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676 Just Be You— Be Human

A few days after Chen Shi's name laced every newspaper in Mainland China and Singapore, more and more evidence of her abusive and manipulative nature came to light. Seeing this, Lily let the media and the people pressure the government into giving Chen Shi the punishment she deserved.

"You really came here just for this?" Lily lifted her eyebrow at Jun Liang before shifting her gaze towards his sons, Ben and Timothy. "You don't have to come in here and thank me."

"Well… my father is safe and justice is about to be served. Isn't that something to be thankful for?" Ben said. After what happened with Chen Shi, Jun Liang decided to announce his existence to the media. He even publicly apologized for doing this to his own son. Aside from this, he also announced his resignation before appointing Timothy as the CEO and Ben as the VP of Liang pharmaceuticals.

"Plus… we agreed to have the collaborative project that we spoke of before." Jun Liang was all smiles. It was as if a big, rusty nail had been pulled out from his chest. "I figured, why not take advantage of this opportunity to thank you and talk about business?"

"Of course." Lily beamed. She then turned towards her brother sitting silently on the couch inside Lily's office. "Also… I want to introduce you to my brother, Qin Yuanfeng." Since Qin Yuanfeng's office was still under renovations, Lily told him to occupy her office instead.

The peculiar Qin Yuanfeng instantly agreed and chose to move his whole set up inside Lily's sleeping area- the small and dark sleeping area! When Qin Yuanfeng told her about this, Lily immediately fought the urge to laugh out loud. Why would he prefer to say in that small room instead of Lily's spacious office?

When asked, Qin Yuanfeng only told her that it will make him more comfortable. Suffice to say, Qin Yuanfeng got what he wanted. This time, though, Lily forced him out of the room to at least interact with Jun Liang and his sons— to socialize. To Lily, creating a barrier was dangerous. Isolation was not something good if you want to succeed in the industry. 

Of course to a hacker, a secure room where they can stay all day is a dream come true. But her brother was not just a hacker. He was not just someone that would work under her forever. He needed to learn to socialize and mingle with others. Build connections and relationships that will help him in the business industry.

To Lily, reputation and connection was everything and she wanted Qin Yuanfeng to see this. Also, Lily wanted to slowly teach her brother some of the things that she learned from her grandmother.

"Brother?" Jun Liang stared at Qin Yuanfeng for a few seconds. "Twins?"

"That obvious, huh?" Lily chuckled. As expected, Qin Yuanfeng only nodded and gave a slight smile without saying a word. "Yuanfeng is training under me. So… he will soon start traveling around to visit the other subsidiaries. I hope you can entertain him in Singapore."

"Of course!" Timothy answered. His gaze lingered towards Lily's face for a few seconds before he turned towards his tea. After seeing the video of Chen Shi being crazy at the hotel, Timothy was grateful for Lily's help in making sure that his father was safe. He was not particularly close to Chen Shi so her arrest did not have any emotional affect on him. Of course, seeing his mother attempt to murder his father was still heart breaking.

Lily and Qin Yuanfeng talked to— scratch that. Lily continued talking to the Liang Family while Qin Yuanfeng listened and sat there silently, occasionally nodding his head, observing the people around him as if they have nothing to do with him.

Seeing this, Lily let out a sigh inwardly. Maybe this approach wouldn't work for him. She immediately made a mental note to ask Zhou Jingren for tips later on. Maybe the latter could help her.


The Peak

Zhou Jingren instantly raised an eyebrow when he heard Lily's question. "Why are you so adamant on changing him?" he asked.

"Why not?" To Lily, she was only doing this for the company and for her brother's own interest. "This is what's best for him."

In response, Zhou Jingren shook his head. He could already see what kind of mother Lily would become someday. "Why would you force him into doing something that he is not comfortable doing? Did you even ask his opinion about this matter?" Of course, he would do his best to get some sense into his wife's head. After all, she was not just his woman, she is his partner, the mother of their future children and the woman that he would spend the rest of his life with.

As expected, Lily turned silent at Zhou Jingren's words. She frowned as realization hit her. "Do you think I am going overboard?" she asked.

"Of course you are." He knew Lily already knew the answer to her question. "Why are you trying to control him? Let him live his life peacefully. I mean… he too experienced some abuse while growing up up with his step mother. It is only understandable that he would keep his distance from other people. However, I can see he blindly trusts you and me. We should not break that trust."

Lily pursed his lips as she lowered her head. Maybe Zhou Jingren was right. Maybe she was really taking it far. "Then… what should I do?" Lily was not good with building familial relationships either and her tendency to attempt to control someone would also show.

"Let him do whatever he wants. He is not a child after all. Let him heal, train him but don't spoon feed it to him like a toddler." Zhou Jingren smiled. "It's simple. You don't need to pity him or treat him as if he is special. Just be you— be human. Be the sister that he needs."


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