The city below the dungeon
11 Chapter 11
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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11 Chapter 11

"Frank we cannot hold them out that long anymore, I will stay here with handful of volunteers, you lead the rest to protect the civilians, warn them to hurry, as now there is just three of my guards, the majors, nobles, and merchants personal guards," Will said without looking back and facing the hordes of goblins that were pouring in now from the northern gate.

"You cannot be serious Will, they need you more than me, I will stay and fend them off, fight against them, so you should go, as in my condition I won't be any help there anymore."

Frank said and did get up pushing the adventures who were tidying up his wounds out of the way and grabbed the nearest sword, running towards the horde of monsters and beast, with some volunteers joining in the last crazed attempt to take back the northern gate.

Will just looked how his good friend, guards who he knew, adventures that he has talked with joined that last crazed attempt, lighting a fire behind them, so they don't have any way to retreat, he looked one last time and then resolved his mind.

"You are the last ones alive,are we going to let that sacrifice go in vain,no we will not,now follow me up to the southern gate,we will make our last stand in this city's streets, as pairs,everyone takes two, three or four partners, go to the streets, block them with your own bodies, watch each other's backs and hold them off to your last breath,this is my last selfish wish from you, to go on this suicide mission," Will said while looking at the last remains of the guards and adventures.

They just saluted to will, started to pick pairs, teams and started to plan who will hold which street, but then one of them asked from Will.

"Sir do we have your permission to burn the city down when we fall or let me phrase it better, sir do we have the permission to burn the streets down when we fall and defend them." The adventure asked and the others just looked towards Will wanting to hear the answer.

"Yes you have my permission to set the city on fire,as last attempt to protect them,as we lost this city,but we aren't going to everyone else to have it no matter what happens and maybe someday the original civilians descendants will take this city back and rebuild it," Will said while looking towards the city's last defenders, who saluted for one last time and started to get on their positions, no one said anything, even when they knew they will not see their loved ones anymore.

"Sir I will now command you to step down from your position as a captain and I will take it from you." Said one of the older guards who did make a team with Will and another guard added to it.

"We hereby declare that you have a new mission, we all made our last wills, letters to our loved ones so we command you to live, deliver these messages and build a new patch of guards, to protect our families in future, we trust you in this sir!" They all said in one voice, while they did give the sack of letters to Will, who was still on shock.

"I will never forget you guys,you will always be on my mind,so I promise to you that I will protect your loved ones, that I will deliver these messages, so I accept this mission," Will said while he saluted towards the guards that were now smiling and turned away from Will, to take their positions in the street.

Will started to jog towards the southern gate, trying to block the sounds of fighting behind him, trying to close his mind from this nightmare, this hell that shouldn't have happened, he blamed himself the most, as a captain of the guards he couldn't protect anyone,he simply handed lost the whole city,did get his best friend,his guards that trusted him to killed,these thoughts started to wander on his mind,but when he saw the first civilians ahead of him, he killed the thoughts in his mind and did swear that he will get his revenge against the goblins, anyone who was involved in this slaughter.

"Sir we have lost the northern gate, all adventures and guards are killed or are in combat now sir, we have lost the whole city, sir," Will said when he saw the mayor.

"Is that true Will, did we really lose the city, our men, did we really lose them all Will?"

The mayor said and seemed to grow older in a heartbeat

"Yes sir I'm sorry that I failed this city, that I couldn't defend it, sir, I will take the whole blame myself sir, I will accept my punishment sir," Will said and bowed down.

"No one is blaming you, Will,,,so don't worry you will continue as the captain of the guards, in our new home where ever it shall be, before we take our city back,you should blame me as I  never did take the warnings from you,never did place any importance to our defense,no matter how you asked as I didn't think it was that important." The mayor said and helped Will up and started to walk with him towards the southern gates and when they passed the gates, the last three guards closed them behind them, saluted towards them and then started to prepare their weapons for the coming fight.


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