Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 7 Chapter 7

"Just run they are getting closer and closer I can hear the noise it's so close already."

Adventurer one shouted, adventure two suddenly pushed adventure one and slashed adventure one's legs with his sword and then just kept running while shouting.

"I'm sorry my friend, but the city is so close but I don't know if we both would survive,but this method will at least let me have a chance to survive and maybe warn the city, to get behind the walls to be safe, have future and family, I'm so sorry my friend, it has been fun together with you and I appreciate what you have done for me."

"You bastard I trusted you, you were like brother to me, why would you do this to me I really trusted you so much, I curse you and your all next generations, do you hear me I curse you and your whole bloodline,I will come back as a spirit and haunt you for the rest of your life and you just have to hope that I don't survive from this or you are in trouble,do you hear me,you bastard come back here I don't want to die yet not like this,not like this."

Adventure one shouted to adventure two while bleeding heavily from his legs.

The horde of monsters and beast came even closer to adventure one's location and the adventure who was still heavily bleeding from his legs gripped his sword in steady hands, placed simple bandages on his legs and shouted to the air.

"Come at me,I'm not a coward I'm adventure,human and I did choose this profession by myself,so I'm going to die like a man, with my sword in my hand, slaying the beast for the last moment in my life, so come at me,I will face you all!"

Before his eyes were horde of goblins running towards him and still that adventure raised up even with his legs, gripped his sword and faced the hordes of goblins and beasts, as we cannot underestimate the potential what will everyone release at their moment of death, as they say, everyone's potential in those situations are in the peak.

The fight was short as what can one adventure that is heavily injured do towards hordes of monsters,who are in frenzied state and doesn't care about injuries at all,but still he left this world with smile on his face,with mind as calm as serene lake,as at least he died like in a way he wanted and didn't stab his friends back,but he also hoped in his lasts moments that his friend has survived, because the town was in danger, all the civilians there was in danger and he didn't want to see blood to flow on those streets that he called a home.

Even in his lasts moments with all of those stabs on his corpse, his mutilated body, he thought others than himself.

"Close the gate, close the gate, prepare yourselves, arm yourselves, immediate danger."

Adventure two shouted when he came to the city and passed the gates.

"Those bastards got John, they killed my friend, also  probably everyone who was outside and didn't make it into the city." He continued and the captain of the guards came towards him and asked.

"What's wrong with you Mark, what do you mean they got John and everyone outside, as now you aren't clear. You just are panicking and spreading it in the city." The captain of the guards said.

"Close the gate,it's horde of monsters and beast,it's horde of them saw in my own eyes,John sacrificed himself for me,to get me to warn the city, to make sure that the city will survive, the civilians would be saved, he sacrificed himself for me," Mark said, faked a cry as he isn't going to never tell that he killed his friend, that he doomed his friends future.

Just at this moment before the captain of the guards could say anything the warning signal came from the top of the towers, the gates began to close and the city started to panic.

The captain of the guards wasn't any useless person as immediately he began to march towards the walls, to make sure what is their enemy, gave orders to evacuate the civilians time their homes, lock the doors, send messengers to bring messages to the adventure guild and city mayor.

The captain of the guards came to the walls and saw the horde of monsters and beast in the horizon, saw how his men were trembling in fear, praying for the gods, closing their eyes, calling their mother and that they want to get home,he knew this wasn't going to be easy as it is going to be the first time that many of his guards have ever seen monsters or beast, seen blood and death.

He knew that now he needed everyone's strength to defend the city, especially the adventure guilds who were used to see blood and more experienced in killing beast and monsters.