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396 We Are Already Married 1

Lin Sen handed another piece of information to Jiang Baian. The evidence inside was undeniable, but Jiang Baian continued to deny it and pointed to Fang Zhihan angrily, "It's you. You framed me."

Fang Zhihan stopped talking to him.

He simply looked at Elder Jiang and said, "Given his repeated damage to the interests of the corporation, my suggestion is for him to leave and no longer hold any position in the business."

Jiang Baian was dumbfounded!

He jumped up like thunder and pointed at Fang Zhihan, "You're trying to kick me out of Jiang Corporation! Is that your motive for framing me?!"

He then looked at Elder Jiang, "Grandfather, I'm innocent. Fang Zhihan framed me."

Elder Jiang tapped his walking stick on the ground a few times and said fiercely at Jiang Baian, "Shut up!"

He then looked at Fang Zhihan and said, "Let me reconsider this matter."

This man was still his grandson. No matter how he scolded him and hit him, he couldn't change him.

Fang Zhihan lowered his voice and replied, "Since you have granted me all the rights, then please follow the corporation's regulations."

Jiang Baian revealed a murderous gaze, "Fang Zhihan, don't go too far!!"

If he wanted him to leave Jiang Corporation, then he was dreaming. If worse came to worst, he was going to fight to the death.

If he couldn't get Jiang Corporation, he was not letting Fang Zhihan get it either.

But, Fang Zhihan ignored him as he continued to look at Elder Jiang and said, "Everything I've done is for the sake of Jiang Corporation. If you don't want your decades of foundation to be destroyed in one go, then please follow the agreed regulations."

He was not speaking to Elder Jiang like a grandson speaking to his grandfather, he was speaking to him like a business partner.

Fang Zhihan's tough approach forced Elder Jiang to fall silent.

Of course, this made Jiang Baian go crazy. "Fang Zhihan, who do you think you are? If not for me and my father, Jiang Corporation would have already been destroyed. How would you have this opportunity to put on a performance and frame me? Let me tell you..."

Elder Jiang smashed his cup on the ground, "Do you think I'm dead?"

Jiang Baian fell silent. He was so angry he began to tremble.

The atmosphere in the study was hot and tense. Hiding outside, Jiang Qi could even feel the strong discomfort.

She quietly backed away, returned to her bedroom, and gave Yu Gangan a worried phone call, "Grandfather's angry again today. I'm worried his heart won't be able to handle it."

Yu Gangan had a feeling Elder Jiang was angry because Jiang Baian replaced the medicinal herbs. Jiang Baian was the eldest grandchild of the Jiang Family and had never experienced a shortage of money. How could someone that was well-fed and well-clothed, do something so evil because of money?

"Don't worry, you can use the prescription I gave you last time and feed it to Elder Jiang. It will help him regulate his vitality and mood."

"I'll go right away."


He Shigui stepped out with two cups of tea and handed one to Yu Gangan, "Was that a phone call from a patient?"

Yu Gangan placed her phone on the coffee table and replied with a smile, "It was a phone call from Elder Jiang's granddaughter. She is very filial so she's the one that's been taking care of Elder Jiang. Whenever something happens, she gives me a phone call."

He Shigui heard this and changed the topic, "Have you booked our flights?"

Yu Gangan shook her head, "Not yet, but..."

Fang Zhihan said he was booking the flights.

Since the three of them were returning together, she naturally had to reveal her relationship with Fang Zhihan to her teacher.