The city below the dungeon
13 Chapter 13
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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13 Chapter 13

when raven woke up she had splitting headache,her head still processing all of the information it received yesterday,plus she was still on shock because everything came so suddenly yesterday and treah was acting so mysteriously, not answering the question just smiled to her and then the system suddenly did get her attention when she was trying to ask more from treah.

to raven it seemed like they were hiding something from her, not telling everything to her.

still she needed to trust them as she needed them more than everything else in this world and as she was contacted them, plus the dungeon core created her,it was basically a parent to her, so that would make treah her sister, brother she didn't know as treah didn't have any gender still?

all of this thinking did hurt her head even more, treah her family member?

that hurt ravens head even more, but it sounded logical as the dungeon core created both of them, even when raven did give treah her name, appearance, still that would mean that she was like family to her even if they are connected and she is bound to help her.

dungeon core her father so who created the dungeon core? raven thought and it hurt her head even more as that would mean, those who created the dungeon core created both of them, her and treah.

this is probably really messed up family too complicated now for me raven thought, but she still wanted answers,so she did leave all of that now to back of her head, but wouldn't forget it, even if it means to break her family up,she wanted to know the reason, the truth behind everything and they do say that family is the worst, how true that is who knows.

but would need to get answers from treah to cover her situation now, then to plan what she will do with all of those points that she did get yesterday and she was over level 5?

didn't this mean she could leave the dungeon to explore the outside world? raven thought and then almost slapped herself, as she was starting to daydream now about it, but she had more important things to do first.

raven did get up from the bed and started to look around for treah but she couldn't see her.

"where has that pixie gone now, must when i need her to answer my questions."

raven said out and then suddenly stopped because she was shocked again.

"treah is waiting for you in the holger city the one in the dungeon host."

the system said without changing its voice at slightest, you couldn't tell what it was feeling at all, you couldn't tell anything from that voice at all.

raven started to walk towards the holger city's floor, she started to climb up the stairs to it and opened her mouth up, started to rub her eyes to make sure that she was awake.

this was her first time seeing a city, she did know about them as she received the information,but the first time seeing something is always mind opening situation, especially to raven who did fell in love with the architecture, how it all was planned so beautifully, even when the city was in ruins, still burning down with eternal fire,that wouldn't damage the city at all,but to the adventures it would be a deadly trap.

raven looked the wide open city's streets, touched the stones that were used to build up the houses, did feel how smooth it was, looked all that humans were built the walls, the houses the smallest things.

raven opened a door to one of the houses that were still standing up and went inside,this was her first time seeing something else than just a cave,forest or plains, she looked carefully all of the furniture, like the smallest touch from her, the smallest breeze would break them up,she carefully sitter on the bench on the dining area,as this was her first time seeing furniture,something else than the bed that treah created for her.

raven was like a small child on a candy store, she carefully looked, touched and opened everything that she could, tested their various functions and wondered was that how the people in upper world lives,but she was also shocked as when she saw the things, touched them even if this was her first time, she did know what they were or what their function was, the information that she received was slowly awakened inside her head, that lead a new headache.

she slowly went on a trance state, as the information slowly crept in her head awakening things that she didn't even know before, slowly giving her information about the city, how did the human society work out, how everyone had their role and place on that society.

treah watched her master in her trance state from the governor's mansion, slowly waiting it to pass, to let her explore even more as she could wait to her make her way up here, as there was still much to raven to see and learn.

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