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Chapter 923: Attack

Chapter 923: Attack
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As the Cadillac's engine roared powerfully along the road, Sheyan and Aziz received notifications from their nightmare imprints:

[Warning, warning: The Blood Sensing is about to trigger. The Blood Sensing this time will last longer.]

[Contestant No. 1018, the base duration of the Blood Sensing this time is 100 minutes. Your army rank is Major, but you already have 3 Bloody Invitation Letters, so your army rank privilege is rendered obsolete. The duration of you sensing the location of other contestants is reduced by 60%, while the duration of others sensing your position is extended by 30%.]

[Blood Sensing will be initiated in 120 seconds. Good luck.]

"What the hell!" Sheyan cursed out loud. Aziz's Blood Sensing may not have been weakened as much, but Sheyan still heard him swear under his breath.

The only good news was that K had revved up the Cadillac so it would take them about ten minutes to reach the MIB headquarters. Sheyan was sure that even if the other participants received news about Sheyan and Aziz within these 10 minutes, they wouldn't dare to act alone. They would need time to gather their forces, and by then Sheyan and Aziz would be drinking coffee comfortably in the most guarded area of the MIB headquarters.

However, Sheyan had made 2 miscalculations: he underestimated the severity of the traffic jams in New York, and he did not take into account K's mentality.

The bloody storm swept over them in the blink of an eye. Sheyan's vision turned into an ocean of blood as if a large number of blood vessels had exploded. It caused indescribable fear in his heart.

Sheyan once again swore, because he really couldn't find more appropriate words to describe his current mood.

If the red dot representing Sheyan was as attention-catching as firefly in a summer night after he got two Bloody Invitations Letters, then his red dot right now was like the moon. Aziz's red dot couldn't hold a candle to his, let alone the dots of other participants.

Even more vicious was the fact that is that the few escape points evenly distributed throughout New York City were clearly marked! They weren't exactly discriminating against Sheyan, but, but! Right now, Sheyan was the only one who had collected 3 Bloody Invitations Letters! The participants were no fool. When they saw the escape points, they naturally knew what it meant!

The next instant, almost all the participants madly dashed towards Sheyan's direction! They could get three Bloody Invitations Letters just from killing Sheyan alone. Plus the one they own themselves, they would have four! They would complete the mission with one above the quota. The risk was worth taking.

Sheyan instantly found himself in the eye of the vortex, as if mysterious gravitational force was pulling all the participants towards him. Although Sheyan's strength had increased greatly, he was not arrogant enough to think that he could take on the world.

But K inexplicably became another problem! He drove his beloved Cadillac as slowly as he could, seemingly enjoying the scenery outside the window. He even occasionally stared at the passing women. At this speed, let alone ten minutes, they wouldn't reach in a hundred minutes.

"Hey, K! This is no time to be enjoying the scenery," Sheyan gnashed his teeth and said.

K simply ignored him.

Sheyan looked at Aziz and spoke to him through the nightmare imprint:

"Hey, don't think that this doesn't concern you! When those idiots come here, do you think they'll just let you go?"

Aziz was silent for a while. K would listen to his opinion. So, he told K:

"I think we should return to the MIB headquarters as soon as possible, Agent K. I kept having an ominous premonition after seeing the weird bone words, as if something important was about to happen. The sooner we unlock the secret, the better."

Aziz's words held some weight with K. K nodded and said:

"Okay, we'll go back after I buy an apple pie."

Sheyan groaned helplessly. He lifted his head and finally gritted his teeth and said:

"K, listen to me. You're being targeted. If you don't activate the alien technology in this car right now, I promise you we will all die a terrible death!"

K turned his head and gave Sheyan a very distrustful stare:

"You sure? How come our powerful early warning system didn't get any information about this? Besides, do you know how much it cost the MIB's budget every time we activate the particle spraying system? Do you know how hard Z fought for our energy quota in Congress? The resources and funds allocated by the states should be used wisely, not wasted in taking a stroll."

Sheyan took a deep breath and said:

"Of course I'm sure! And I'm also certain of one thing. If you don't use these precious resources now, you won't have the chance to use them in the future."

K was stunned:

"What do you mean?"

Sheyan said solemnly:

"All the energy quotas in the world will be useless to a pile of scrap iron. Wait, what's that? He looks like Jones!"

The word "Jones" fully caught K's attention. Sheyan, who was sitting on the passenger seat, took advantage of when K turned his head to grabbed the gear stick and pulled hard. The end of the gear stick immediately opened like a blooming flower, revealing a red button inside. Sheyan pressed down on it!

The whole Cadillac instantly started to deform. The waist became more slender and more aerodynamic, while two jet-type exhaust pipes appeared from the rear of the car to spray a blue flame that extended for at least half a meter. Sheyan and Aziz simultaneously groaned as the unbelievably strong inertia plastered them flat against their seats.

K screamed:

"You idiot! At least let me fasten my seatbelt before you do that!"

Fortunately, this car was equipped with automatic life detection devices and stress protection devices. Once the AI detected an unexpected occurrence, it would automatically take over to avoid an accident. K managed to take back control of the car after stabilising himself. However, because of K's previous delay, a red dot representing a participant had appeared ahead of them to intercept their path!

Even at the speed they were travelling in, both Sheyan and Aziz recognised the person at first glance.

The courage he displayed by blocking their path by himself deserved praise.

The man stood quietly on the pedestrian bridge, staring into the distance.

Under the setting sun, a Cadillac rushed forward at the speed of 200 kmh kept like a fierce horse. The momentum of the car was wild and domineering!

An aggressiveness that would smash through everything!

And that person, was in the Cadillac's path.

The guy looked ordinary. He had on a cheap gray jacket, a lit cigarette with only half of it remaining, a decadent temperament, and a very ordinary face. He looked as if he would disappear as soon as he got out of sight, like a mud fish disappearing into a dirty river.

The man emitted a long sigh. His voice was still lingering in the air when he vanished completely into thin air. The strange thing was, for some reason, the office workers who passed by him, the beggars next to him, the performance artists, the singer with the old guitar, could all clearly remember that there was a human standing there just now who flicked ashes from his cigarette, sighing.

These people did not know why they were forced to remember this scene. It was as if the scene was imprinted into their lives.

Human memory is a strange thing. For example, if you asked people to recall things before they were three years old, 99% of them would have forgotten those memories, as if there was a fog covering a large amount of memories that they know were there.

However, 99% of humans would remember a few clear memories before the age of three. The memory would be so vivid that many adults who were present at the time would not have remembered as well as they did.

That's fate.

These people could remember the action of the man flicking his cigarette ashes because at that moment, the man had brushed shoulders with fate, even crashing into it slightly!

The gray ashes flicked by the man unspectacularly dropped down under the effect of gravity and scattered in the wind.

He was standing on a pedestrian bridge. Below him was the traffic that seemingly had no end.

The cigarette ashes that dropped down naturally drifted away. Some of them were swept up by a passing car. The ashes mysteriously drifted into the eye of a person driving a Chevrolet Cruze.

The uncomfortable feeling prompted him to wipe his eye with his hand.