Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 14 Chapter 14

When Raven woke up from the trance-like state, she was still on the small house.

"So this is so-called commoners house, normal in the upper world, in so-called human society,I wonder what will the nobles houses look like then, as it seems that they are in the upper rankings in that society, those that have power, but still they sometimes aren't at the top of the society. "

Raven walked out from the house, following the roads upwards, looking at the scenario, the empty streets, she could imagine the life in the world up there, the people who used to move through the real city, not this system generated a copy in her dungeon.

Raven could only imagine how the people used to live their casual, everyday live here all these houses were someone's house,there used to be people here and when she walked even more around and looked the city,she couldn't even imagine how did her minions capture this city,how they could have defeated the defense there, even when she didn't know how it worked properly in city  like this, she could guess that there was some kind defense inside the city as there were so many houses also, so didn't that mean there was that many people also here?

Raven thought as the only society she did know was the goblins in her dungeon, otherwise, even with the information in her head, she was clueless as a newborn baby.

Raven came for the market square she was amazed how large it was,how different it was and she started to imagine the street vendors trying to survive, to sell their products for the passing people, how the poets, bards, actors did play their part there, how small children were excited and wanted their parents to buy sweets for them.

All of this vague information started to fuel the small flame more, that kid bear in the goblin archers tree town, in that so small feast, this town added more and more fuel on that small spark, that seemed to come alive even more.

Raven sat down in one of the benches on the market square, she wanted to live a moment in her imagination, to feel that all someday, to be part of it, not to worry about her dungeon for a moment, to get peace and break from it all.

Still the city was burning, ruined up,but it didn't stop Raven at all,it made her imagine, even more, to have thoughts, what if she would build her own city,could she do better one,how does one start planning it,how to build one,what she needed for it,but she already had skills for it but Raven was daydreaming so much that she did forget it.

Raven woke up from her dream and got up from her bench, starting to walk towards one of the merchants shops, it could have been anything, they could have been selling anything in there now it was just barely standing up,the counter still intact,but no products or anything was generated, only the city in its current form.

Raven started to act like small child, while she was walking past of the shop, she started to play guess the shop and what it sells game in her mind, one of the shops were butcher's shop,one was general,weapons, armor, goblins, spawners, whatever Raven could think of she made it as a product that the shop once sold, no matter how weird it would have been human to hear those thoughts, to Raven it was normal, as she didn't know what was wrong or right,what would be abnormal to them was normal to her.

To Raven it didn't matter as she was having so much fun for the first time in her life, she could forget everything for a moment, she didn't have to fear would she die,how her dungeon will do,she just pushed those thoughts out and started to be more like her,growing up her personality more,playing around in the ruined city making more games in her mind,exploring the houses,trying new objects,walking around without any destinations just looking where would her legs bring her.

Finally Raven came to the district where nobles used to live, she marveled the houses from outside, looking forward to exploring them from inside also,it was her first time seeing something like that, something so massive, as she has gotten used to her goblins simple huts, to the commoners houses, to her the houses were massive, so different, she will love with the architecture of the houses, how could someone build something that beautiful, but still so simple.

But when Raven started to explore the first noble house, she was shocked when she saw the small parks outside the house, those small ponds, rivers, fountains,she did forget the houses immediately as something in the nature drew her more close to the parks,where there were those small bungalows, houses where the nobles did have their tea partier or anything they wanted.

Raven started to wander around the parks more, not believing her eyes, that something like this could be done, but each step did take her closer to the governor's mansion where Treah was waiting for her patiently, each step did bring her close to the answers that she wants to ask from Treah.