The city below the dungeon
12 Chapter 12
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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12 Chapter 12

"the city of holger is conquered, congrats host, the city holger is starting to transform in your dungeon now host, wait a moment and stay back for your safety measures host."

the system announced and started to transform a clear copy of the city of holger in the dungeon after the swamp floor that the stairs to the core room are now in the holger.

"congrats host you have unlocked hidden skill, that allows you to copy the cities you conquer in your dungeon if you pay to transform them, they will come in that condition that they are, like if we look holger it is ruins,also his you have been rewarded with five thousand dungeon points after conquering the city and your minions did get you two thousand dungeon points,so now in your account there are seven thousand dungeon points. "

the system announced and continued still.

"congrats host for advancing to level eight, you have unlocked three room packs, one trap pack, you can choose your profession and you have rewarded with four skills."

raven didn't know how to react, it all did come so suddenly and she did even level five levels so suddenly and she didn't know was she dreaming, because seven thousand dungeon points, what will she do with it all,she could just purchase spawners and fill her dungeon with them,but suddenly treah said.

"master, i know what you are thinking,but there is limit to the spawners, as otherwise, you could make an overpowered dungeons, or minions that no one would have a chance to stop at all, the system will tell you what the limit is, locks from you to the option to buy more of those spawners."

raven looked at treah, she has started to get little suspicious, because treah even if she was assigned to be her helper didn't tell all of the information, but bits and parts suddenly, also it seems like she knows what raven was thinking.

"so treah do you have anything else to say, or do you want to keep your secrets and the information by yourself only?" raven asked from treah and treah just smiled to her but didn't answer the question.

"so host i will now let you see the packs, as always you choose now three of them and others get locked up." the system suddenly said getting raven's attention to it.

jungle pack=you will unlock basic jungle terrain, three-headed monkey, iron gorilla, and the four-eyed boas.

ice pack=you will unlock basic room covered in ice and snow. you also will unlock, yeti, snowmen and ice bear.

river back=you will unlock basic river terrain with, piranha, shadow alligator, and pirate gnomes.

advanced forest  pack=you will unlock advanced versions of goblins, wolves and dryads you will also unlock advanced building options and new methods to build the forest and plains.

mountain pack=you will unlock mountain terrain you will also unlock dwarf, mountain gnomes and mountain bear.

"this is all options now choose carefully host." the system said and started to wait for raven's decision.

raven as previously has said went on with the nature theme and did choose the jungle, river and advanced pack.

"all other packs are now moved further away, congrats host you have unlocked now, jungle, river and the advanced back and all that is in them." the system said and continued.

"next to the trap pack, you will unlock hidden, door, wall and arrow dispenser that's it so next we will decide your profession host." the system started to list the available professions to raven.

swordsman, archer, mage, necromancer, beast tamer, crafter, farmer, thief, druid, and the list did go on and on before raven said.

"as a funny does it seem, but because the nature theme, i will unlock the druid profession, drow, a dark elf who is mountain dweller as a druid, yes that is the profession i want."

"druid confirmed now transferring the basic information about druid profession to host."

the system announced and started to transfer the information to raven's mind, how do that class work, its basic strengths, and weaknesses.

"now host choose your weapon and armor preferences." the system continued and started to list the available weapons and armor.

in the end, raven decided to stick with a basic wooden staff and some simple robes that don't give much of armor, but more mobility, agility, and speed.

"now to the skills host, you have unlocked the builder, forest dweller, basic staff and light armor skill." the system said and laid basic information about the skills to raven.

builder=you can build basic stuff in your dungeon, move properties of other rooms to another room, only your imagination is your limit.

forest dweller=you know how to move in the forest, your speed and agility are increased when you are on forest terrains.

basic stuff and light armor skill=you know how to wield them and handle them, but still, there is a lot of improvement in your skills.

because all of this information suddenly flooded on raven's brains, she collapsed, started to sleep that her brain could handle all of the information it suddenly did get.

treah looked towards her collapsed master and smiled.

treah picked up her collapsed master and placed her on the bed.

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