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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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8 Chapter 8

"everyone take your place, ready your weapons, archers in front, start to boil the oil, start a fire on the arrow holders, bring oil front of the archers, those who don't have any ranged weapons, go and pick up rocks, or anything you can throw at them." the captain of the guards shouted the orders to his men and prepared to make a speech.

"you are the pride of this city, those who defended it, those who gave the oath to protect it to their last breath, that looks scarier than it really is, do you know why?"

there was just silence and all of the guard's attention was on their captain.

"because we have these stone walls here, our gate, those beast will never get past of these if they don't magically grow wings on their back."

some guards smiled, some did giggle a little bit but the speech wasn't over yet.

"so take this as a target practice,we top of these walls just shooting them down, at the end of the day you will be the heroes of this town,you all have families here, or something that keeps you in here, remember you are defending them,all of the innocent people here,they will look you bastards as heroes,those who defended the down for them and do you know what,all you who are still virgin now, i guarantee that at the end of the day you aren't going to be virgins anymore, as what do women like more than heroes, so when you march with your setup on the red light district, they will be happy to serve you."

now even more of the guards gave a hearty laugh, some blushed but all of them were determined to defend the city, but the captain of the guards still continued.

"so that is just a walking money bag that is coming towards us, something that will make you all heroes, as i promise that you will be rewarded handsomely and i will pay a round of drinks in the laughing boar today, when this all is over." the captain of the guards ended his speech and now the guards were more serious, more determined and all of them gave their own battle cry or prayer to the gods, some even joking that the captain should offer more.

"i see that you haven't lost your skill to speak will, but will your aim be the same as you are aged more." suddenly someone said and the captain of the guards turned and saw the head of the adventures guild climbing up the stairs, behind him the mayor of the city.

"what about you frank, as all those years being inside just signing papers, so i guess that your aim isn't any better than mine," will said back to frank

"both of you stop the biting each other's throats, at this moment, will tell me, why the alarm was sounded and why we both were summoned here." the mayor said while looking up to will.

"both of you come and see by yourselves, as it is better to see this than me explaining it."

will said and did take both of the tops of the wall, the first reaction was frank's.

"holy gods, that are a lot of money, so where did all of those sweet little walking money bags come from will?"

"frank don't call them money bags, they are monsters and same with me will where did they come out, why didn't our scouts, or any adventures report anything, as an only blind man cannot see that sight and only deaf cannot hear it." the mayor said

"they just suddenly appeared sir, we didn't get any reports, just one hysterical adventure came out of the forest, running like madman and shouting that close the gate, so of course i went to stop him and ask what is the problem, then was my first time hearing about this,suddenly the warning signal came from top of the towers,so naturally i went to look and saw the same sight as you did," will answered straightly and truthfully

"hey don't blame our adventures, you know we are really happy to help with this incident, as it means money to us," frank said and did send his own messenger to signal emergency services to the adventurers guild, that everyone should gather to the walls.

"no one is blaming you and naturally you will get rewarded, but after this incident, i want to know where those monsters appeared, where they came from, as they couldn't just come nowhere, there must be some sort of source or reason to it." the mayor said while he started to walk away to the city, as he had a lot of work now because of this.

"so i guess it is me and you now will, good luck i will also lead for a moment, to explain the reward system and the situation to our adventures,i count on you, so don't die and do your best to give those monsters a hell," frank said while walking down from the wall towards the guild.

"men now check your equipment, be ready this day we will show what we can do."

will shouted to the guards and everyone prepared themselves immediately for the coming fight.

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