Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 25 Chapter 25

Will and the company he was leading was nearing to the Holger, when they woke up they just packed everything with them and started to immediately move, that they would be at their destination still when there were light and sun at the sky.

Only Will had seen the destruction of Holger, but he didn't see what happened to the city after he did flee from there. So when they finally saw the city's current form, the ruins more precisely as there wasn't much of left anymore. Now Will knew what happened to the city, now he's team knew how important their mission was, as it wasn't easy to wipe a city out, but now they saw the ruins of a city that were once a powerful merchant city, with its own guards.

That sight opened everyone's eyes, got their attention and made them even more careful, as who knew would there be any more of those beasts around, or would there be something more powerful lurking around the city or in the forest around it.

Will signaled everyone to stop before he gave a short speech.

"I know the city and most of the areas around it as I was previously the captain of the guards in Holger, so follow my lead into the city, as if it's safe we might as well to put our camp and command center in there,but in the worst case scenario we have to wipe the city out of the monsters."

That simple speech dropped the company's trust to Will somewhat, as could they trust to a man who even couldn't defend a city at all, lost the lives of the guards that worked under him, but still, the captain was alive, wouldn't that make him a coward?

Those kinds of thoughts were going on the minds of Wills teammates, but no one wanted to be first to say or ask it, so they kept their mouths closed, but they still questioned whether Will was good for their team, wouldn't he just run away when the first action starts?

Will didn't care at all what they were thinking now, as he could imagine it based for their reactions to the news he said. He just started to lead the company forward to the city, placing half of the close combat fighters to the front, archers to the middle and rest of the fighters at the back, as he didn't want to lose the archers at all,So if there would be surprise attack from the back the archers would be protected.

Will then realized one flaw, the sides weren't protected at all, so he placed one fighter in each of the sides, one in back while he was leading them.

This little formation successfully boxed the archers to the middle protecting them from every side, as they weren't that good in city battles, especially if it was going to be mostly close combat in the ruins.

In same time Raven was bored out of her mind as Treah did find out what she had done yesterday and was now lecturing her about the importance of work, especially now when there could be any adventures or scouts coming in any moment, as the news of the city's destruction should have been spread already.

"So because that we don't have much time to relax yet, as our dungeon is strong against small groups of people or completely new adventures, but still that swamp turtle you put so much of weight it can be defeated easily if they know what it is. So if they haven't ever seen swamp turtle before it can be devastating against them, but if they know it, then it can easily be killed and as they are very slow breeders, there isn't much of them."

Treah stopped for a moment before continuing her lecture.

"So this isn't time to relax and have fun, as we need to prepare for the first attack against our dungeon, as at least then we are ready and see what our dungeon is still lacking and what we can improve in the dungeon." Treah ended her speech and looked towards Raven, who just answered innocently.

"But small bath doesn't do any harm at all and I wasn't lying at all when I said I will go to test the skill out as I did to that,but in same time went and took a bath,as lately it has just been work this, work that, even when we really cannot do anything here, so I can have my own private time also, when I can relax and forget the work for a moment. I'm a living and breathing person also, even when I can go out with food and sleep, it is still good to enjoy those things as otherwise, your life will be very boring."

Treah didn't know how to answer in that sentence at all, as Raven was right, that made her think, was she too hard towards Raven? Was she expecting too much from her? As she just was created to this world against her will, nobody asked from her does she want to exist at all and she was still a child in her mind. Her brains or mind hasn't developed to that of adults yet. So Treah didn't know at all how to answer but it also changed something in Treah made her think more about it, while Raven was very happy that the lecture ended and she was free again.