Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 6 Chapter 6

Raven didn't have any time to delay as the system was red, which meant that the dungeon outbreak could happen in any second or minute now.

"What do you think will happen in future now,I know we will survive with our current state if the adventures are new, or not that experienced, but what if they send advanced rank adventures to do a clean sweep to our dungeon, what will we do then," Raven said in a slightly panicked voice which she tried her best to hide.

"Master don't worry and especially don't panic now, as our current dungeon is in good state even if we will lose half of our minions and I wouldn't worry about the advanced adventures,as there hasn't been dungeon here previously, so the scouts if they find our dungeon will report to the guild, that new dungeon has appeared and as I said this place has always been relatively safe, new adventure zone mostly, so they will probably use our dungeon as training grounds,but don't forget how much dp or exp this outbreak can bring to you,as they will slaughter probably everyone, who comes their way in frenzied state and there is also the probability that some will survive and come back stronger than ever, with new equipment, skills and even maybe with new friends, that we could turn to be our minions with your skill, don't forget that skill as it could be very useful." Treah ended her long lecture, but before she could continue the system announced while being fully red.

"Population limit reached, the dungeon outbreak will start now, half of the minions of every type has been frenzied and send out, be prepared for possible traffic jams."

Raven didn't even have time to think or say anything when there was loud roar in the dungeon and some of the minions eyes started to turn into red, to show that they are in frenzied state,they started to run towards the entrance not caring what was between them or the entrance,as they only could think about it and slaughtering,but at least they didn't kill each other in that situation, as there was still some moral left in their mind towards each other.

The noise that over hundred of monsters or minions or whatever you call them running in frenzied state,screaming top of their lungs something that nobody would understand,was really deafening experience,as you couldn't even hear your own thoughts or even speak or shout in that situation,as the noise masked it all and we still can hear the tales of the first dungeon outbreak that happened on Holger, as many adventures that were training in the forest and even the city heard the roar and it left a deep impact on their minds,many retired after that and switched to safer jobs,some screamed mother and others said that it mark of bad omen, or that God's were angry towards them, but all of this lead to stories, songs, and poets of the first dungeon outbreak in that area.

The people In Holger was accustomed to luxury and peace, as there was never been any big threat to their city as it was in a relatively safe area and in the forest was some small monsters only,nothing that big or dangerous dwelled on them,to even say that their only resources was the minerals and wood,so no strategic value to capture the city in the middle of nowhere, so they had been living in a safe and relaxed atmosphere, the guards stationed there has never seen any bigger fights where their lives would be in line, or monster invasion especially dungeon outbreak,so they were more of parade guards with shining armor, polished weapons, that mostly stopped thief's and smaller skirmishes.

The guards also made most of the city's army as why to spend money into army, in safe and harmless place that hasn't seen blood to flow, or chopped arm's or head's, hasn't seen the cruelty of the war and what it leaves behind, the ruined lives, widows, children waiting for their fathers to come back, the blackened ground bathed in blood, famine anything at all.

The adventures were more reliable than those guards as their lives were constantly in line, as it was part of their job they have seen their part of blood and killing so they prepared themselves immediately as if they cannot even say what is monsters cry they wouldn't call themselves adventures.

"That sound was obviously from a monster or let's say from monsters." Adventure one shouted to adventure two.

"What do you mean we have been relatively safe in here the whole time nothing that major has ever happened here." Adventure two answered and the sound came again, some blood screaming gurgling and cry of help from obviously from a human that was over soon.

"We have to run and warn the city there is monster tide here." Both adventures shouted at the same time and did leave all they can behind and started to run towards the city in their minds was only one thing to survive and warn the city.