The city below the dungeon
16 Chapter 16
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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16 Chapter 16

raven tried her best to process the new information she received, even when she got the answers she wanted, she wasn't expecting that kind of answer at all from her.

raven looked at treah, she was still suspicious about her, but she couldn't do anything at all yet, or she couldn't determine if treah was speaking the truth even, but she had to trust treah as who else would help her then.

"you have been forgiven treah for now, but don't let this happen again as i need to trust you, as we could say you are part of me, my closest family now, so that's why i need to know can i trust you," raven said while she got up from the seat and started to walk towards the front door.

"of course you can trust me, my master, as i need also trust you, as if you die i will also be gone, so that is why we placed your protection as our top priority that nothing would happen to you, or to our dungeon at all," treah answered and started to follow raven towards outside.

"so treah now when we destroyed one city, probably some of them got away and still if nobody did survive, someone would notice that the city is gone, so when do you think they start investigating the reason behind it?" raven asked from treah while looking at her dungeon generated city from the mayor's mansion.

"there is a good chance that they are already investigating or gathering information, so first scouts or adventures would probably come here soon, if the news has traveled i will guess, that in the real holger there is already looters and bandits searching the ruins for any profitable items," treah answered immediately to show her loyalty towards raven.

"what about our minions, as the frenzied state is over now, the dungeon did a job to reduce them, so how many came back and how much we lost?"

raven looked at treah waiting for her answer.

"of course we lost over half of them, we even lost our swamp turtle, some abandoned us, started to travel, looking places for them to reign, some stayed in the city placed their camps there, so if i'm right only about thirty-five came back to our dungeon again,otherwise no one else yet, as even your skills haven't helped, even when it has the chance to attract more minions here," treah answered and then continued her speech.

"but don't worry those who came back are extremely loyal,now even more and they have experienced the dungeon outbreak,so they have more skills and experience now,some of them even rallied more of the minions in our dungeon to attack the traitors in the city and to loot it out,so as you see they want to show their loyalty towards you, so that they are useful,some of them maybe has a chance to evolve into better units, but that is a rare chance and needs a lot of work."

raven looked at treah puzzled first but then asked.

"what do you mean to evolve? how does that happen at all and you say that my minions can abandon me?"

"sorry my master that i didn't tell about the evolution or the abandoning yet, but let me fix that," treah said and did take a deep breath before continuing her speech.

"so as you see you get skills when you level up,plus you have your druid class now,same goes with your minions,like goblins,if they use sword of course they get more better of it,rare chance is that they get skills,but when their level cap that is hundred is reached they have a chance to evolve into better units, like warrior goblin, tracker goblin, spear master goblin, depending on their luck and what skills they have, then there is even rarer chance that they evolve to hobgoblin that is one tier better unit than them,so every minion has their own level up and evolution tree." treah did pause before continuing.

"yes especially after dungeon outbreak there is a chance that they will abandon you, as they see themselves stronger, maybe wanting to build their own society or town, as they are masters of their own lives and have their mind as they aren't controlled in any way,but in some cases this could be good, as they might bring more members here the adventures,or those who make their own society or town would want to get alliance with us, so the news travel between the monsters also, so they will hear about our dungeon,so we might get some immigrate here because this. treah ended her speech and looked towards raven.

raven processed this information in her head and said then to treah.

"at least we have dungeon points now, more minion types, more floors to build and we did get one free natural fortress here, this town, i guess that it will be a surprise to the adventures but to our dungeon, it is just advantage."

raven looked towards the city planning already what to do with it.

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