The city below the dungeon
10 Chapter 10
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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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10 Chapter 10

when will saw the situation down there he immediately shouted the archers to leave their positions, to go and help the others down there, to stop them pouring into the city.

"you there! yes, you, deliver this message immediately to the major, that they have broken through the gates, we need back-up immediately, evacuate the civilians out from the city, i trust you so go now!" will said to one of the younger guards, who immediately started to run towards the major's house.

"the two of you go to the bells and ring them immediately, do you remember the evacuation code, three long ones remember that and if any volunteers come, get them immediately in here, as i don't know how long we can hold on here so go now!" will said to another batch of guards who started to run towards their mission point.

"i know you are extremely tired now, because i know that shooting with now takes quite a lot of strength and stamina,but still i ask you to lend last of your strengths to fend off those monsters, to defend this city till the end, till that no one of us will stand anymore, to make sure that all the civilians will get out from here safely, that's why i ask this from you," will said to the archers who were tired after shooting down the monsters,but still all of them grabbed their swords, spears, maces anything they could and started to move down from the wall, even when they knew that down there could happen anything to them, but this city was their home, they had families here and nobody wanted any filthy goblin to touch their family members, to see them die, so they made their minds to ascend down to the certain death.

the adventures and the other squad of guards were still doing quite good, as even if the massive body of the swamp turtle was blocking the gates, it was also natural barricade to the monsters and they had to focus on one spot in the gate,what were the adventures and guards defending now,with their own lives in the line,every corpse from both sides were, more, obstacles to both sides, but the humans still had more advanced position  than the monsters, who in frenzied state didn't care about their lives, they just jumped into the fray, to kill, to satisfy their bloodlust, that was controlling them now.

"frank, i brought the archers down here, even if they are tired they can do some work, but how is it otherwise going on here," will said and the archers started to join the other defenders, giving a chance to them to breath for a moment, as all the pressure wasn't on them anymore.

"will, i honestly don't know, that damn swamp turtle killed so many and it was mostly luck that we got it down,bad luck i will say, as it got us for this situation,i'm sorry that i was so rash, as it was my decision to go and meet it on the field,it was my fault that we lost so many good men, because me we will lose the city probably also," frank said while limping towards will.

just at this moment the bells started to ring in the city, first one then second then the third one and will was happy as one of the objectives was completed now,they just need to hold on for a moment, to make sure most of the civilians will get out from the southern gate, as the northern gate was lost now and even more monsters were pouring in from it.

"frank what is this beast tide, or my eyes have gone really bad, why there are lizardman and direwolves in there, this isn't something we can easily counter now," will said when he saw those types of monsters pouring in from the midst of the goblins.

"will i really don't know anymore, the swamp turtle was already an anomaly, but now even lizardman and goblins working together, plus all of those wolf's, i don't know anymore."

back in the dungeon raven looked the how her dungeon points were going up and u, like crazy nothing seemed to stop it, she didn't know what to do with all of those points still and she wonders where were her minions causing havoc to her to get so many points suddenly.

"treah where do you think our minions went to cause havoc,as i get so many points, as we both know that this forest only has small prey, maybe some occasional adventures or merchants passing by and they couldn't go take the city down to somewhere,as they aren't strong enough for getting through walls or gates and there aren't any   near here."

"i honestly don't know master, as you said, no villages near, this  forest as you said only has small prey and they cannot take the cities around here,i'm sure of that,but the most important thing is that we get points, as we  need those to survive and develop this dungeon more and you are getting experience, so you are also getting stronger because this."

just at this moment, the system announced.

"congrats most of holgers defenders are defeated."

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