Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 19 Chapter 19

When Will woke up, he still couldn't believe what happened yesterday, he got basically promoted, he got another chance to prove himself, even straight to the king.

Will quickly prepared himself as he needed to go shop some necessities, as he didn't have any weapons or armor now as he also lost most of what he owned, even when he had his city guards armor,it wouldn't do anything in scouting mission as it was heavy chunk of iron armor and not suitable for the scouting mission at all,so he planned to sell that armor, to buy a leather armor and basic short sword,but he was in a hurry as he needed to be at the meeting place also soon, to see his team, that he would lead in this mission.

When Will stepped inside the city, he started to ask from locals directions to the nearest blacksmith, when Will received the information he needed he started to walk towards the part of the town where the blacksmith should be.

It didn't take that long to Will find the place, he stepped inside the shop where the clerk greeted him.

"Fine day today sir, welcome to iron hides blacksmith, we have the finest wares here so what do you want sir?"

"I came to sell this iron armor, then short sword and do you sell leather armor here?"

"Oh let me see what did you bring to us today dear customer." The clerk said and started to inspect the iron armor.

"This is quite a fine armor and you have the whole set here but the only problem is the Holgers crest in the chest piece so how do we know it isn't stolen or looted?" The clerk said and looked towards Will expecting an answer.

"I know you don't care about the crest as you can take it easy out, but here is my identity card as you see I was the captain of the guards in Holger so it is my old armor," Will said while giving the clerk his identification card, the clerk took the card and inspected it before saying.

"So, sir, we are clear now but because the crest gives us extra trouble you don't get full price, I will give you 40 silvers from it, but you wanted the short sword and leather armor, that leaves you with  silvers as the short sword is 10 silvers and the leather armor is 15 silvers that leaves you with 15 silvers." The clerk said while he started to bring the armor and sword out to Will.

Will started to adjust the leather armor while the clerk took the measures and what will need to adjust still to Will when they were finally done the clerk gave the money, the short sword and it's holster to Will.

"So how much from iron dagger?" Will asked from the clerk

"Oh, the iron dagger costs 2 silvers only to you as special offer now only for you." The clerk said and flashed a bright smile towards Will who just quietly paid the 2 silvers and got the iron dagger from the clerk.

"I know you have other friends, or shops that have your friends in so tell me which shop has camping stuff in sell, so basic stuff you need to survive in the wilderness," Will said to the clerk and the clerk just smiled at him.

"You want to go old Daniels shop it is just right from here, you just need to walk couple meters and you should see the sign, say that Ter send you and you should get them little cheaper." The clerk answered while he flashed the business smile to Will.

Will just nodded to the clerk and started to walk towards old Daniels shop, which he found quite an easily, Will stepped inside and saw an old man smoking his pipe on the counter who just nodded towards Will without paying any other attention to him.

Will started to search the shop for basic stuff he needed like canteen, tinderbox, tent, sleeping mattress but when Will was almost done he saw short bow with arrows that still fit on his budget he didn't hesitate for a moment and picked it up also.

When Will got the counter he said to the man in there.

"Sir Ter send me, I would like to buy these from you." The man behind the counter just nodded and said back to him.

"As you got send it would have been otherwise 10 silvers but you get these with 5,but as I see you got the bow, fine choice I say I will give you this cloak also to you as it belonged to the same person who owned the bow, I hope that it brings you as much as good luck as it did bring to its previous owner."

Will took the cloak and inspected it and saw it was made to last, to be warm in cold night's, nothing fancy but more of use in any situation, he paid to the man and before leaving he said back to the old man.

"Thank you for this cloak it will be very useful, I will remember this."

The old man just smoked his pipe and didn't say anything after it.

When Will stepped outside from the store he started to walk towards the mayor's mansion what was the meeting point for him and to his team member's.