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Chapter 580: Breaking the Limit (1)

Chapter 580: Breaking the Limit (1)
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Heli's team rested in the cave for a while and left when the night fell. They were still wearing the black cloaks. They quickly disappeared into the forest with the items Angele gave them.

Angele stood by the entrance of the tomb and watched the group leave. He returned to the cave and closed the door after seeing something silver flashing on the far side.

He was about to walk down the stairs and noticed that Fra was looking at him.

"Andre, they are going to do something important, right? I asked them but no one said a thing…" Fra was worried.

"Don't worry. You're too young for that. Their mission can only be completed by adults," Angele mocked.

"Whatever!" Fra's face blushed and made a face at Angele. She then turned around and went to the kitchen. It seemed like she wanted to make some food for the night.

Angele walked down the stairs slowly.

'Should I follow them to the destination…?' Angele was wondering.

Angele thought the situation was much more complicated than they thought. He was a sealed form and had the power level of a rank 8 wizard, however, the church was funded by one of the strongest beings among the realms. The wizards in this area had no way to fight back and the root of the world probably already knew the situation. It was possible that they had a secret agreement.

He assumed that the church had the power to fight back if he decided to join the battle. Sealed forms were strong in weak realms but there were creatures who were stronger than them in other realms.

'A life-threatening experience will make their minds stronger… They should be fine…'

Angele kept walking and peeked into Fra's bedroom unintentionally. He noticed that the girl was hiding something under her pillow.

It was a book with brown cover. There was a line on the page.

Angele's eyesight was much better than mortals' and he could easily read it. His expression changed slightly after reading the line. He turned his head around and glanced at Fra, who was singing while cooking.

"Well, I guess it's understandable since she's a teenager now…" Angele shook his head and headed to the living room.

The line written on the book under Fra's pillow said, 'He was kissing Alice's lips like crazy and his hands were sliding down...'

The book was an erotic novel.


Fra noticed that Angele was looking into her bedroom and screamed. She realized that Angele might've already found her secret.

"Why are you screaming… Have you finished preparing the food?" Angele sat in the chair with his legs crossed.

Fra stopped yelling and walked to the living room slowly. She sat down in the seat opposite to Angele and put down the food on a wooden table.

The girl was growing fast and the birthmark on her forehead had been completely removed by the potion. Her skin was also nice and clean. She was wearing a pair of tight white pants and a long white shirt. The size of her outfit fitted her body well, her long blonde hair and slim waist made her quite attractive. She looked just like a girl from a noble family in the chair.

Angele glanced at Fra.

"Well, it's common for teenagers at your age to read erotic novels." He grabbed the wine glass from the table and sniffed at the wine. It was refreshing and fruity.

Angele's long red hair trailed over his shoulders, he looked lazy and tired. He leaned against the chair and sipped some fruit wine.

"Marry me, Andre."

"What?" The wine spewed out of Angele's mouth and he quickly put the glass down.

"What did you just say?!" he questioned.

Fra straightened her back.

"Marry me, I said. Am I not attractive to you? I'd rather marry someone I know than a random stranger…" Her face blushed and she sounded shy.

"Aren't you going to become a legendary knight and avenge your family?" Angele almost choked on the wine.

"My targets were all dead… I heard about them a while ago, they were killed by someone in a forest by my town and none of them survived…" Fra was happy that those who killed her family were eliminated, however, she was a bit depressed that she did not get the chance to do it herself.

"I say I'm going to become a legendary knight all the time… But I know it's just a dream…"

Angele looked at the girl, he still remembered the days that the girl dressed like a boy but the situation was completely different. The girl almost had the mind of an adult.

"I've never thought of getting married. Also, it'll be dangerous if you stay with me all the time…" Angele calmed down and explained, "You know that I'm doing random research, right? The explosives I make might blow both of us into pieces."

"You're the only thing I have now… Also, we've slept on the same bed countless times, and I don't think other people will marry me after learning about that," Fra spoke in a low voice.

Angele's brow furrowed, the customs in this area were a bit strange due to the restrictions set up by the church. If Fra decided not to keep her experience secret, it would be hard for her to get married.

Some of the girls here treated their virginity seriously and the situation was totally different in the central continent. The ruler here was the church but the wizards had the power in the central continent.

Angele used to live in a remote area and learned more about it after they escaped the town. They met many people during the trip and acquired more information.

They sat opposite each other; the atmosphere got heavy.

They remained silent for a while. Angele grabbed a bowl of potato soup and took a bite on the walnut bread.

Fra started having food as well.

The only noise in the living room was made by the forks and knives.

Time passed.

Fra cleaned the table after the dinner, she then returned to the living room and stared at Angele. It seemed like she was still waiting for the answer.

"Fra, you're still young…" Angele did not want to hurt Fra's feeling. "You should think twice before making an important decision."

"I don't really care, the only thing I know is that I would be dead already without you. I might die just like my mother." Fra stared at Angele in the eyes, she did not even blink.

In Fra's opinion, Angele was a mysterious man—he was knowledgeable and it felt like that he came from a noble family. All the things he said were reasonable and it felt like that Angele was a perfect person. He was like the main character in a romance novel to a girl that grew up in a small town.

Fra wanted to get married to Angele because she was afraid that the man would leave her without her knowing. She had this feeling that if the man left her, she would never be able to find him.

"We can discuss this after you grow up…" Angele rubbed his temples, the girl was giving him a headache. He knew what Fra was thinking, however, Angele was doing dangerous experiments and releasing radiation energy all the time. It was fine under normal circumstances but he was afraid he would kill Fra by accident if they engaged in a battle.

Angele thought of modifying Fra's body using his bloodline but he was not sure if the method would work. Fra was a mortal, after all: it was possible that her body would be permanently damaged by a strong bloodline.

He needed to find a woman that could handle his bloodline if he wanted to reproduce.

"Alright, let's talk about this later." Angele stood up, turned around, and headed to his room.

Before he reached his room, he heard some loud noise from the entrance.

"Andre!" It was Heli who was shouting anxiously.

Angele's expression changed, he walked to the door quickly and opened it.

Heli was standing outside the door with a fainted woman in black on his back. Heli lost his left ear and right eye. There were several bloody holes on his face and blood was dripping down his chin.

Fra saw Heli's face and screamed.

"Come in, hurry!" Angele stepped to the side and asked them to enter the cave. He noticed that the woman on Heli's back was still bleeding—they left a trail of blood on the ground.

"Go to the medical room, hurry!" Angele shouted.

Heli rushed into the medical room right away and carefully put the woman down on a bed.

"Andre, hurry, my sister is dying!" he shouted anxiously.

Angele put on a pair of white gloves and walked to the masked woman. He checked the woman's condition and gasped.

There were three long wounds on the woman's breast, waist, and stomach. It looked like the wounds were made by a long blade. Her bones were broken and it felt like her skin could fall off her body at any time.

If the woman took one more hit, her body could break into three parts. Her wounds were connected by some white strings and that was the reason why her body was still in one piece.

Heli quickly explained, "I used the white scissors you gave me; otherwise…"

It sounded like he was about to cry.

"I need to check her wounds first!" Angele spoke in a deep tone. He cut the woman's outfit open using a pair of silver scissors and revealed her body, which was soaked in fresh blood.