The Sweetest Medicine
397 We Are Already Married 2
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The Sweetest Medicine
Author :Beauty Jiang
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397 We Are Already Married 2

She didn't just want to tell Master Handsome that she was in a relationship.

She wanted to tell the entire world!

Yu Gangan adjusted her words and smiled at He Shigui, "Master Handsome, I..." [found a boyfriend].

Before she managed to finish her sentence, He Shigui interrupted, "Come with me to the north of the city tomorrow."

"The north of the city?"

"Have you forgotten?"

Yu Gangan froze for a moment but quickly understood: Master Handsome's teacher lived in the north. During the time that Master Handsome was missing, his teacher was also concerned and asked quite a few people to search for him.

Since he was back safely, it was only right for him to see his teacher before he returned to Baiyang City.

Yu Gangan nodded her head and smiled, "OK."

Master Handsome's teacher lived on the outskirts of the northern part of the city. The road there was long and underdeveloped, so Yu Gangan realized she probably wouldn't make it back in time for lunch with Fang Zhihan.

Just as she picked up her phone to notify Fang Zhihan, she remembered there was something serious that she still needed to discuss.

She focused her gaze on He Shigui, "Master Handsome..."

He Shigui looked at Yu Gangan with a deep gaze and smiled gently, "If Elder Jiang has recovered, you shouldn't come in contact with Miss Jiang anymore."

Yu Gangan froze a little and asked subconsciously, "Why?"

Without giving a reason, He Shigui replied, "Just listen to me. You know Jiang Baian, we aren't the same kind of people, so it's best if you keep your distance from the Jiang Family."

After he was done speaking, He Shigui returned to his room.

Yu Gangan: "..."

The Jiang family?

Was Fang Zhihan considered a part of the Jiang Family?

Her teacher seemed to dislike the Jiang Family because of Jiang Baian.

Yu Gangan returned to her bedroom and sent Fang Zhihan a message.

She briefly explained that she couldn't have lunch with him because she was visiting Master Handsome's teacher in the north of the city, but she was free at night and could have dinner with him.

But, Fang Zhihan did not reply with a message. Instead, he called her directly, "When you return tomorrow, we should treat your teacher to dinner."

"We?" Yu Gangan was a little surprised.

"En, we are returning to Baiyang City soon. We should treat him to a meal." He had already dragged her into his camp; a married daughter naturally belonged to someone else.

Yu Gangan hesitated and replied, "But...I haven't told Master Handsome about us yet. Because of Jiang Baian, my teacher does not have a good impression of the Jiang Family. I tried to tell him a few times, but I didn't know where to start. Jiang Baian even came to look for my teacher today, so I was afraid he was unhappy and..."

The man on the other end remained silent for a moment before he said coldly, "Then, aren't you afraid of me being unhappy?"

Even through the phone, Yu Gangan could sense the lemony sourness of jealousy and it made her teeth feel weak. A smile appeared on her face and she replied, "Don't compare yourself to my father. The person I like is you."

Her voice was light as she confessed cutely, traveling through his ear and sweetening his heart.

Fang Zhihan's face lit up and a smile appeared on his face like ice melting for the first time.

"If you're afraid that I'm unhappy, let's move out after we return to Baiyang City," he replied.

Yu Gangan did not know how to respond, "Huh? Move out?"

She had never considered this, but she quickly realized she was bound to get married and move out someday.

Even so, she felt this was something to consider after marriage.
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