Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 26 Chapter 26

When Raven was going back to the core room after the lecture ended, suddenly there was a new announcement from a system that she hasn't ever seen or heard before.

"Tulmak the leader of the orcs is requesting a meeting with host, they are waiting for you at the entrance, do you accept this meeting or not?"

Raven didn't know what to do and when she looked where Treah was, she wasn't there anymore, she had again disappeared.

"I accept this meeting," Raven said and started to walk towards the entrance, when she passed the city floor she took a couple of werewolves as her bodyguards if the meeting didn't go as expected, she also took some goblin archers as what is better than have some ranged attacks also.

When Raven stepped outside of the entrance, it was her first time seeing the surface, or her location in the surface, the real forest surrounding her dungeon.

But she couldn't focus on that now as soon as she looked right of her she saw small orc camp near at her dungeon and now there was one or closing to her.

"You leader of this place?" The orc said in Its own tongue that automatically got translated to Raven.

Raven hasn't really thought about how she understands most of the languages but she answered to the orc.

"Me leader of the dungeon, why you requesting me, or camping near my dungeon?"

"Me not requesting you, Tulmak the great leader requesting you, me leading you to Tulmak." The orc answered and started to lead Raven towards the largest tent what there was on that small camp.

"These have to stay out, only you to enter shall to the tent." The orc said and pointed towards Raven's bodyguards who immediately prepared their weapons.

"It's okay calm down now and wait for me here," Raven said and stepped inside the tent where she saw over 3 meters long orc, that had a massive body, with its green skin.

"Me expecting you Tulmak? Why request me and camp to near my dungeon?" Raven immediately asked from the orc she expected that was Tulmak.

Tulmak gave a hearty laugh before answering.

"Me not expecting you understand our tongue, easier this makes this then."

Tulmak smiled before continuing his speech.

"Many moons ago me the great leader of orc village, many younglings, elders, woman life peacefully then, but then came humans, slaughtered everything they saw."

Tulmak almost lost his cool but then he gathered himself before continuing.

"We fight back, I even lost my arm." Tulmak showed his right side where there should have been an arm, now there wasn't anything.

"I fight back killed every last of them, with my villagers, not many left all you see is all that is left now, we started to wander around, looking new place settle down," Tulmak said and then sipped something that Raven couldn't identify.

"We encounter one small green skin, those usually horde together, we prepare to battle, but the small green skin says he not danger, alone he was, so we cautious around him, let him travel with us. Then one time he said he has to leave, we didn't know why, but he was friendly then said as you were so kind towards him,he points way to place where you have chance to survive, as you might guess this place what he said." Tulmak said and pointed around.

"That is how we learned about you,so my request is,let us join to the dungeon,we all know risks,when we say that we all prepared to that, it's the best way to get revenge against humans, we ready to work hard, sacrifice ourselves, to let our younglings survive, the bloodline of the clan of great moon survive," Tulmak said and got on his knees before continuing.

"Please great benefactor accepts this request, we will work, we will sacrifice ourselves to defend this place, just spare the elderly and younglings."

Raven went towards Tulmak, helped him to get up before saying.

"You welcome to my dungeon, don't worry you all will be treated equally, but you really ready for adventures, to dungeon outbreak, as last chance to back down."

Raven looked towards Tulmak who just got a knife, that was like a sword to Raven and sliced his left hand very poorly with it, but he wanted to show his determination.

"Me great Tulmak promise the clan of the great moon will be always loyal to you, to this dungeon, let my blood to be proof of that."

Raven took the sword from Tulmak and also sliced her own hand before shaking Tulmak's massive hand and swore an oath.

"Me Raven will treat the clan of the great moon as equally as every minion in my dungeon, they will not see hunger, they will have a roof on top of their head, I welcome you the great moon clan to my dungeon."

The system announced inside Raven's head.

"You obtained thirty of great moon clans orcs to your dungeon, congrats host."

Raven passed that announcement and went outside of the tent, to show to her bodyguards that she was alive in same time Tulmak prepared the orcs to move the camp inside the dungeon.

Raven waited for the orcs to finish before showing them the dungeon and leading them to their own floor that they can build their village.

The orcs that had been here seen dungeon before were wondering how something like this could exist, as there was forests, plains inside the dungeon.

But when they saw the city with its bustling population they had to rub their eyes, even Tulmak that knew about dungeons, never had heard anything about city being inside a dungeon, as when he had taken this option, he basically gambled away everything,but now he was sure that he won't regret this in future.

When they came to the plains where there was a small forest with a river in the middle of it, Raven stopped the caravan and said to Tulmak.

"This your floor now, you can do anything here,but remember it's not safe zone, but everything will be generated back, if something is broken by adventures, so food you will get naturally, we have hunters, in city you can buy stuff if you ever want, otherwise you are free to do anything you want."

Tulmak couldn't help but cry somewhat before gathering himself and saying.

"We grateful for you to eternity, we don't care if this isn't a safe zone, we will rebuild our city here, we will protect this dungeon."

Raven spent some more time with the orcs, to see do they need anything before continuing her own work.