Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 15 Chapter 15

Raven slowly got close to the governor's mansion and saw that Treah was there waiting for her near the front doors.

"Master welcome to your own city, I hoped that you enjoyed your time exploring the city."

Treah said without moving at all then continued.

"So master you have your own city now, wasn't our minions great as they captured this city, plus you did get the secret skill out of it, to copy the cities, aren't you just great master."

Treah continued to flatter Raven and her minions nonstop when Raven got there.

"Enough Treah, that nonstop flattery, that makes you even more suspicious, makes feel that you are more guilty with all of that nonsense you are uttering now."

Raven said shutting up Treah completely, who started to look down and started to play with her fingers.

"Master what do you mean, I can explain my master, don't be angry with me."

Treah started to mumble, while being really nervous, like she would have been on a cliff, like on small breeze could knock her off from it, one small step could ruin everything, which was the truth as Raven was slowly losing her calm.

"What do you think about, you, your attitude and that you are hiding stuff from me, especially yesterday when you smiled at me and then suddenly the system announced it to get my attention, so what could I possibly mean."

Raven said out very loud, almost shouting at Treah who started to play even more with her fingers.

"There is a logical explanation for that my master, it wasn't my intention at all my master, just please calm down first please and then can you just listen to me," Treah said, almost crying, pleading Raven to listen to her, to give her a chance to talk.

Raven walked past from Treah to inside the still standing up the mansion and went straight to the nearest couch and slumped down to it.

Treah followed her master but didn't follow her to the couch, instead, she went to the kitchen, to prepare a meal and sweets to Raven, as she knew that Raven was foodie, before anything else, so it would help her to calm down.

Raven didn't even know when she did fall asleep, but she did know that when she woke up, there was the alluring scent of food coming from the kitchen.

When Raven opened up her eyes, she saw a feast in front of her and Treah was carrying a cake out from the kitchen.

Raven couldn't believe her eyes, as she didn't know how Treah always makes this stuff up, as her minions only hunted meat, rarely they would get anything else to the dungeon, so it has always been a delicious mystery to her.

Raven quietly ate her meal, it wasn't anything that new to her, just roasted meat, that her minions hunted and some herbs they gathered from the forest, the new part was the cake, it wasn't anything that fancy, just simple cake with fruits that Raven didn't know.

But to her it was a mystery how did she even make one, where did she get the ingredients to make one, that was a real mystery to her, but she also didn't care as long as she had delicious food in front of her.

"Master have you calmed down now as you did take your nap and had your meal, are you ready to listen to me," Treah said while still floating in the sky

Raven looked at Treah, then looked at the back of the table where her meal was before she ate it and thought that at least Treah is trying her best to make her forget, or it was just her new plan against her, Raven wasn't still quite a sure about Treah.

"You may speak, say what is on your mind, explain yourself to me, but consider your words carefully as I will hold on them, decide by them," Raven said and started to wait for the explanation.

"Even when you have adults body, your mind it is still on the state of the child, not developed that well, it takes more time it to develop, as we cannot create a mind that would be perfect, so even with your body, you have a mine of a child."

Treah paused for a moment and started to think about how will she continue.

"You see your brain, cannot afford to take all of the information immediately,it can destroy your mind or brain easily, so we have to lock up things from your mind, they are still there but locked up, so your mind will slowly release more and more information, when you experience things, develop your mind, but some keywords could trigger also that information,so I have to be careful, as you are the heart of this dungeon without you we wouldn't exist,so I'm extremely sorry that we did hide things from you but it was for you, we only thought about you and your well being." Treah ended her speech and looked towards Raven who slowly sank on her mind again.