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The city below the dungeon
Author :Lurker_
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4 Chapter 4

another day has passed and the dungeon outbreak was even closer as the system was already on red and warning about it, so it could happen in anytime soon,but raven also has gotten more dp because the goblin archers worked hard after that feast and they were surprisingly good hunters as the prey wasn't anymore only rabbits and squirrels, now there was also deer and elk on the list so it meant even more dp and now ravens account had 500dp.

"congrats host for advancing to level 3." the system announced and continued "you have unlocked two room types, traps, and new minions."

swamp pack= you will unlock lizardman, swamp turtle, venomous snake, and swamp room.

fire pack= you will unlock firebird, fire turtle, fire salamander and then a basic room that has little more heat than usual.

you will additionally receive basic traps pack which will include=,

pitfall, wooden spikes, wooden arrows, and closing walls.

raven looked the packs and then said."at least we unlocked some kind of traps but this is easy choice isn't it, as we have forest pack and as i said i would focus on more to the nature so swamp it is, as fire would break our nature synergy,but how does the unlocking of minions work,as i don't know anything about these minions or i don't see anything what they are or what they are specialized in." her head turned towards to treah who was on its place on raven's shoulder.

"it's all based on luck what we will unlock as here we don't have any kind of status or anything, it all depends on them and what will they do,learn or focus on it all depends on them as of course some are better on some aspects or has more strength than others, or they focus on the basic gear we provide them,but some of them can focus to being crafters for the tribe, or hunters as i said it all depends on them, but if they have support role they are less likely to become frenzied and leave the dungeon on the outbreak." treah paused for a moment and then continued." so even you it all depends on your class what will you pick but even with the basic gear it provides you could train in other weapons and armor,but of course the skills are more important than anything else here as they are your main strength, but some people also unlock some special skills, or they get the attention of god or goddess and that person will receive blessing from them, or even become champion or high priest of that god or goddess." treah paused for a moment and did take a deep breath before continuing her explanation.

"our system will give you the most optimized start at the beginning including the skills but later you have to pick them by yourself and there will be even more options available for you to choose but now for the moment before you hit level five, the system will pick the most suitable for you,but in some levels you won't get skills and get any skills to swords, staff's, archery or any other kind of weapons you have to train with it as you just cannot pick it from the skills pool, of course, there are some skills that are more suitable for them or makes it easier but as i said it all depends on you and how much work you put into it." treah ended her speech and looked into raven's eyes that blinked for a moment and then on her face that showed that she was thinking something.

"so, in the end, it's your luck and your hard work that makes your main strength," raven said and clicked on the swamp option and confirmed that she really wanted it.

"swamp pack confirmed the fire pack is now closed off for the future and now the probability of the future packs being something to do nature is increased, you will additionally receive the basic traps and 500 dp." the system paused for a moment and then continued.

"you don't get any skills on this level so work hard and good luck with your dungeon". the system stopped it's an announcement.

"so no skills on this level but traps on its place and even more nature-based floors,so as i said we will focus even more on nature and make this dungeon nature-based mostly with obvious weakness and strengths as all one-sided builds have, as even if the dungeon floors and minions gets generated back the fire is our weakness mostly now or those users that receive benefits from being close to the nature," raven said before closing the status and going to get some food before continuing her dungeon build and planning, as even if you are basically immortal that could live without food and rest it's nice to take breaks sometimes and try new things and discover them.

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