Wuxiaworld > The city below the dungeon > 1 Chapter 1

In the realm of Estard, there were many different races. All the races had a common, ultimate goal: the dungeons, where you could either get rich quick or lose your life if you were careless.

Many successful parties got fame and more and more dungeons got conquered so the gods decided to throw some dice and then made new dungeon masters appear to take care of the old dungeons.

"Ugh, my head. Where I am? Who am I?" Asked a white ball of mass that was floating in the sky.

"Welcome to your dungeon, your role is the new dungeon master." Answered a very robot-like voice, the voice continued to speak. "You were created to take care of this dungeon, to make it prosper and build it to be magnificent. I'm the little help book that will answer and help you in your task."

The white ball of mass was confused at first but then asked, "You say I was created but I don't know anything and I don't even have any form... I'm just floating and cannot see anything. I don't even know who you are!"

"Oh right, I'm very sorry my master. I'm the dungeon core, I don't have a name yet. You can call me anything you want and when we are finished with you, you can also turn me in any form you want. First, let's start with you, this will take a moment." The dungeon core answered and started to transfer general knowledge to the white ball of mass who was still utterly confused.

"Argh, my head! What's this annoying, splitting feeling?" shouted the white ball of mass while it generated a body and knowledge got transferred to its brains- well, the closest thing it had to one.

"Master, now you can 'build' any type of body you want and you should've received the general knowledge about the races that dwell in this world, about our general location and what your task is." The core hurriedly but passionately said.

The white ball of mass looked at the status window where there was the option to build the body and started to scroll down the options."Hmm, humans are too mainstream and boring, the elves are too lofty, the demons always pick on others to look cool and the dwarves aren't my kink." This continued on for quite a while when suddenly, the white ball of mass shouted, "Now I found it! I want to be a drow! Even if it's a dark elf and quite lofty, I think it actually suits me as the dungeon dweller!" said the white ball of mass who clicked on the drow option and then transformed to drown whose gender you couldn't identify.

"Now, next is the gender, the body parts and most importantly, the name of my master that all shall respect in the future." The core said.

The now genderless drow continued and clicked on the female part and generated the slender female body with dark, violet eyes and beautiful, black hair. "My name will be Raven and the name shall be known by all in the future. As for you, you shall be called Treah, my loyal companion who will stand together with me and help me to build this place up from scratch." Raven gave her first speech which made the dungeon core- Treah overwhelmed with joy.

"Then I shall comply with my master and honor my precious name. I will treasure it as the name my dear master kindly bestowed upon me. Thanks, master, I shall help and support you till the end. Sadly, if this dungeon gets conquered, we both will get terminated, my master. I'll work hard to prevent this." Treah replied and then started to explain how the system worked and showed its various functions.

"So... you're saying that we're in the middle of nowhere in an unknown part of an unknown territory where only sometimes adventurers come to get daily necessaries since there isn't anything special in this forest to, well, do anything else..?" Raven asked and began to think.

"Yes and no master. We are on the continent of Estard which in the borderline forest of the human populated city of Holger which is a big merchant city. As this place has precious minerals that they mine and sell and then the beast kin city named Wolfstotem and as you could probably guess it is wolfkins city."Treah gave through an explanation.

"And this forest doesn't have anything at all maybe some low ranking creatures that the new adventures hunt to get experience and money if I remember correctly and my memories are right"Raven said and looked the the one-room dungeon where the core room was only room and then continued" That is good for us as it seems like I did get some dungeon points and we have to collect them to advance and buy stuff from your systems shop,so we should expand little and get some creatures first and send them to hunt the animals around here and bring their carcasses back to the dungeon to get the points."

Raven ended her speech and started to scroll the building system and looked through the map."That sounds good plan and you get exp for every kill that helps you level up and unlock more stuff and advanced building methods and traps to our dungeon." Treah said.

Raven looked at the map and then started to build a long corridor that had from the core room and then made it turn right and created 50m•50m area there and placed entrance to there. The system asked,

"Do you want to confirm this purchase it will take 500 points from your account and you will be left with 500." And Raven confirmed the purchase and started to scroll through the monster spawner options that was available now.

Skeleton soldiers= The basic of basic. Strong in mobs weak in alone there is also variety but you have unlocked only the swordsman type. Costs 75 dp per spawner and the basic spawners will summon 10 skeleton soldiers.

Goblins=Likes to be in horde but strong even alone, very cunning creatures that have some knowledge. You have available the basic goblin with a rusty dagger(can steal equipment from adventures). Costs 100 dp per spawner.

Wolf's=Pack like creatures that are strong hunters. Costs 50 do

Nothing else available

Raven looked the options and bought 4 wolf spawners and 3 goblin spawners and placed them to close to the entrance and confirmed the purchase that wiped her account empty of the dungeon points. Raven went to the entrance area and placed the two wolf spawners to the right and left the side of the entrance about 20m from the entrance and to the backside of the room, she placed the goblin spawners as there was room for them to build their city.