Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 30 Chapter 30

When Raven was on her bath the system suddenly started to flash and announced with a very loud voice.

"Warning! Warning! There is intrudes near the entrance. The host should prepare herself for a possible fight."

Raven has waited this day for her whole life, as since she was generated to this world, there have always been talks about intrudes. How they could take her life, that she should prepare herself for them, so now was the day to see what kind of intrudes there was on near her dungeon.

Outside the dungeon, the rogue, archer pair was fighting with the goblins, but there was too many for two of them to handle so they were slowly retreating towards the forest.

"Hey, could you break the magic tool, what our leader gave us. Mark this place with green light as I think we found the place." The rogue said while trying to protect the archer from the horde of goblins.

This simple conversation almost costed the rogue's life as when he turned his face towards the goblins again, an arrow flew past of his cheek, leaving a deep mark on it that started to bleed.

"Argh! I hope that those arrows are clean and out of poison." The rogue shouted towards the goblins, maybe waiting for an answer, but nobody answered him.

In the same time, the archer broke the magic tool that shot a very bright green light to the sky.

Even when it was day time it was clearly seen in the sky.

While they were slowly retreating towards the forest, others of their team who saw the mark started to hurry towards the point, where the green light was shot.

Raven waited for the news anxiously, as last news was that her goblins were fighting with the intrudes nothing else has been reported for now.

"The intruders retreated to the forest, the danger has been eliminated for now. We advise the host to be careful, as there could be more of them soon." The system announced before shutting itself down.

Raven who had simple clothes on her, as she hurriedly finished her bath, sighed from the relief, but that didn't mean that it was over still.

"Master I have prepared your robe and staff for you. Let me help to get them on to you"

Treah said and helped Raven to put the robe on.

Raven gripped her staff firmly and went on the core room before asking from Treah.

"Have you gotten the latest report from the goblins?"

"Yes master, there were two humans. We lost over 10 goblins for now, but only managed to injure one of the humans. They shot some kind of green light to the sky before they retreated to the forest. So, master, I think they were scouting party from the kingdom.

Searching for the reason why Holger was destroyed. So now when they find the possible reason they marked it and are coming back with their full strength."

Treah answered to Raven before awaiting her orders.

"So you say advanced scouting party, from a scouting party. We will be in full alert mode now, order every minion back to the dungeon and prepare to defend it. Get all of the elderly, women, child and support type of minions to the core room, as we cannot lose them at all for now. Otherwise, everyone else that can hold a weapon shall prepare themselves for the coming fight." Raven said her orders to Treah before starting to focus on the core room and where to place all of the elderly, women, younglings and the support type.

When she was thinking about that. Treah went to pass her orders to everyone.

"We should really prepare a safe place for the elderly, women, younglings and the support type of minions, as for now, we cannot always evacuate them to the core room. As we don't know when there is coming to be intrudes coming to the dungeon. So we should prepare a place where they can share their wisdom with everyone, to birth and race their children in peace and prepare things for my minions in peace." Raven said to herself, starting to plan that place already for her dungeon.

In the same time while Raven was planning that the whole team has gathered to their encampment.

"Report! Why did you two shoot the green light to the sky?" Will asked immediately from the rogue and archer pair.

The rogue who was patching up his wounds answered immediately.

"There was a horde of goblins coming out of a cave, too much for two of us to handle. I got hit by an arrow from one them as you see. But the thing was on a map there is no cave or anything in that area. So we thought that it could be unexplored territory with goblin village in the cave."

"A cave with goblins pouring out? Could it really be that there is dungeon here now?" Will asked from himself.

"We don't know sir. We only saw goblins pouring out from the cave." The rogue answered.

"Good job men!" Will shouted before continuing.

"Patch up your wounds, then everyone I want you all to eat and rest well tonight, as tomorrow we will investigate that cave for the possibility of a dungeon being there."

Everyone from the team nodded towards Will and started to prepare for the tomorrow.