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Raven couldn't believe her luck unlocking just so perfect minions for one of her plans that she just made up, it would be so perfect for that plan if it is going to succeed.

No matter how much it will cost for her she's going to do it, as it will be a perfect surprise for those adventures that will come to this dungeon.

"System doesn't ask me to confirm, just do it if it is possible, fix the city of Holger take the flames out from there, make it a city again," Raven said to the system and waited for its answer.

"The repair costs two thousand dungeon points, starting to repair the city, the task is completed now, host." The system answered to Raven who immediately opened the shop menu and immediately scrolled to the werewolf spawner.

The one werewolf spawner cost five hundred dungeon points,but Raven didn't mind the cost and immediately bought four of them and placed them to corners of the city,as if her plan will work, the werewolf will be like normal humans in the day, just living their life in their disguise, doing everyday stuff like normal citizen would do,but in the night they would turn into hunters that will hunt every adventure that will be outside or inside the city in night, maybe even day but Raven asked from the system again.

"System can you turn the city's inns as safe place for the adventures that in night if they stay those inns they won't be targeted at all,but if they step even one step outside they will be marked as free target and can we place basic shops in that city that sells low-level stuff, daily necessities to the adventures and if that is possible can we turn the gold or whatever they pay for those to dungeon points?"

"All that is possible host, so do you confirm that you want to turn the city of Holger to first rest and safe point for the adventures." The system answered to Raven.

"Yes, I confirm it," Raven said happily as her plan started to work her little economy wouldn't only depend on her minions and the prey they hunted now but then she remembers something.

"System how does the city get its stuff they sell, how does it stock itself?" Raven immediately asked from the system.

"You confirmed it to be low-level area so the things we stock there is going to be the basic of basics, the stock happens when the system detects that something is too low,so it automatically stocks it depending on your dungeon points, as every stock costs dungeon points so host do you want to generate the basic necessities to the city it will cost 1000 points for the first time?" The system answered.

"Yes do it immediately and confirm from me every time when something needs to be bought for now one till I find a  capable secretary or manager for our finances," Raven said and watched how the system showed what it was generating for the shops, there was fruits, vegetables, meat, swords, armor, clothes everything that was needed for dungeon but the lower quality or very basic without anything fancy in them.

"System lower the dungeon level again with one let's make this three levels deep dungeon now don't ask me to confirm it just do it," Raven said and watched how the dungeon again started to lower the core room again to a lower level.

"Three hundred dungeon points is taken from your account now." The system announced.

Raven had already spent 5300 dungeon points that did leave her with 1700 dungeon points,but she didn't care it at all as she was really happy that her first plan was successful and now she had her own city with bustling people in there even when they were monsters in night,she was very happy as the dungeon was becoming more like a dungeon,it wasn't so grey and boring anymore there was now activities there that could bring her even more dungeon points,that will help her to build the dungeon even more.

Next on Ravens list was how to lay the new floors in the dungeon, Raven opened the building menu up and saw that she can place five rooms in the dungeon.

Raven started to think as now there was the entrance room, plains, and forest in the first level, in the second level there was the swamp and now the city what was safe point now,so the adventures would be refreshed if they stayed the night in the inns,so Raven needed more rooms after it.

Raven thought for a moment but then she remembered her new skill the building skill that will give her chance to make her own rooms, so she also had to think about it, what she could do with it.

Raven finally decided to place the basic river terrain after the swamps so that the adventures would more likely be tired and spend the night in the inns, as they would have to cross first the swamp then the river and all the minions she would place there.

After that, she still didn't have many ideas of course now as she was satisfied for a moment for the first and second level she would focus on the third level where there was only the core room now.

Raven placed the basic jungle terrain after the core room that the stairs from Holger will lead immediately to a jungle, but that was all of her new packs and terrains, she still could place three other rooms, so she started to think it about even more than ever.

In the end Raven wanted to her dungeon to have more rooms and she wanted to test the building skill also, so she placed the basic grass plain after the jungle, then again a forest terrain but in the end she saved up the one room for the next packs she would get, but the thought about building and experiencing new stuff later on exited Raven even more than ever she couldn't wait for the moment she could test the skill but for now she needed to rest.