Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 5 Chapter 5

Another day has come and Raven opened the building system and looked through the map up and saw that she had two rooms that she could place but she only had unlocked swamp this time, so she pondered for a moment should she saw the one floor for future to get better rooms or place something from what she has now.

A moment passed and Raven attached the swamp to the forest that the staircase what leads to the core is now in the swamp and then closed the system and saved the one floor for future, hoping that this isn't going to cost anything to her especially her life.

Now was the minions time and she opened the shop up and looked straightly to the new minions ignoring the others for a meantime.

Lizardman= 150 dp, simple swamp dwellers that have a basic wood spear and their tail and claws that could be used as weapons.

Venomous snake=200 dp, small but cunning snake that is fast and its fangs are covered with basic poison that is easily curable if the party is prepared

Swamp turtle= 300 dp, a massive turtle that is very slow, but its jaws that could snap person half and the shell that can tank the force and the attacks quite a long, makes it very dangerous.

Raven didn't even have to think for a moment, because this time she had thousand dp on her account so she bought immediately two swamp turtle spawners, one poisonous snake and one lizardman spawner, which left her with fifty dp and she didn't even think any traps.

Raven placed the one venomous snake spawner to the forest floor and the lizardman,swamp turtle spawners to the swamp and was really happy and excited, because now she wouldn't have to worry while about the new adventures, as this solved that problem, only the more experienced adventures could possibly be her only concern,but her dungeon was so small still and this was the training area for new adventures so she shouldn't see them for a moment and even if she did her turtles would also be very hard for them to take care, especially if there was lizardman who was throwing spears at them,or because they were weakened in the forest and plains as there wasn't that many rests or safe places in her dungeon yet and the minions could spawn back in any moment. So that did solve most of her problems for the moment,but the largest problem was still ahead, the dungeon outbreak it was so close that it could happen in any moment now as the goblins and wolves were a species that was quite a quick to breed, obviously the basic ones as the more they cost or are advanced versions of the minions slower they will breed as there had to be some kind of balance between the things, otherwise you could just focus on the advanced and very tanky and costly units and conquer the world easily.

So the gods hadn't left that pass and made rules to prevent that for happening and to prevent the world getting destroyed,as they needed the people's faith or monsters no matter what species, they needed the faith to survive and to exist, as if they will get forgotten or not even one piece of faith they simply disappear and maybe other god or goddess will be born, or maybe some other gets the role nobody knows.

So they made very strict rules between them, of course, there was some who didn't follow them but their fate usually wasn't good or they had to disappear and then they become the evil gods that want to see the world in flames,endless slaughter and seas filled with blood so there was always those that were willing to follow the evil gods and devote their lives and soul to them, maybe they wanted to revenge, money, fame or just to see the world burn nobody knows but they were hunted down by the gods or goddess paladins or priests, that the people call righteous or kind gods,so the evil gods priests and followers had to live in shadows and be careful what will they bring out, as usual, their punishment was death.

But this didn't affect Raven and Treah yet because they haven't attracted any divine intervention yet or any evil gods attention, they were just slowly thinking the possibilities for the dungeon outbreak and how will they survive and what will the future bring for them or when will the adventures starts to flock at their dungeon and how much dp and XP they will get out of them.

But the time was growing shorter for them also and at some point, they will receive more attention than they would ever think of but that's all on the future still.