Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 3 Chapter 3

The dungeon population did keep growing up more and Raven looked the population option while in lost of her thoughts as the dungeon outbreak was closer every day, while she still had two floored dungeon and no traps at all and she didn't have any offensive skills or she hasn't been in any combat by herself as her minions did bring the pray and dp to her every day.

"So honestly what would you say are our chances to survive from the adventures with our dungeon with our current state and don't count me in as I don't know anything about combat or how to handle it."

Treah looked the dungeon and the state and then answered."I think we could take the new adventures out with our current population especially the direwolves and the forest with the goblin archer village will be really hard for the new adventures,but if we lose half of our minions and as we know the advanced versions of the minions don't breed that quickly and if they send some advanced party to clear out our dungeon we are in trouble."

Treah paused for a moment and then continued."And you cannot leave the dungeon yet as you would need to level up more and draws aren't accepted that easily on society because they haven't the best reputation, as most of them walk the path of assassin or the more reputable ones who are more accepted are thief's,so I would say you are quite different from them as you walk the path of druid probably or supportive spell type so you could get quite a lot of questions because that."

"So what is the level I should be when I can leave the dungeon and start to explore and mingle with the other societies as my knowledge is quite limited and most of my information is about the dungeon and how to handle it, so I really don't know what to expect from the outside as my knowledge mostly lies in the forest and the creatures on it," Raven said while she was inspecting and walking on the forest floor and looked upon the  trees where the goblin archers had to build their tree houses but otherwise it was calm nothing else than emptiness and goblins around, as the direwolves liked to stay at their grassland and the regular goblins and wolves were quite happy in their own village near the entrance.

Treah looked her master from her place on up the shoulder and saw something flash on her eyes but it was quickly gone so she didn't think it anymore instead like she was programmed she answered the question.

"Your level cap for leaving the dungeon is five so you have to get in that level before our dungeon thinks that you are strong enough to protect and survive outside, because that in that level you will pick your main profession and will receive the training for it and basic equipment for your class and in that time we would have gotten also traps unlocked and let's not forget the new minions or the floor types,we could get anything it depends on our luck."

Raven went up the tree to the goblin village and the goblins immediately stopped their work and kneeled down and the leader of the village came and did take her to the seat of honor and Raven did lift her hand up for the mark that they can rise up and go back to work, hunt or do anything they want but the village leader clapped his hands and said in goblin tongue.

"Great leader come we shall prepare a feast to satisfy the great leader."

The goblin archers started to bring out their best pray to show off quite good hunters they are and maybe they will receive the blessing of the great leader and they will get promoted in the end as they didn't have other concepts of food than raw or grilled meat the feast wasn't that lavish or grand but it made Raven smile and forget her problems for a moment before she had to get back to her role and think strategies to survive as this feast even if it wasn't the best and they were goblins it made her see that they respected her and looked up on her,so she wanted to protect her minions protect her dungeon even more even if she would never see those faces anymore,even if she would lose half of her minions in the outbreak she promised herself that she will build this place up and protect her subjects and try to build a city below the dungeon where everyone would be accepted no matter what race they would come from no matter if they were monsters or humanoids this simple feast started it all,this feast started the seed of ideas on Raven's mind what would unconsciously turn to be a city below the dungeon.