The city below the dungeon
20 Chapter 20
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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20 Chapter 20

When Will got to the front of the mayor's mansion, he saw that he wasn't the first one to be there, he guessed that the people in front of the meeting place would be in his team then.

When Will got to the meeting place he saw Edgar that was signaling him to come closer.

"So Will you aren't the last we are still waiting for some to come,there will not be any introduction at all,we will only introduce you to them,the rest you can cover on the road to there, as this mission is top high priority now, so soon as the rest comes and after the brief introduction you will all go to the road."

Edgar said but then looked Will closer and commented.

"I see that you have changed your gear to something that is suitable in scouting missions and as I see you have all the necessities packed up also, so good job we knew that you were capable to lead this group, but wait there is the rest no time to chat at all."

The mayor said while he clapped his hands to get everyone's attention to himself and when he was sure that everyone was looking and listening to him he started his small but brief speech.

"So now as everyone is here, I will quickly repeat the mission, you will go to Holger, to investigate where did the beast tide come from, this man here, his name is Will, he will be the leader of your group, appointed by the king himself to the job,so you listen to him, as he also knows Holgers terrain better than anyone else,so I assume everyone understood, you cannot introduce yourselves now, do it on the road as this mission is top high priority now, even the king himself is watching so you will start moving right away to the destination." Edgar ended his speech and looked how the group started to move towards Holger, in while when he didn't see them anymore he went inside his mayor's mansion, silently wishing them good luck and that they will succeed on their mission.

In the meantime when the group was traveling towards Holger in the dungeon Raven had made her plans to fortify her dungeon.

Raven haven't even checked what advanced versions of the minions she did unlock or how many rooms she could build or the builders skill that she unlocked, she basically hasn't done anything else than planned and been lazy these past days but now she would have to take that role again on her shoulders,now she couldn't anymore postpone it at all,now she had to be dungeon master again, focus on her job again.

Raven has been thinking these past days how she will maximize the city's potential to maximum, how to use it in the best way possible but she still hasn't thought anything as she hasn't seen any of the new minions.

When Raven opened up the shop option she scrolled past of the old minions wanting to see what she did unlock.

The three-headed monkey=As name suggest a monkey with three heads, with mouths full of razor-sharp teeth, you have to cut every head before you can kill it.

Iron gorilla=A massive gorilla which skin is tough as iron has some control to the element of the iron, a magical beast.

The four-eyed boa=A boa with four eyes, very strong grip that will hold on you as long as needed to choke you to death, the eyes are very rare materials in alchemy but no other properties than it is very long.

Piranha=A fish with sharp teeth, usually in packs.

Shadow alligator=Alligator what you don't usually see unless it is too late, very good at hiding and extremely dangerous in the night, shadows or anywhere where there isn't much of light.

Pirate gnomes=Gnomes that were too bored to be in gardens and wanted more dangerous life, masters using their little boats to rob you, or surprise you as they just suddenly come from nowhere.

Goblin shamans=The advanced versions of goblin archers. They can use the basic offense magic, or healing magic it depends on what they want to do themselves, so basically goblins with magic properties.

A werewolf=advanced version of direwolves.Let me say host you got really lucky to unlock this beast that is man and wolf at the same time. They can go from normal humans, but when they transform they become a beast with wolf's properties, that not many can stop.

Dryad=Usually they are harmless and shy creatures that live in their trees, but this time they aren't, they can use their skills to seduce men and women, silently use tree branches or anything in that tree to attack, better not to touch their trees or especially harm the trees at all.

Raven didn't even look at their cost yet as this opened new possibilities in her mind, what she could do to her dungeon, she had so many new ideas in her head now, that she fell on her own mind and plans again to make her dungeon better, while Treah wondered how her master can be so lucky with her packs, with her minions as she got so many rare ones this time.


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