Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 23 Chapter 23

Raven went to the empty plain on the third floor, this was going to be her testing floor for the building skill. Raven couldn't wait to test the skill out, her mind was full of ideas, so this was the time to test them out.

Raven hasn't ever used skills before so she wasn't sure how to start and Treah was nowhere to see, so she had two options before her, either ask the system or figure it out by herself. Raven didn't want to look so useless that she would have to ask help every time so she wanted to figure it out, as it was going to also test how to activate and use skills to her. Raven first tried to use the skill like she would use the system, but that didn't bring out any results so she crossed that option out entirely. Raven didn't know any other methods for now so everything was new after this to her.

Raven pondered for a moment then thought about the skill tried to focus on it but it was also a failure. Next Raven tried to say out of loud the skills name to see if it activates it, but again nothing at all happened. Raven was running out of options, for now, she couldn't think any other methods for now, as she used all the common ones for now.

Raven sat down to the plain and laid down on the grass thinking about how much better it would be if there would be a shadow there as the sun, or whatever it was that made the light and warm there, was so annoying when it was directed on you. Raven wanted even the simplest tree and suddenly there was a vague outline for the tree, Raven thought she was seeing things and started to rub her eyes and the tree was gone again. Raven didn't know what she did see or how did she do it at all but she had the basic idea now that she wanted to test out. Raven started to imagine a small forest, all the different trees there, river in the middle of it surrounded by rocks and there it was the vague outline for the forest she imagined. Now next step was to figure out how to place the thing she imagined, Raven started to move around and the vague outline was also moving, when Raven rotated the image on her mind the outline also started to rotate around in the plains, when Raven scaled the image down same happened to the outline. Raven had now the basic controls down with her skill, she placed the outline in the middle of the planes and then there was an announcement that asked do you want to confirm this placement and Raven confirmed it. Then suddenly the outline for the small forest was starting to get generated and when it was finally finished Raven started to walk towards the center of the forest. When Raven got there she found the small river she imagined there with all of the rocks surrounding it. Raven was really happy with the skill it was just what she wanted and now she even had a shadow for herself that she wanted but the most important thing was the river for her now.

Raven started to strip down placing her clothes to one of the rocks next to the river, as here she had her own little privacy still, her slender body entered the river and the temperature of the water was just so perfect. She imagined that it was going to be cold but no the water was just perfect for a nice little swim. Raven started to relax in the river again skipping her work,just thinking new ideas to build,to have fun with her job,as if you had a chance why not to enjoy the little perks of it, like now the river where she was swimming, not many had the chance just to randomly generate a river in middle of their workplace and take a bath or a swim in there.

Raven had many new ideas and when she swam in the river she generated even more but for now, she wanted just to relax and have fun and enjoy the privacy as long as she could. As Treah would probably come soon to see if she was slacking off in her work or to check out how she was doing so, for now, she had to make everything out before that happens, as when that happens it means work again, even when she was the dungeon master and she had her own minions,she didn't still have anyone capable to be her secretary or she didn't have anyone she could trust her work other than Treah and lately she has just pushed all the work to her, that she could relax and slack of. So Treah was making sure that Raven will do also her job nowadays, even if it meant that she had just to sit there and roll her thumbs and listen to the reports. So, for now, she didn't want that,so she made an excuse to avoid the work and one of them was that she will test the skill out and build in the dungeon, as she made sure that Treah would understand that it was for to benefit the dungeon that she would understand how to use the skill, as then she would be more useful to the dungeon as she could make her own terrains. So, for now, she had an excuse to slack off and she was making sure that she would get everything out from it.