The city below the dungeon
31 Chapter 31
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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31 Chapter 31

raven was overly anxious as whole night has passed since the intruders retreated to the forest. after that nothing has happened at all, so raven hadn't had any sleep at all. even when she doesn't need it at all, she likes to sleep. so she was still waiting for them to come back, lots of different scenarios were going on inside her head.

what if there was an army of them? what if they were experts? what if they went back to call reinforcements? what will happen when they come? is her dungeon enough to stop them? does she need to appear and fight? she hasn't ever fought before, what happens if they land a critical hit on her? what if she gets wounded? what if they reach to the core room? all of this was going on inside her head and making her even more anxious than ever before about the situation.

raven waited and waited, hours passed and passed, every minute felt like an hour would have passed, every second like a minute. the time was moving forward like normally but for raven, it felt like an eternity was passed already when it was simply just a morning still outside.

will and his team have just woke up and was eating breakfast to prepare themselves for the coming fight against the goblins. they wanted to be at their peak condition before setting off so they prepared food also, something that won't be spoiled easily if they had to spend time on a cave or in a dungeon and they wouldn't have access to fresh food. same with water they prepared quite a lot of it, they also made new waterskins from the deer's stomach and hide that they have killed, when they had spent their time here.

it needed some work before the stomach could be used but otherwise, it was naturally a waterproof and it could hold the water in it, you just had to remove the acid and then clean and dry it in the sun. otherwise, they made the waterskins from the hide. so when they were all ready and they had demolished their camp and folded their tents, they set off towards the cave where the goblins were seen.

when they traveled there they didn't see any life forms around them, it was so quiet, they couldn't even hear a bird's singing in the forest. it was like everything was dead on the forest nothing at all there, just the trees and them traveling around.

when they got the area where the rogue and archer pair saw the cave, they found out the hole but no goblins were pouring out of it, there weren't even signs of the goblins around the cave.

"you sure you two didn't eat any mushrooms or drank too much, as i don't see any goblins around here." the tank said first and the spear guy followed his lead.

"yeah, i just think that you made that cut on your cheek by yourself, as you didn't want to embarrass yourself as you broke the signal light in an accident."

"fuck off guys i'm sure that there were goblins here yesterday i'm not a liar and we haven't even checked out the cave yet, i bet ten gold coins that we found goblins from there." the rogue said while being clearly annoyed by the words that his teammates said to him.

everyone thought that this was an easy way to make many and bet against the rogue expect the rogue's pair who did bet that they will find the goblins inside of the cave. then will suddenly said.

"i bet that we find the goblins, so my money goes there, so the odds are now ¾ and i want to see your faces when you lose the bet."

"seriously do you believe that rat faced rogue and his pair, they just probably accidentally broke the magic tool or was too drunk and imagined the whole thing. or in worst, they both picked up some interesting mushrooms." before the tank could continue will shouted.

"that's enough from the two of you, we are teammates and i don't want there to be any disputes between us, so you should believe to your teammates, as for now, you are just making a negative impact to all of us." will looked towards the tank and spears who just lowered their heads but didn't say anything at all.

"good now when this is cleared we all can ascend to the cave and search it,maybe that will shut you up and make you to trust your teammates even more, as for now how can i trust you to handle your jobs,how can i trust enough to you both that when there is a life and death situation that you won't just desert us and think about only yourselves in that situation?" will asked from both of them.

"we are sorry sir," the both of them said at the same time and that made the rogue very happy, he started to look up for will as he immediately defended him. showed his trust to him and believed his words and didn't let the others mock him or his partner. that made him swear a little secret oath that he will do his best to protect will and not let him down in any situations.

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