Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 27 Chapter 27

When Raven was meeting with the orcs, Will was cleaning the real city of Holger systematically with his team.

"You three, can you get those goblins there with your bow?" Will asked from the archers.

The arches nocked the arrows on their bows and then released them, hitting the targets.

The goblins were first surprised because of the sudden attack and that three of them were sudden death, but they quickly gathered themselves and let out a war cry.

Will with the other four close combat fighters started to prepare themselves for the attack and give their archers time to relax their arms and watch around for any surprise attacks, or reinforcements.

There were only seven goblins, but they had to be still on guard, as you should never underestimate the goblins, as even when they are labeled as one of the easiest monsters, they still are very dangerous especially when there are more than one of them.

In Will's team, there was one guy with a shield and longsword, one who was using a spear, one who was using a dagger and short sword and then Will with his short sword.

So the guy with the shield was their tank and front line fighter with Will,the spear wielder was on them back finding a chance to attack from behind Will and the shield guy, while the guy with the dagger and short sword was their rogue who would sneak behind the lines, suddenly attacking and then retiring back to the safety, finding an opportunity to attack again.

The goblins didn't have any formation at all it was just total chaos with them, but Will and their team's main tank stopped every attack getting their attention and the goblins started to focus their attacks on both of them.

One of the goblins started to wander off from the group trying to attack from the sides, to get behind them, but that was the goblins mistake as suddenly there was a dagger on its stomach and short sword on its neck, giving a clean cut and the goblins head started to roll on the ground.

The rogue was doing his share of the work, while the spear wielder had found his chance and skewered one of the goblins, the tank bashing his shield to one of the goblins head breaking it, like a ripe watermelon.

Will was very proud of his team coordination and skill, he didn't even need to shout out commands, everyone knew their own place and job.

Will himself finished up one of the goblins, then the archers released another volley of arrows only two hitting their targets, one being deathly.

The rogue didn't give any mercy to the injured goblin, quickly finishing it, while Will was parrying the last goblins crazed attacks, and slashed it's stomach open.

The goblin gave a pained screech while its insides were pouring out from its stomach to the ground, Will even when he didn't like monsters, but he wasn't cruel at all so he finished the goblin quickly that it wouldn't need to be on pain and suffer that much anymore.

The party quickly cleaned their weapons from the blood and insides of the goblins, while preparing to move another place quickly as they were almost cleared the whole city already.

They were quite a surprise that there weren't much of monsters on the city at all, even when it was so runs and how the stories and Will described the size of the monster and beast horde that attacked, but this far there has just been about thirty goblins couple of wolf's,but no lizardman at all,no other beasts at all.

There have also been some incidents with looters and outlaws but otherwise, it was like a ghost town.

They all wondered were the stories true at all, was Will saying the truth, or was he lying to save his own skin from the consequences, as for now even when the town was in ruins and it looked like there had been a massive fight, but nothing else seemed to show it at all.

When they had walked while they came to the northern gate and now the rest of the team started to believe that the stories were true as there was still the swamp turtles corpse jammed between the gate.

Will let some tears out from his eyes but then gathered himself somewhat and started to search if he would find any corpses he could bury at all.

He searched a while and the rest of the team also honored his wish and also started to search, but they couldn't find anything at all.

The wildlife probably had eaten all the remains or the beast had taken them and looters or the beast looted their stuff.

The team saw how depressed Will was when he didn't see any remains he could bury or nothing at all, that he was back the place he couldn't defend, where many lost their lives.

The team did make an emergency meeting without Will and they all came into one conclusion.

The team's tank went towards Will and then said to him.

"Hey boss take your time, we will start setting up the camp, so come back when you want, as we need our leader at good health and condition."

The tank went back to the team and started to set up the camp while leaving Will alone.

Will was really thankful to his team to understand the situation, but at the same time, he wouldn't have wanted to see their leaders like this.