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Inside the mansion, there was butler waiting close to the front door, the butler looked towards Will then said.

"You must be Will the governor and the king's aid is waiting for you in the governor's office, let me escort you there."

The butler started to lead Will towards the office, where there was even kings ai when Will heard that line, he didn't know what to do or say.

"They are waiting for you inside of this door." The butler said and opened the doors, showing Will that he should step inside immediately, when Will stepped inside the office the butler closed the door behind him, leaving him alone to the office without any help.

When Will saw the mayor of Ferner and also the person he imagined was the king's aid he immediately bowed down in front of them.

"You can rise up, I guess you must be Will the previous captain of the guards from Holger, the one who was responsible for the defense of the city."

The mayor said while the king's aid remained silently in next to the mayor.

"Yes sir, that is me." Will immediately answered when he rose up.

"Then let me introduce us, I'm the mayor of Ferner, you may call me Edgar, this man close to me like you might have heard is one of the king's aids,"  Edgar said and paused for a moment before continuing his speech.

"We want to know about the details of the attack in Holger, as from the previous mayor we couldn't get anything out, so then we have you who were on the walls and saw the situation to fold in, so if you could kindly tell us what happened on there."

Will looked at the governor and started to prepare his report.

"First there was no reports from adventures or from scouts,the first time I heard when Mark came in from northern gate shouting close the gates they got John,he shouted lots of nonsense so I went to him and asked what is wrong,who got John,that was my first time hearing about it,then after that I left Mark alone as my guards,released the warning signal,the gates started to close,so I went to look at the wall what was happening,that was my first time seeing the horde,then I immediately,send messengers to the mayor and the adventures guild about the situation,then prepared my men to the coming fight,the mayor and Frank who was the leader of the adventures guild came to check the situation out,then they both left,Frank did go ready the adventures,the first round did go well,as we shot the arrows to the horde and we all were in high spirits,motivated to defend the city,when Frank bought the adventures,so me and Frank chatted about the situation,that is when all went down,as one of my guards came to say nothing is stopping it,so me and Frank went to see what it was,we both were shocked to see that it was giant swamp turtle,Frank did take some of my guards and the adventures and went outside of the gates to stop it,in the end they killed it,but when we tried to close the gate,the swamp turtles corpse was blocking the gate,so we couldn't close the gate so the goblins,wolf's and even lizardman,so then we tried to hold out the gape in the gate but the swamp turtle did kill most of our front line fighters and our archers were tired,so they just poured from the gap and tired our fighters out even more,so Frank made last stand in the gate with some volunteers,I was prepared to last stand in the streets with volunteers,but they replaced me,did take my command out and gave me mission to survive and deliver letters to their families,also to train new batch of guards to take the city back,that is my report."

Will ended his long report and Edgar wanted him to repeat some lines before saying to the king's aid.

"There was swamp turtle in there, where do we find swamps from this kingdom especially near from Holger, then also the lizardman and so many goblins and wolves."

"There isn't any near Holger and I think the scouts, adventures or even merchants would have seen a tide of that massive, so this leaves us with two choices, either someone summoned them or dungeon has spawned near Holger and that was its the first outbreak."

The silent aid said without blinking at all then continued.

"Will you know the region better than anyone else,so I now a point you as the leader of the scouting party that will investigate what happened in Holger and where the tide came from, this is your chance to show your skills once again,you will get troops from Ferner and some even from the kings army from the capital to aid you,as if it's dungeon that has spawned, it could be an opportunity or disaster to our kingdom."

Will was first shocked by this honor, from this opportunity they gave him, but then he realized he was still on the office and quickly bowed down and said.

"This is honor sir, I will not let you down, I promise, I will take this oath and give you results even if it means that I have to sacrifice my life because of the cause."

"Good now you can go and rest as you have a lot to do." The aide said and Will did leave the office still shocked from the news and he didn't even notice when he got back to outside the city to his own tent.