The city below the dungeon
29 Chapter 29
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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29 Chapter 29

raven checked her dungeon point's out for the tenth time today and finally there were 1000 thousand points.

raven had already plans for those point's, she wanted to spend them on traps, as to how long she had them unlocked she had forgotten them completely.

so now it was the time to get into them, as they could be very useful and interesting thing in her dungeon and if no one survived back then they would always remain as a surprise element.

"treah i haven't asked anything from you in a long time, so now it is time to get back to it.

so can you explain to me how do the traps work?" raven asked from treah while looking at her.

"you really haven't asked anything from me in a long time," treah answered and looked towards raven before answering her question.

"the traps are actually quite a simple, you buy the one you want, they come in packs of four so you don't get one only, then the system prepares optimal places from them and places them down. you just have to click and buy the one you want. then the system generates the traps to the optimal places and that's it." treah paused for a moment before continuing.

"when the traps are placed, your minions can improve them or even make their own, or then you can upgrade them if you spend your dungeon point's, or then you can build them yourself. but there is one weird thing in traps also, more kills they got more they grow, they are like living beings with the experience but without any sort of mind of their own. so the traps really are peculiar things that are in same time alive and dead." treah ended her small lesson about the traps that did leave raven with even more questions than answers.

how the traps could be alive and dead at the same time? how they can grow up like everyone else when they get kills? how does that work? how can she or her minions improve them? her minions can build now their own traps? it did leave raven with so many unanswered questions about the traps but that made it even more interesting as if the traps were like this wouldn't it mean they are a very useful and interesting thing?

raven's interest in the traps was now at its highest level since the first time she unlocked them. now she couldn't wait and see how they would work out, how will they grow out. it all was so new to her as she only thought that with more minions, she would be invisible.

that only the minions would be useful and that she should spend all her point's to them, but now she saw and heard how useful the traps could be, so she opened the shop menu up and scrolled down to the traps section to see how much they will cost to her.

pitfall= a basic hole in the ground without anything in it. cost=50 dp

wooden spikes= basic spikes that have made from wood. can be combined with pitfall, closing wall, hidden door, and wall. cost=100 dp

arrow dispenser= the superior craftsmanship from the dwarfs. it's a mechanical thing that can be loaded with arrows and then shoots them out. can be combined with hidden door and wall. cost= 250 dp

wooden arrows= basic arrows that just have made from wood. only usable with arrow dispenser. cost=100 dp

closing walls= walls that moves towards the adventures when triggered. the only way to stop it is either to be a very fast runner, or find the mechanism to stop it. cost= 300 dp

hidden wall= a wall that seems normal, but it isn't. can hide traps or secrets behind them. cost= 100 dp

hidden door= same as the wall, but now they have to find the mechanism to open it and reveal the secrets behind it. cost= 200 dp

that was all of the traps that raven had unlocked now.

raven looked the traps and fell love with them immediately.

she scolded herself how she could forget them so easily, but now she would use them even more than ever.

raven immediately bought a pitfall and wooden spike combination to the entrance area where the goblin village was.

if she got four pitfalls with wooden spikes in them with only 150 dp, it was really good to deal to her.

otherwise, she couldn't think yet where to place traps as her dungeon wasn't really made for the other traps than pitfalls now, but then she had an idea.

she bought a hidden wall, arrow dispenser, and the wooden arrows in them to the city floor before they step in the city and the safe zone starts they have to deal with that.

raven had already spent 600 dp that left her with 400 dp still so raven's sadistic side woke up.

she wanted to be especially mean to the adventures and she bought closing wall and combined it with wooden spikes, spending her last point's to it and placed it to the end of the city floor, so they have to survive the traps when they get in and leave the safe zone.

raven was very happy with this development and now she had spent all of her dungeon points for the traps. she really wanted to scold herself how she could forget them so easily, but now she wouldn't forget them anymore.

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