What Raven didn't see was that the spear guy gave her 200 dungeon points.

"Now I want everyone to be careful as it seems like there are traps here and we don't know if there will be any more of them in ahead. So rogue I want you to scout ahead and check if you find any other traps in our path. We will be just behind of you, so you don't have to fear that you would be left alone when the goblins come out from their hiding place. The tank I know that Samm was your friend but he knew the dangers of this profession and he chooses them by himself. So we still need you to block the coming attacks." Will said to the rest of his team.

"Yes sir, I will scout ahead and disarm every trap I found out in the path." The rogue said.

"I know sir, but he was just very close friend of mine, he was actually childhood friend and we both picked up the profession at the same time, as we aren't adventures. No one here is probably an adventure. We both are just guards from Ferner that were commanded to take this job. So this is our first time actually being adventures." The tank said.

"I'm sorry to hear that but we still need you, but we can wait for you in ahead of the path. That you can have your own silent time with your friend and say the last prayers for him."

Will said and did lead the rest of the team ahead to wait for the tank to do his own last rituals to his friend.


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