The city below the dungeon
17 Chapter 17
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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17 Chapter 17

raven looked towards the city of holger one last time before returning to the dungeon core room. she had a lot of planning to do with regards to her dungeon and barely enough time to do so. she needed to be prepared in case adventurers discover the dungeon.

upon reaching the dungeon core room, raven quickly pulled up the dungeon map and contemplated on how she would use the stuff she received from her recent level ups.

meanwhile, while raven was fortifying her dungeon news of holgers destruction had already spread throughout the world. people had already started making songs and poems about it which further added to the rate the news spread.

the refugees from holger had managed to reach the nearest city, ferner, and were greeted by a city more grandeur than holger. among the refugees was will.

the mayor of holger immediately reported the destruction of his city to the proper authorities. he resigned himself to face immense punishment because holger had been granted to him by the king himself.

now that the city was in complete ruins and many lives had been lost defending the city and even during the journey to ferner, the refugees felt lost. not only had they lost everything from their possessions to their families, they had lost their home and managed to survive with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

the refugees were now living in tents on the outskirts of ferner. some lucky ones had made their way inside the city and into the slums.  others were even luckier and had relatives living in ferner who gladly took them in.

but, at the makeshift city of tents was will who stood guard and maintained the law. he felt guilty that he couldn't save the city so he promised himself that he would protect those that were left.

suddenly guards from ferner were asking for the whereabouts of will, will heard this and approached the nearest guard.

"i'm will,  the captain of the guards for holger city, i heard that you were looking for me?" he said as he introduced himself.

when the guard from ferner heard him, he quickly called his companions over, they had found who they were looking for. the last guard to arrive was the first to introduce himself.

"greetings will, my name is joseph, i'm the vice-captain of the guards, i've been ordered to escort you to the mayor's mansion, i'm sorry if its any inconvenience but would you please follow me?" joseph smiled and bowed slightly, however, will could feel the threat in his words.

"there's no need to be so polite," said will sarcastically, "please, follow your orders and escort me to the mayor." will didn't do anything to hide his discontent, he even outwardly frowned as he replied to joseph. joseph didn't get mad, he just clapped his hands and said,

"then please follow me."

the guards surrounded will, "oh don't worry, they're just here to make sure you don't get lost. it would be quite the shame if you were to lose your way" said joseph. will was annoyed at joseph's mocking tone but followed him into the city nonetheless.

as they were walking through the city joseph suddenly asked will a question, "so tell me, will,,, how is it that even after your city was destroyed and all of the guards perished, you, the captain of the guards, the one sworn to protect the city at all costs is still alive and well?"

he gave no time for will to answer and continued talking,

"because of you, your city lies in ruins, its citizens now refugees, thousands are dead and yet you're here alive and well. i wouldn't be surprised if people suddenly surrounded and attacked you. but from what i've heard you still do your job even though you already failed so miserably."

joseph paused, waiting for will to get angry and attack, but to his surprise will calmly listened and disregarded joseph's scornful attitude. he only opened his mouth to reply when he knew everyone's attention was concentrated on him.

"i doubt some little boy who still needs his mother's milk would understand. you, who were born with a silver spoon in his mouth couldn't understand what happened. you're just some insecure little brat who's too scared to bloody his shiny armor. the only thing you're good at is talking bullshit, no one wants to listen to you talk. maybe if you spent more time exercising your body rather than your mouth you could understand an inkling of what happened in holger. don't speak to me as if you were there, don't speak to me as if you laid down your life to protect the citizens.".

will's words caused some of the guards surrounding him to chuckle, joseph had been humiliated and in front of his guards at that.

joseph swore he would get revenge but during the rest of the journey, he kept his mouth shut. when they finally reached the mayor's mansion joseph finally spoke and said, "this is where we part ways, will.  the people who want to meet you are waiting inside."

will glanced towards joseph as he walked away with his guards before looking at the mansion before him. he gathered his courage and prepared himself before walking towards the door. he was undisturbed by the gazes of the mansion guards and opened the door, fully prepared to face whatever punishment they have in store for him.

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