Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 2 Chapter 2

A couple of days have already passed when Raven was created to this world and when she started to build her dungeon.

The goblin and the wolves have been hunting and bringing small prey to the dungeon and the goblin village has grown to bigger and more goblins was born there was also limit for them before there was too much and dungeon outbreak will happen.

"Master this starts to look more like dungeon every day I'm very proud of you and if this keeps going on maybe we will get our first adventures here, or those nasty little goblins will make even more goblins and we will get dungeon outbreak," Treah said.

"So what is dungeon outbreak and how does it happen Treah?" Raven asked.

"Oh when there are more than 100 of one species of our minions our dungeon cannot handle it and it will release 50% off for our whole dungeon minions to cause havoc and survive outside," Treah answered

"So basically you say this timer in this system will inform me when it will happen and that there is a possibility that adventures will come and investigate where they came from". Raven said and moved to sit on stone bench that she had made and looked the status screen and clicked open the dungeon minions option.

Current population

25 goblins

30 wolf's

"Hmm, it looks like we still have time before I would have to worry about adventures coming and inspecting the situation and maybe finding our dungeon." Raven thought out and just this moment the system announced."Congrats for leveling up you have unlocked different room types and new minion types."

"Master congrats for leveling up" Treah said immediately and continued "As you see our minions have been hunting and for every prey you get different amount of exp when you are 5 levels above the creatures the exp you will get is halted and when you are 10 levels above the creatures you don't get any exp."

Raven looked up and wondered for a moment and then opened the shop page up and looked up how much dp she has also gotten.

Current dp 200

"At least it's better than nothing but what else you could expect from hunting rabbits and other small prey now," Raven said and started to scroll and clicked open the announcement that was blinking.

"You have to choose one pack that you want and others will be locked up for the next level up," the system said and showed up the pack's

Undead pack

You will unlock advanced versions of the skeleton soldier, zombies, ghouls, and the graveyard room building methods

Nature pack

You will unlock advanced versions of wolf's and the goblins you will also unlock earth golem and the natural building methods

"Please choose one option from the list the system said."

Raven pondered for a moment and turned towards to Treah and asked.

"Honestly what will you think will be our best option as the undead would give us more minion types but nature will give us more advanced versions of the units"

"Hmm even as I was created as a helper I honestly don't know what would be the best option but I will be sure that you will make the right decision" Treah answered

Raven looked at the options again and clicked on the nature pack and the system announced.

"The nature pack is chosen the undead will be locked up now and you will lose the skeleton soldiers and the future packs or units will be more likely something to do nature, you also have been rewarded with perception, a friend of nature and you also will get 500 dp on your account ."

Raven looked the announcement and turned towards to Treah and asked

"Can you explain to me how the skills work and what they are, also even if it is late to ask how does this pack system work."

"The skills are important part of you and your strength master you can check them out when you open your status and focus on the skills, the pack system and I'm sorry that this will come late is oriented towards one side so as you did choose nature you will get more nature-based skills, units, and floors," Treah answered and Raven guessed if she would have appearance Treah would be looking down or avoiding the gaze.

It's nothing Treah better late than never as now I guess we will focus more on the nature theme and that gave me an idea." Raven said and started to make Treah pixie-like appearance.

"Treah the pixie my trusted advisor," Raven said and did place Treah to her shoulder and patted her head while she opened her status window.


Name: Raven

Race: Drow

Gender: Female


Perception, sense of nature, a friend of nature

Perception=Your senses are stronger and better

Friend of nature=You are one with nature and nature is one with you, your dungeon will attract more of nature type of monsters and they have a chance to join your dungeon if you accept them

"Oh the last skill seems very useful and will help us in the future quite a lot probably," Raven said and then opened the shop up and looked the new floor types.


Basic room= the most basic of the basics just cold old boring stone room without anything

Basic grassland= almost the same as a basic room but this time with dirt and grass and sky

Basic forest= this time it isn't almost the same as now with grassland and trees and sky


Basic wolf=50 dp

Basic goblin=100 dp

Direwolf=100 dp

Goblin archer=150 dp

Earth golem=200 dp

Raven asked from Treah while looking up the shop at the same time

"Why do the minions have the cost but the floors doesn't show anything."

"In your build menu you will see how many floors you can use and how much space is available, every level up will give you more building methods and more room space or you can save it for future if you don't want to build anything now," Threa answered automatically

Raven patted Threa's head and went to the core room and sat down to the bench and opened up the build menu

Build menu

Currently core room, corridor and entrance room

Available Room space 3

If you wish to locate your core room lower it will cost 100 dp

Raven didn't even think when she bought the lower your core room and the whole place startled to tremble and when it stopped Raven looked the map up and saw that from the corridor there are now stairs to the core room.

"Your core room has now located lower and we have taken 100 dp of from your account you still have 600 dp left." The system said in it's never changing voice

Raven looked the map and while and then attached one basic grassland and one basic forest to the corridor that the staircase is now in deep in the forest and then she bought two goblin archer spawners to the forest, while also two direwolf spawners to the grassland and that left her with 100 dp