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Chapter 3 – Twins


Part 1
At the academy of Hohlfahrt Kingdom.

It was the start of a new term. Ange was swarmed with work at this time.

The number of students in her grade had decreased after the war with the principality.

There were many nobles whose title was stripped from them. The reasons why were varied. Betrayal, sitting on the fence, and so on.

The academy had also abolished the system of exclusive servant for the students. Because of those reasons, it felt like there weren’t many people inside of the academy.

In such situation, Ange’s standing in the academy was high.

Today too, she was in a conversation with an upperclassman regarding a matter inside the academy.

Ange was talking with Clarice inside a classroom that Leon often used for tea party in the past.

「Female students’ discontent?」

「That’s right. Until now they have exclusive servant to attend to their need. Their servant would wake them up at the morning and help them to dress themselves. But, they’re suddenly forbidden to have exclusive servant now. There are a lot of girls who can’t arrive on time now. Not only that, many of them are also unable to dress themselves.」

Ange closed her eyes in exasperation when she heard that.

「The palace also intend to educate the girls harshly using this chance. They can just withdraw from the academy if they’re feeling that discontent.」

「The problem is we also can’t do that.」

Clarice traced the rim of her cup with her finger.

「Nevertheless, I’m missing Leon-kun’s tea.」

「──What do you mean by that?」

Ange glared at Clarice. In respond Clarice replied ambiguously to give Ange the slip.

「Who knows? I wonder what those words might mean. More importantly, has any letter come from Leon-kun?」

Ange slightly blushed when Clarice asked her whether there was any letter from Leon.

「U, umu. There is. It was from several days ago. It seems he is doing his best there.」

「He is really diligent isn’t he?」

Clarice found it unexpected that Leon didn’t forget to write. She then changed the topic again.

「Angelica, the girls are problematic, but the problem in regard to the boys is also increasing.」

「The boys too?」

「It seems they can’t really come to a grip with the situation. Many of them are bewildered because the girls suddenly changed their attitude.」

The treatment to the boys should be in improvement, but there were still some discontents from them.

Angelica tried asking what kind of discontent they had.

「I didn’t hear anything about that though?」

「That’s because you are Leon-kun’s fiancée. He is really popular with some of the males. Because of that they don’t want to make trouble for you.」

Leon was popular among the academy’s male population because they were able to get away from the absurd marriage situation thanks to him.

He was especially popular among the destitute nobles from the countryside like Daniel and Raymond.

They would complain a lot about Leon, but at the inside they felt indebted to him.

But, it wasn’t limited to the male students of the academy──apparently Leon was also popular among the men outside the academy.

「They are like his fans. I think there are even some of them who are in love with him for real.」

Hearing that unpleasant information made Ange frowned.

「That made me get a mixed feeling. I’m happy that Leon is accepted but, that guy has no interest in that direction.」

Clarice smiled hearing that.

「That’s good.」

Ange sent a sharp gaze when she heard Clarice saying that.

「What do you mean by that?」

「Hmm, I wonder what do you mean?」

Ange wondered how many times she had repeated this question. She couldn’t help but feel that Clarice hadn’t given up on Leon.

Setting aside the joke, Ange let her gaze dropped toward the inside of her cup.

(In any case, discontents are accumulating among both males and females because of the drastic change right now. This is a bit troublesome.)

Ange brought her cup to her lips. It just as Clarice said, she missed the tea that Leon made.

The next moment Clarice’s eyes turned serious.

「Ah, I almost forgot. The increase in the number of the scholarship students also caused a lot of trouble. Please remind Olivia-san to be very careful too in regard to this.」

「Troubles with the scholarship students huh」

The academy had been a place of learning for nobles until now. And yet now people from merchant or adventurer background──commoners with exceptional capability could enroll.

Naturally troubles also occurred because of that.

「There are a lot of students who picked a fight with the scholarship students.」

The environment rapidly changed after the war against the principality. Because of various reasons, even the academy was experiencing troubles.

(What a very troublesome situation. I hope it can calm down before Leon comes home.)


Part 2
I was spending my days studying in the academy as an oversea student.

This place was different from the kingdom, even so I felt somewhat nostalgic seeing the scenery in the classroom.

It made me recalled my high school days.

I was listening to the teacher’s lecture in the commonwealth language while also paying attention to the report from Luxion in my ear.

『Master, I have investigated all the young men in the capture target category except two of them.』

I tapped on my notebook once using my pen to signal Luxion to continue its report.

It should look like I’m taking the class seriously to my surrounding.

『In Marie’s information, it was mentioned that there is a hidden character outside the academy. I’m still in the middle of investigating that person right now. As for the capture target within the academy who I still cannot investigate, it’s the heir of Rault House.』

Apparently the son of the last boss was also one of the capture targets.

The heroine’s relationship was a really complex one.

However, Rault House’s heir was an adopted child, so perhaps it wasn’t that much of a problem.

Rault House also had a daughter. It seemed that person was the villainess of the second game.

But still, to think that the heir of that Rault House was one of the heroine’s capture targets.

He was in a really complicated position it made me felt pity for him.

After all his adopted father and big sister would automatically turn into his enemy if he became the heroine’s lover.

『There is also a slightly troublesome information.』

I didn’t want to listen to any bad news, but I also couldn’t ignore it if there was a trouble.

While I was thinking so, the teacher, Mr. Clement turned toward me.

「Do you understand what I have been explaining so far?」

He was a good teacher who acted considerately toward me and Brad.

「──I understand.」

「I, I don’t have any problem, Mister Clement.」

He was a gentle-mannered and kind teacher but──.

「Good. Leon-kun and Brad-kun, don’t hesitate to ask me anytime if there is something that you don’t understand.」

──Mr. Clement winked at me. I felt guilty to feel like this toward him but, that wink made me shivered.

He had a large build that was covered with a shirt so tight they looked like they would burst.

His chest filled his shirt to the bursting that its shape could be seen clearly. His had a long chin with crevice in the middle and a thick moustache.

He shaved his hair. It made my face turned white.

Yes, Mr. Clayman was──a muscular man.

And yet he was talking effeminately like a woman.

The bell chimed at that time. Mr. Clayman closed his textbook.

「That’s it for today. Remember to review the lesson at home. Don’t forget to prepare for the next lesson too. Or else, I’m going to punish the bad child who forget.」

Mr. Clement threw a kiss toward the class. The boys screamed 「Hih!」 in response.

He was our homeroom teacher. He was a really good teacher other than his appearance.

──If only he didn’t have that kind of appearance.


Part 3
The class had ended. When the break time came, Noelle who was sitting in front of me turned around.

She sat while hugging the chair’s back and looked at my notebook.


Nevertheless, to sit with her legs opened like that──I didn’t think it was appropriate for a girl.

It felt like her panty would come into view if she just moved a bit more, but in the end it was still barely safe.

「Your note is easier to understand than mine.」

I guessed she wanted to ask me if I managed to follow the lesson alright, but unfortunately my note was quite complete, thanks in part to Luxion.

「You’re already a great help just from helping me with the parts that I missed.」

Noelle would help me when there were words that I didn’t understand or a sentence that I misheard. She was very helpful.

Noelle’s confidence returned when I told her that.

「I guess I did well as your caretaker then.」

I glanced at Brad’s direction.

He didn’t look like he needed Noelle’s help with so many girls around him.

That guy was a real world noble young master, so he was better in foreign language than me.

He had learned not only the commonwealth’s language, but even other foreign languages.

Such competent man actually got tricked by Marie. It made me sad when thinking that.

Then Noelle asked my plan for today.

「Hey, I’m going to show Marie and Cara around outside the academy today. How about you also come with us Leon?」

Noelle was basically the caretaker for the female foreign students.

It would be better if Marie and Cara were also placed in the same class with her. But because our coming here was decided so suddenly, the academy staffs couldn’t prepare everything perfectly.

I guessed we got placed on Noelle’s class was also the effect of that rushed preparation.

「I’m going to ask Jean to show me around today so I’ll take a rain check.」

「That’s too bad.」

Noelle would talk what was in her mind without hesitation. She was a lively girl with easygoing personality.

Certainly I found her easy to get along with after talking with her like this.

「Even though I planned to ask you to hold our things on the way home.」

She also frankly spoke her real intention.

「You’re really honest.」

「Did you think I’m inviting you to a date? Too bad. Even though I’m like this but I’m not an easy woman.」

The way she carried herself didn’t give people the impression that she was a guarded girl though.

But her guard was actually hard?

But──I’d rather she let her guard down more and got a boyfriend. That way would make me rest easier.

「I thought that you must have a boyfriend with how cute you are. Isn’t there any boy that you’re close with?」

Noelle’s expression turned cloudy.

「I think my close male friend might be just Jean? Our houses are close with each other, and recently we got a lot more chance to talk.」

──Our other caretaker Jean? But he shouldn’t be one of the capture targets.

She mentioned that they were close. Did that mean they still weren’t going out?

「I want a boyfriend but──having one will also bring another trouble.」

「Another trouble? Is it a different trouble form the princess of Rault House that you mentioned the other day?」

「Yep. And the trouble came from a prince this time.」

A prince?

There was one thing that I learned after coming to the commonwealth.

Each of the six great nobles was a king who ruled their respective floating island.

Those six kings gathered under the sacred tree and ruled the country called the commonwealth together.

Because of that, the middle name of each six great nobles was different.

What a troublesome setting.

「It’s this guy called Loic. He would get heated up on his own and won’t listen to me. I really don’t like him. He is telling everyone that he’s my boyfriend, but I absolutely won’t accept him. ──Even though he was a good guy before this」

Noelle got dejected. I watched her face while breaking into cold sweat.

──By Loic, did she mean the one who was treated as the main target even among the capture targets?

Eh, Noelle actually hated him?

「He is telling everyone he’s your boyfriend?」

「Don’t take it seriously. It’s just his lie.」

I wanted to ask her about it a bit more, but the teacher entered the classroom at that timing.


Part 4
Somewhere hidden inside the academy.

I met with Marie and we talked about everything that happened so far.

It was noon, so I bought a bread from the academy’s store before coming here. I was eating it while talking with Marie.

I and Marie were currently in confusion because of this situation.

「Noelle likes Jean. On the other hand Loic likes her and making advance on her, but she isn’t interested in him?」

Marie leaned forward and groaned while she held her head with her hands.

「That’s what I said. She mentioned how she is close with Jean. Their houses are close to each other and they often talked. Ah, I heard that they sometimes also shared food if they got leftovers. They got such relationship ongoing.」

What nice developments. I was jealous.

Surely Jean’s position was like a light novel’s main character.

A mob who got an otome game’s heroine falling in love with him. That sounds similar with the trope of a self-proclaimed high school student had a super beautiful girl falling in love with him.

Noelle too, she looked like a gal but she was actually a girl with wholesome attitude.

Well, when compared to the girls of the kingdom, she could still be categorized as graceful even counting her somewhat delinquent behavior.

The students in Alzer Commonwealth’s academy──especially the girls were too normal that it reminded me of the school in my past life.

All of them looked like very wonderful girl to me.

It would be perfect if only the higher-ups of the commonwealth weren’t asshole.

Marie was at a complete loss.

「The little sister Lelia is close with the safe tile, while Noelle is being pursued by Loic──but, the villainess is targeting Noelle──」

Her eyes were looking whirly due to the confusion she was feeling. Marie scratched her head roughly that it messed up her hair.


I started eating my second bread when Luxion floated to my side.

It had just returned after gathering information, so I listened to its report.

『About Lelia and Emile’s relationship, even the people around them are recognizing them as lovers.』

「The second son of a great noble is allowed to have a commoner as his lover?」

Luxion moved the ring inside its red lens to show affirmation.

『They thought of it as him playing around while he is still a student. Perhaps they consider her as his mistress in the future?』

Marie added to the explanation.

「But it had serious atmosphere in the game. Later on the situation will change because the heroine gets chosen as the priestess of the sapling. They’re going to be able to be in relationship with each other formally and at the end it will be happy end with the two of them getting married.」

「I see, so this priestess position is like being a “saint” in the kingdom.」

The heroine of the first game Livia originally would be recognized as the saint and so she would be allowed to marry with the crown price Julius or with the other noble heirs.

Luxion made a suggestion to me.

『Master, in this case I think it will be safer if Noelle also become a lover of one of the capture targets just in case.』

「──But it doesn’t look like Noelle is interested. Hmm, who are the other capture targets again?」

Marie started counting with her fingers.

「There is the royal road Loic, the safe tile Emile──」

She mentioned the names in succession.

「”The useless teacher” Narcisse and “the brocon” Hugues. There is also the hidden character “the Onii-chan” Fernand. The last one is──”the bitter enemy” Serge.」

The four of them are also from the six great nobles.

Still, are those nicknames necessary?

「What’s with that “Onii-chan” nickname?」

「That’s because he is Hugues’s big brother. He is the current head of Druille House at such young age and he is also participating in the meeting between the six great nobles.」

Luxion nodded.

『He is a big shot. Right now I’m lacking manpower to collect more information about Fernand.』

「How did the heroine encounter the hidden character then?」

「The heroine can meet him if she get closer with Hugues. He is a handsome young man with strong sense of justice! ──I wish I can jump ship to him right now.」

Hearing Marie’s real feeling exasperated me. At the same time I considered who Noelle should enter a romantic relationship with.

「Perhaps it’ll be better if Narcisse or Hugues become Noelle’s lover. It’s also hard to discard Fernand as a choice but, we simply don’t have any information on him.」

At present, Serge who wasn’t in the academy and Loic who was hated by Noelle were out of the question.

Marie looked doubtful at my suggestion.

「A teacher and his student having relationship in reality might be problematic. If we are going to assist the heroine to get a boyfriend, how about Hugues? But, Hugues is a third year, so that’ll be difficult too. ──Ah」

「What’s wrong?」

Marie seemed to notice something──perhaps she suddenly recalled about the detail of that otome game a little.

「No──that──in the game, if you didn’t trigger Hugues’s flag in the first year, his route would be closed in the second year.」


「If you didn’t start approaching him from the first year, you wouldn’t be able to enter Hugues’s route! Ah wait. I think Narcisse’s route also have a condition. If my memory is right, you needed to choose the class that Narcisse is teaching.」

The optional special lesson.

Apparently Narcisse was also a scholar who often entered dungeons to investigate the ancient ruins.

I turned my gaze to Luxion.

『Both Noelle and Leila didn’t select Narcisse’s class. Narcisse’s class is unpopular that there is practically no student who chose to take his class.』

Apparently the students chose the optional classes at the start of the academic year.

「The second year! There is still the second year. The flag can still be triggered even if you chose his class starting from the second year!」

Marie said that it was still alright, but Luxion turned its single eye side to side.

『Unfortunately, both Noelle and Lelia opted to select other special class.』

Marie’s expression paled.

「──Eh, wait a second. If that’s the case, the only remaining capture target is only Loic.」

And Noelle hated that Loic.


Just as I said that, Marie looked down and covered her face with both her hands.

「Why would Noelle hate Loic!? He is a bit scary sometimes, but he is handsome and rich! He will be the head of a great noble house in the future, he is absolutely a fine catch!」

No, as a game player of course it would be only obvious to target him knowing that he was one of the capture targets. But in reality you normally wouldn’t target that kind of person who was so far above your station.

「We still aren’t sure that Noelle is the heroine but, this situation isn’t really good.」

Game and reality were different.

There was still a chance to turn around the situation starting from now but──we didn’t know if it would really bring happiness for Noelle by doing that.

While I was worrying about it, I noticed Marie’s gaze was focused at my hand.

She was wiping her drool while her eyes were fixed on my half-eaten bread.

「Y-you aren’t skipping meal aren’t you?」

Marie wiped her tears.

「Everyone is at that age where they have hearty appetite. Also we are just barely scraping by with our living expenses. I only had a single bread roll for lunch as a way of saving money.」

Even I was eating sweet breads for my meal, and yet this girl only had a single bread roll?

「What if you made box lunch from home?」

「Then I’d have to cook for the share of Julius and others too! Everyone will surely ask me to cook for them too. Cooking for the share of seven people is going to be a massive chore!」

「O, ou. ──Do, do you want this?」

When I offered Marie my half-eaten bread, she happily accepted it.

In my past life, this situation would be like a high school girl happily accepting a half-eaten bread.

「Waa~i! I love you big bro!」

Normally this was where I would tell her 「Stop it, that’s disgusting」, but this girl was just too pitiful that I couldn’t summon the motivation for that.

Luxion was also watching Marie with pity somewhere in its gaze.

『So this is the fate of someone who aimed to have a reverse harem.』

My heart felt pain watching Marie eating the bread in delight.

This sight made me doubted whether you could become happy even if you managed to win the heart of a capture target.


Part 5
「Am I, close with Noelle-san?」

I was helping out Jean with carrying teaching materials. I asked him about his relationship with Noelle under the guise of making a small talk.

We were walking in a corridor. There were a lot of other students around us.

「Yeah. I heard that you two even shared foods with each other?」

Jean looked slightly embarrassed.

「Well, yeah.」

「I’m jealous. You manage to get along well with a beautiful girl in the neighborhood. It’s like you’re a main character in a story.」

「It was just a coincident but, various things happened the first time we met that helped us getting along with each other.」

First time they met?

I got curious and tried asking Jean. It seemed Jean was keeping a dog.

He brought his dog from his hometown until here.

「Actually I don’t have any family.」

「The story suddenly got heavy.」

「Ah, no, err──the dog I’m keeping is an important family for me. And, that dog’s name is Noelle. She is already so old that for a dog she is like a grandma.」

Apparently Jean had started keeping the dog since he was born. Right now the dog was seventeen years old.

It was a really advanced age for a dog.

「I won’t be able to meet her for the second time if I left her behind. Because of that I brought her here, but then I found out Noelle has the same name. We got acquainted with each other from that.」

It seemed like his pet dog became the connection that brought them talking with each other.

「──She is very good to me.」

Jean looked happy. It made me felt miserable that I even considered separating the two of them.

If possible, I wished the two of them would keep getting along well with each other.


Part 6
I had left the academy and right now I was on my way home.

I headed to the terminal for the tram and found Noelle there.

The surrounding scenery reminded me of Meiji era and Taisho Era that I saw in the photo of my past life, and yet the getup of the students gave me the impression of outfit from Heisei era or Reiwa era. (TN: Meiji=1816-1912, Taisho=1912-1926, Heisei=1989-2019, Reiwa=2019-present)

But, I didn’t feel strange or uncomfortable anymore after I got used to such discrepancy.

Other than tram and horse carriages, there were also cars running on the street. Those cars had the appearance of really old type car in my past life.

「Ah, Leon. Over here.」

Noelle waved her and at me with a smile. I walked toward her and stood at her side to wait until the tram arrived. There were more than ten other students around us. They were talking with their respective friends.

A tram arrived at the opposite side of the railway track. Students boarded into it.

「This tram is really convenient.」

In addition you only needed to pay the same price no matter where you got down. It was great.

「Is that so? I don’t really get how you feel. But, I get the feeling that you are more used to this kind of vehicle then the other overseas students.」

Noelle got a sharp instinct.

She was the type of person whose body would move first before her brain. She somehow sensed that I was different from Julius and others.

Well, I was familiar with this kind of vehicle and had even ride in them from my past life.

「The thing is simpler than an airship, so it’s also easy to get used to it.」

「You have your own airship? As I thought a count is different.」

「Amazing right? Want to have a ride sometimes?」

The reason I tried inviting her because I wanted to ask Noelle about many more things.

But, it seemed she was wary toward my offer.

「Are you hitting on me?」

「I’m telling you that’s not it. I just want to get along better with you.」

「Ee~, even though I would be happier if you were actually hitting on me.」

She spoke with a disappointed tone, and yet she still refused my invitation gently.

「But too bad. Though you might not expect it I’m actually busy. Maybe another time.」

From the way she carried herself she looked like an easygoing and approachable girl, and yet she unexpectedly got a solid guard.

It felt like I was trying to breach a wall.

I was unable to know her too deeply even though it felt like she was approachable.

Or perhaps she was refusing because she already had Jean?

After that we continued our talk as usual, but Noelle’s expression suddenly changed.

「What’s wrong?」

「──It’s the troublesome girl I mentioned before.」

A voice called out from behind.

「Oh, are you perhaps approaching a new man this time? You’re really a sinful woman aren’t you Noelle? Just how many men are you planning to lay your hands on?」

Noelle stepped in front of the girl who came from behind as though to cover me from her.

「Louise, just why are you here? Someone rich like you should just go home right away with your car.」

「I told them to wait for me, so you don’t need to worry.」

「Go home!」

When I turned around, I saw a female student there.

The people around us were watching awkwardly.

──So this is the second game’s villainess.

The villainess opened her mouth to address me too but──

「You should be careful too. Getting involved with this girl won’t be──」

──Her eyes widened when she caught sight of me and her mouth suddenly stopped moving.

Was the face I was making that horrible?

I touched my face to check, but then the tram came at that timing so Noelle grabbed my arm.

「Leon, we’re going.」

「Ri, right」

When the villainess heard my name, she muttered something.

「Leon──she said」

We boarded the tram. Outside the villainess──Louise-san kept her eyes fixed at our way.

She chased the tram that started moving, but she immediately stopped and stood still on that spot──even so she didn’t avert her gaze form us.


I got the feeling she was looking at me rather than Noel.

It seemed Noelle also noticed that.

「Was it love at first sight? It was the first time I saw Louise looking like that.」

「I wonder if Louise-san’s type is someone like me?」

She was a beautiful girl. If I didn’t have fiancées then I might try hitting on her.

Well, let’s stop with the joke──the way she was shocked like that, it wasn’t the look of someone who fell in love at the first sight.

Her face looked extremely surprised.

The inside of the tram was crowded with students. I and Noelle didn’t sit down and grabbed at the handrail before continuing our talk.

「The person just now is the one who often pick a fight with you?」

「Yeah. She is a third year named Louise. She is really troublesome because she’s also the daughter of the council chairman.」

「Is she bothering Lelia-san too?」

Noelle shook her head in negative at my question.

「Only me. Lelia has Emile with her, so even Louise won’t make any trouble with her.」

「Emile huh.」

「He is the second son of Pleven House after all. Even Louise won’t want to agitate him too much.」

Was it because they were fellow six great nobles?

However, the villainess should pick a fight with the main character no matter how close she was with a capture target. Getting in the way even if the heroine had an influential lover, that was the way a villainess should be.

Marie also said that, so this situation was a bit strange.

But, that girl’s knowledge about the second game was also really incomplete.

Perhaps there was something that we didn’t know about?

Noelle who was irritated because of Louise-san’s appearance suddenly lifted up her face with a taken aback expression.

This girl’s expression could change in the drop of hat.

「D-darn it!」

「What’s wrong?」

「Today is a special sale day! Actually I planned to ask Lelia to go with me, I messed upp~」

Seeing Noelle dejected because of a special sale day, it reminded me that Marie too was mentioning 「Today is the special sale day!」 in high spirits earlier this day.

She mentioned something about bringing Cara and Kyle with her to buy a lot──those guys also had it hard.

There was nothing like supermarket here, but I had seen a shopping street where various stores like greengrocer or meat shop could be found close to each other.

Noelle kept sending me glances.

「──I get it. I’ll help out.」

「Really!? Haha~, Leon is really kind.」

The main character of the second game──or at least its candidate that was overflowing with homeliness, Noelle. She placed her hand on my shoulder.

This feeling of distance between us was quiet close that it might make me misunderstand.


Part 7
At night, I listened to the report from Luxion while eating dinner.

The plates floated from the kitchen and glided until the table in front of me.

Luxion was the one controlling the plates. It didn’t look like science anymore but magic instead.

「This is an extravagant dinner for a dude living on his own.」

The aroma of grilled steak made me wanted to eat rice.

『Master must be glad to have me here.』


My curt reply made Luxion’s mood worsened.

『──There is no need to hold back with the praise.』

「This is wonderful.」

Luxion muttered 『Good grief』 hearing me saying that in monotone before it made its report.

『Master, I have a report about the capture targets.』

「What is it?」

『In regard to Narcisse, although he is in charge of a special class, the lack of students taking his class is becoming a problem. This year the number of student taking his class is zero. It seems the class won’t be hold anymore from next year.』

「So we completely missed the flag.」

Setting aside Lelia, if only Noelle would trigger that flag──such thing was on my mind, but then the matter of Jean surfaced inside my head.

『It’s the same with Hugues. There is a talk of him getting engaged. The woman in question is Louise.』

That capture target named Hugues, he really had no luck to have an engagement with the villainess decided like that.

After all she was different from the villainess of the first game Ange. Based on what I heard, that girl genuinely got a mean personality.

「──Say, about that Louise-san, wasn’t she surprised when she saw me?」

『Is master curious?』

「Her face looked really surprised that time. Also, isn’t it strange that she is leaving Lelia alone?」

If the main character was the person that the villainess was picking on, then that meant Noelle was the main character.

But, it was Lelia who was getting intimate with a capture target.

『Should I investigate?』

I cut the steak with my knife while thinking of various things.

「──Luxion. Isn’t there something wrong with us deciding who should be Noelle’s lover like this?」

『Isn’t that matter trivial compared with the safety of the world? Though in my opinion it won’t be any problem at all even if the world of the new mankind is destroyed. That’s my thought from the start.』

「Of course you are.」

As always, this guy really hated new mankind.

Just how long it would keep dragging around the matter of past war like this.

It was already over now.

I speared a meat piece with my fork and stared at it before bringing it to my mouth.

「If only Marie remember more of the game, it would be a great help.」

『Truly it’s just as master say.』