Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 22 Chapter 22

Now the next thing on Ravens list was how to fill up the empty rooms, even when her minions had gotten her more dungeon points that she had now 1900 points, it probably wasn't enough to fill all the rooms so she had to be smart and plan carefully how to use them.

First Raven opened the shop function up to check how much the rest of her new minions cost.

Three-headed monkey=100 dp

Iron gorilla=300 dp

Four-eyed boa=200 dp

Piranha=50 dp

Shadow alligator 350 dp

Pirate gnomes 400 dp

Goblin mage= 200 dp

Dryad= 500 dp

Raven wasn't surprised at all by the cost of some of the units,but she had to calculate the benefits also as if the adventures got to the city after that there wouldn't be any minions at all to stop them so she needed to place some to there to slow them down but what was the question for now.

Raven pondered the question for a moment before she decided to place two iron gorilla and boa spawners to the jungle, that would leave her with 900 points so she bought also two monkey spawners to the jungle, just to make sure that they couldn't pass it easily.

Now Raven had 700 dungeon points left,she wanted to place something to the river and the idea of pirate gnomes did interest her so much that in the end she bought one gnome spawner and placed it to the river, while she bought two piranha spawners also, leaving her with 200 dungeon points that she did save up for now, as she was again very happy for her dungeon, as now her major plan had worked out somewhat,she had upgraded her dungeon up and she had many new minions, that hopefully will stop the adventures, otherwise she would be in trouble.

In the meantime Treah was on the city watching how the generated werewolves were setting up the shops,selling daily necessities, living like normal human life that if they would kidnap and blindfold any human and bring him to here, they would think that they would be in a real city as it was so hard to tell it apart, maybe it was even a real city, who even knew at this point, only differences would be that the citizen would turn to apex hunters at the night.

Treah didn't even know where her master got her ideas at all,how she had so much luck even, as she was just generated being, not even one-month-old,how did her brain work in this way,how and where did she get these ideas as in logically her brains shouldn't function that well still, also her personality was too much of a real person,she didn't seem generated at all, as she was so much like a real living person, if Treah wouldn't have seen with her own eyes how Raven was generated, she wouldn't believe in that herself, if someone would come to say that she was generated to her.

Treah didn't still know was this good or bad for the dungeon, but for now it seemed good and even Treah had to admit that the city plan, if it worked out that it would be great and it would boost their dungeon up, she didn't even think about that,that someone could set something like that in dungeon,as it was new concept,or at least she hasn't heard that anyone else would done something similar to the plan,so she was proud of her master,that her master could think something like that and that they didn't need to monitor her every move, as now everything she has done, has just benefited the dungeon even more, even if her ideas were little eccentric,they have worked out in the end, so Treah couldn't complain at all.

Treah just watched how the city was growing even more, how the dungeon was growing to be more than she expected for this point, how her master has surprised her so many times now, how her world of thinking was so different,but it did bring out a nice change also, that not everything was boring here, she could imagine the future when this dungeon will be popular, all thanks to her master and her ideas, so she was sure that she had made the right choice and she wouldn't change anything at all.

In the meantime Raven was wondering how to use the building skill, luckily she had two empty rooms for her tests, so she wouldn't do anything to the main part of her dungeon still, as she needed to test it out first.

That was Ravens plan for the next couple of days, also to wait to get more dungeon points that she could buy even more minions and Raven couldn't wait to see how her city was doing,but for now she had to his her excitement and wait for it to generate the things properly first and to wait that the werewolves will adjust to their new role, when that all was done she planned to have fun in the city, explore it again and see how much it changed from the ruins she saw last time.