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Chapter 624: Conflict (1)

Chapter 624: Conflict (1)
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Three days later…

"Feb 14, 2308, the 13th dark wizard alliance has been founded."

A wizard in black robe wrote down the sentence quickly.

It was early in the morning. Two teams of black robes gathered by a tower that was made of a pile of white bones. They were shaking their hands. One of them had a black eyeball badge on his right chest and the other one had a red leaf badge.

"I think we've signed many similar agreements." The man with the eyeball badge smiled.

"This is the fifth time, I believe. This time, it was the Northland Alliance." The female wizard with the leaf badge chuckled.

There were wizards behind them who were recording the situation.

The gentle golden light landed on the wizards' bodies and was reflected.

By the border of the Northland Alliance and the Dark Wizard's Land.

Outside the White Snow Valley.

On a snow-covered grass land, there was a fist-sized hole in the ground. A grass rat suddenly appeared from the hole.

The gray rat's eyeballs rolled, and it slowly moved out of the hole, jumping into a bush under the hill. Several seconds later, it turned into a young man with face covered with blood.

His outfit was damaged and covered in blood-stained dust. The man, who had short brown hair, was rubbing a black ring on his finger like crazy.

"The school didn't give me up! They didn't! There's still a chance for me to survive!" His voice was hoarse; it felt like he had not talked in a while.

Param lost hope after he had been running for a while, but he suddenly received a message from the school, informing him that they sent a rescue team for him. He was ready for death but decided to stay in the battle after receiving the message.

He rubbed the ring 32 times.

The black ring finally shined and a female voice came from it.

"Param, the master has heard about your situation and asked you not to give up. The school won't punish you for a crime you didn't commit. The master and the members of the school are behind you. Don't be scared! We'll never give you up. We already declared war against the Northland Alliance; the rescue team is on the way!"

"Master Kura…" Param was breathing heavily, getting excited. "I won't die! I'll wait for you! I will!"

Kura remained silent for a second and responded, "Take care, Param. I'll hold a party for you when you're back."

The black light slowly faded away, but Param already knew what he should do.

The Ramsoda School was no longer a weak organization after Angele came back, and the wizards knew that they finally had the ability to fight back.

Param felt like there was a ball of flames burning in his mind. He waited for too long, and the members of Ramsoda also waited for too long. Theirs was finally considered a strong organization.

Param knew that he could tell others he was from Ramsoda proudly. With a strong organization to back him up... the feeling was exciting and he was no longer alone.


"Members of Ramsoda shall not be bullied by some random organizations!"

The president stood in the Three Eye Meeting Hall of the school and repeated Angele's words.

"We shall show the world our power and everyone shall remember Ramsoda's name!" He raised his fist and looked at the members below.

"Everyone from the school shall be proud of Ramsoda and people from other organizations shall fear our name!"

The wizards and apprentices that were listening to the presentation all remained silent. However, there was hope in their eyes, and it felt like they were trying to hold their emotions. It felt like the calm before the storm.

After Andy finished the presentation, the professor of the shadow spells, Sura, stepped forward. The dark wizard had no arms nor feet. His body was supported by some metal equipment.

"I have several announcements to make. Mafi and Adelina…" The voice slowly faded away but Sura's lips were still moving slightly and the two wizards were nodding. They left the hall with around 20 members after the conversation finished.

Sura also had some information for the department of destroying and the department of necromancy.

The dark wizards were good at killing and destroying. They were masters of poison, plagues, undead, mutated creatures, and curses. They were always prepared for a full-scale war.

The apprentices and knights of Ramsoda were led by the wizards. They separated into teams and headed to the border.

The Wizard's House also sent more than ten teams to assist Ramsoda. They wanted to attack the Northland Alliance's border from different angles. The Northland Alliance was also gathering troops by the border.

The other two dark wizard organizations were slower in their preparations but they also sent numerous teams to the border.

There were more so many dark wizards moving to the border; it almost looked like a lot of snakes moving on the map.

The shadow of the war was merging onto this land.


On top of Ramsoda's white obelisk.

Angele was standing on the shell-shaped balcony calmly, overlooking the whole school.

At noon, the Ramsoda school looked like a humongous machine with gears rotating inside. The wizards and apprentices were moving in the school quickly; they looked like sticky black liquid from the sky, all moving to the exit of the school.

Teams of black bats were leaving the parking lot; there were also horses running on the ground.

Angele stood on the balcony, holding a tall black staff in the right hand. He looked at the school members quietly. He found a problem and his brow furrowed. Angele hit the floor using the staff slightly and made some crisp noises.

"Get department head Vivi here," he ordered.

The black wooden staff was a special item used by the school leader. Only strong wizards had the ability to activate the staff, which represented the power in the school. The war had started and the president handed the staff to Angele.

The staff was around two meters long and there was a dark gem floating on top of it. The dark gem had the size of a fist and was releasing gentle purple light.

Around two minutes later, a female wizard in a black long robe appeared behind Angele and bowed to him slightly.

"Master? Did you summon me?"

Angele turned around as the strong wind blew his long red hair to the left. The black robe he was wearing also made some noise.

"I have a question. The school has a guardian, right? Who's the current guardian?"

"Guardian?" Vivi had a pale face and she looked a bit weak. A bitter smile appeared on her face as she heard the word. "Master, the last guardian of the school, Master Phil, passed away around 300 years ago. The school didn't find a new guardian due to many reasons…"

"The guardian is usually not a human being. With the power of the guardian, it's possible to expand the guardian's energy wave to the whole Ramsoda forest. The energy waves released by the guardian are important to the school's defense system," Angele said.

"Yeah… The problem is the school is not attractive to the guardians. Without a strong wizard in the school, the ones who can become guardians all declined our offer," Vivi responded.

"I'll see what I can do about it. You need to tell me more about the guardian and how the resources will be distributed here. I need the details."

"Yes, Master." Vivi thought for a second and started explaining, "Guardian is an ancient technique from the old Ramsoda School. I heard that the original members of the school acquired the technique from a different realm. We don't give the guardian a lot of resources, but the guardian will be given special power."

"Special power?" Angele wondered.

"Yeah, after one becomes the guardian of the school, he must protect the school for 200 years. Also, the guardian will be given some special power during the period." Vivi finished the sentence and decided to use energy particles to transfer the rest of the words.

"The Stamina of Ramsoda's guardian will be increased by two standard levels."

Angele's expression changed and he held his staff tighter. He was certain that Vivi was not lying to him, but the special power sounded too good to be true. This was not even the central continent; he had never read about such information before.

"Are you sure that it's two standard levels? Not one?"

"I'm sure." Vivi nodded.

Angele's expression loosened.

One standard level of Stamina was around ten points in the biochip's system. Two standard levels were like 20 points of Stamina. 20 points of increase would bring one's Stamina to a whole different level.

For example, if the Stamina of a palm-sized rabbit was increased by 20, the rabbit would turn to a monster that had the size of a cow; also, the rabbit's resistance and recovery speed would also be increased greatly.

Angele's true form would bring him around 80 points of Stamina, and he had the power level of a rank 8 wizard. 20 points of the increase could easily turn a cat into a tiger.

About ten seconds later, Angele calmed down.

"Can I have a look at that ancient technique?"

"Of course, but it'll take us ten days to get everything prepared. The technique is stored in a special place," Vivi explained. "Also, we've been studying the technique for centuries but we still can't figure out the secrets behind it. The technique would change slightly whenever we were about to figure everything out—it had changed over 3000 times."

"Don't worry. Get everything prepared. I'll take care of the war first," Angele ordered. He did not expect the technique to be so strong. Although there were only weak wizards on the west coast, some lost techniques were still worth collecting.

"Also, is everything going well with the entrance to the underground world?"

Vivi nodded.

"Everything is going as planned. We can keep the entrance open for up to two months and you should be able to finish what you need to do."