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The Sweetest Medicine

Author:Beauty Jiang

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Beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine, Yu Gangan woke up from a coma one day to a cold, mysterious man. “Excuse me, you are...?“
A pair of profound eyes focused on her and replied, “Fang Zhihan, your husband.“
Did this man take her for a fool? He was obviously a fraud!
A little while down the track, he pulled her into his arms and whispered beside her ear, “Who am I?“
This time, Yu...
《The Sweetest Medicine》 Volume 1
1 Fang Zhihan, Your Husband 1
2 Fang Zhihan, Your Husband 2
3 Overflowing With Ambiguity
4 Did You Think I Was Trying To Kiss You?
5 Sweet Talk And Sugar-Coated Bullets
6 The Sudden Proposal
7 Hubby, Come And Save Me
8 I'm Your Wife Of Course, Hubby!
9 A Truly Strong And Domineering Man
10 Start Our Married Life Together
11 When Did She Sleep With Him?
12 If He's That Great, Then You Marry Him
13 Yu Gangan, Don't Take Things Too Far!
14 How Did Fang Zhihan Get Into Her Home?
15 Shocked! Fang Zhihan Actually...
16 The Sudden Inciden
17 Suddenly Take The Blame
18 Misdiagnosis?
19 Don't Cause Trouble, But Not Afraid Of Trouble
20 Genius Doctor Of Chinese Medicine, Yu Gangan
21 A Slap As Fast As A Tornado
22 Neither Proud Nor Self-conscious, Neither Haughty Nor Humble
23 It's Best To Be A Kind Person!
24 The Return Of The Powerful Fang Zhihan
25 The Powerful Black-Bellied Fang Zhihan
26 You Liked Me And You Wanted To Marry Me
27 No Stopping Until Something Shocking Is Said
28 Let's Sleep Together Since The Bed Is Big
29 Divorce Is The Best Solution
30 Examination Results For The Brown Powder
31 Why Was This Man Here?
32 The Unpredictable And Mysterious Young Master
33 A Spectacular Show
34 Look At How You've Dug Your Own Grave
35 I'm Not Showing You Any Mercy
36 Return To Yueming Hall
37 Looking At Young Master Fang's Old Jeep With Disdain
38 The Cool And Smart Yu Gangan
39 Hurry And Make Him Yours
40 I've Decided To Get A Divorce!
41 Who Started Trouble?
42 A Dominating, "Don't Touch Her"
43 This Is My Husband, Fang Zhihan
44 Just Right, 5 Minutes
45 Face Slap For The Jerk
46 Putting On A Bluff For A Face Slap
47 Yu Gangan Has Only Had Me From The Star
48 A Black-Bellied Man Is Certainly Calculative
49 Happily Welcoming You To Live With Me
50 This Woman Will Wait Patiently For Revenge
51 I Know, But I Won't Tell You
52 Fang Zhihan! I Will Hate You For Ten Thousand Years!
53 Sister Su, Do You Know Fang Zhihan?
54 What Are You Doing Here?
55 Man Problems?
56 Deliberately Trying To Steal Someone's Partner
57 Trash Will Always Be Trash
58 Were You Jealous Earlier?
59 If You Don't Let Me In, Don't Regret I
60 The Patient That Doesn't Want To See People
61 Same Diagnosis, Same Prescription
62 Talented People Have Their Pride
63 Seduction In The Changeroom
64 Setting A Trap For Later
65 You're My Little Perver
66 It's The Middle Of Summer, How Did She Get Frostbite?
67 Frostbite On The Face
68 Fang Zhihan, The Mysterious Man
69 What Image Do You Have, Little Pervert?
70 You Can Bully Me Too
71 Showing Care: A Compromise That's A Little Sweet.
72 Yu Gangan's Small Threa
73 If I'm Impotent, Then You Should Be Worried
74 A Woman With A Pure Hear
75 Falling Into His Arms
76 Domineering Announcement: I Am Her Husband
77 The Sudden Bath
78 Do You Even Have Breasts?
79 Looking For Clothes In The Middle Of The Night?
80 The First Kiss Can't Be Avoided
81 Fang Zhihan, Smart Like A Demon
82 Deal, Don't Appear Again
83 People With Money Are Reckless
84 The Rich Are Generous
85 It's Expensive To Eat With Me
86 Jealous From A Young Age
87 One Person In A Lifetime
88 Yu Gangan, Is This Your Toyboy?
89 It's Fine Since He Has The Looks
90 Are You Worried That I'm Stealing It?
91 It's Too Expensive, He's Afraid He Can't Pay The Bill
92 Uncle, We Already Have Our Marriage Certificate
93 Young Master Fang, Your Acting Is Terrible
94 Yu Gangan, Stop Taking Things Too Far
95 Running Into The Real Boyfriend
96 Confrontation: Who's The Real Love?
97 Exchanging Flirtatious Glances
98 Falling Into The Pit They Dug
99 The Reason Is Because I'm Your Husband
100 I Am Really Your Husband!
101 Remember, We Will Meet Again
102 Playing Cat And Mouse With Fang Zhihan
103 Decision Made: Yu Gangan's Choice
104 Not The Ending, Just The Beginnning
105 Don't Be Afraid, I'm Here
106 While I'm Fighting, You're Showing Off Your Affection
107 Who Sent Them?
108 A Black-belly At The Door
109 The Strange Medical Record
110 Who Was The Instigator?
111 Relationship Upgrade: An Old Couple
112 Little Pervert: Exclusive To Fang Zhihan
113 Fang Zhihan: The Extremely Black-bellied Man
114 This Is My Illness, You Are My Medicine
115 Doting: "As Long As You're Happy With It"
116 Meeting Filled With Suspicion
117 Feeding: A Sudden Show Of Affection
118 Continuing The Fire Of Passion
119 This Is What I Like
120 This Man Is Certainly Ruthless
121 Fang Zhihan. So Fierce!
122 True Or False: Like An Act But Not An Ac
123 She Isn't Someone You Can Touch!
124 It's Only Right For Your Husband To Help You
125 Outsiders Wouldn't Understand Another's Love
126 A Familiar View From Behind
127 I Hate Jerks Like This The Mos
128 Another Side Of Society
129 Someone Gentle And Easy To Bully?
130 Forcefully Buying And Selling
131 A Strange Patien
132 Insomnia Is Also A Disorder
133 Reporting General, It's The Young Master
134 A Perfect Match
135 An Indirect Kiss?
《The Sweetest Medicine》 Volume 2
136 Unavoidable Sweetness Up Ahead
137 Three Words: I Love You
138 Is This Medical Complaint For Real?
139 We're Not Easy To Bully
140 A Scheme To Twist The Truth
141 The Power Of Online Public Opinion
142 Choose: Left or Righ
143 Don't Mess Up The Negotiation
144 If Money Can't Resolve It, Then Offer More
145 Obvious Bias Towards Wife
146 Definitely Getting The Clinic!
147 Making A Bet: Let's See Who Wins And Who Loses
148 The Considerate Yu Gangan
149 Everyone's Favorite
150 Lucky Yu Gangan
151 A Beneficial Scheme
152 Trapped Again
153 Do You Really Think You Can Arrest Me?
154 The Devil's Missing A Player: You
155 What's Yours Will Always Be Yours!
156 Turn Of Events: Nanzhen Street's Treasure 1
157 Turn Of Events: Nanzhen Street's Treasure 2
158 I Am Family
159 The Sudden Confession
160 Cute As Hell
161 I Know You Like Me
162 Helping You Stop Your Hiccups
163 Hug And Kiss Passionately?
164 May Involve A Life
165 The Most Beautiful Doctor Of Chinese Medicine
166 Coincidentally Matching Outfits
167 He Is Family
168 Face Slap: Papapa!
169 My Prodigal Woman
170 The Only One In His Eyes
171 Don't Talk To Someone You're Not Familiar With
172 A Proposal, A Birthday Gift And A Betrothal Gif
173 I'm Going To Make You Cry And Call Me Hubby!
174 You're Pregnant!!
175 Lin Jiayu's Story
176 Provoking Fang Zhihan
177 The Other Side Of Fang Zhihan
178 Beware: Extreme Sweetness Ahead!
179 A Dream That Feels Both Real And Fake
180 A Man's Strategy
181 The Way To Confirm A Person's Hear
182 Yu'er: Gentle Like Water
183 Snow = Bad Feelings
184 The Young Doctor Of Chinese Medicine
185 Mr. Fang Is Everywhere
186 Going Crazy From Liking Her
187 Sick? A Yearning Sickness?
188 Little Pervert, What Are You Laughing About?
189 I'll Wait For You. I'll Keep Waiting For You.
190 I Did It For You
191 This Bad Man Was Teasing Her Again
192 Dried Fish Is About To Be Flattened
193 Talented And Handsome
194 A Fated Meeting
195 Upholding A Husband's Duty
196 Not Boyfriend. Husband.
197 You Don't Like Snow Either?
198 Mutual Dislike
199 Suddenly Blamed
200 Shot While Lying Down
201 Discussion: Yu Gangan's Charm 1
202 Discussion: Yu Gangan's Charm 2
203 Seduce Anyone But You
204 Cat In The Snow
205 This Is Your Mother, Call Her Mom
206 Waiting For You Because I Can't Bear To Do I
207 The Cute Cat VS The Dopey Goose
208 His Doting Makes Her Heart Warm
209 Doubting Him And Challenging Him?
210 Hugging You Is The Warmes
211 Is She Worried?
212 The Sudden Apology
213 Keep Your Distance From Xia Chengzhou
214 Oh, Hugging For Warmth
215 Be Good And Come Home With Me
216 Main Occupation: Your Husband
217 Brother Jiang From Her Dreams...
218 If You Can't Do It, I'll Teach You
219 The Sudden Acciden
220 Such An Intimate Patient?
221 Asking Mr. Fang For Help
222 There's Nothing That He Can't Do!
223 A Sudden Change In Attitude
224 Leader Of The Big 3 Playboys
225 Ultimate Scheme
226 Blind Dates Everywhere
227 Classic Line Of A Domineering CEO
228 Either Receive My Consultation Or Get Los
229 This Woman Is A Little Cool
230 Sexual Dysfunction...
231 You Are A Shameless Woman
232 A Combination Of Chinese And Western Medicine
233 Causing A Shock
234 Brother Xi, Your Idol Is Here!
235 Fang Zhihan's Fanboy
236 A Huge Faceslap Arrives
237 Fate Or Following?
238 This Is My Girlfriend
239 My Father Likes You Even More
240 Decision To Keep The Child
241 How Awkward!
242 The Two Of You Are A Match Made In Heaven
243 Taking Advantage To Act Out Of Line
244 Extremely Perfect And Smooth
245 Can't Help The Urge To Kiss Her
246 Fang Zhihan's Angry
247 Snowy Day
248 What To Do When Moved?
249 Fake Could Become True
250 You've Turned Bad Because Of Fang Zhihan
251 Do You Want To Find A Father For The Child
252 Delivering Thanks To The Door
253 Being Slapped At A Face-Swelling Rate
254 From Now On, I Will Watch Over You
255 Attack By Insinuation
256 When Are You Coming Home?
257 It's Because You're Suitable
258 Using Fang Zhihan Again
259 Daily Sweetness: I Like You
260 Already Very Impressive
261 Looking To Be Tortured: Watching The Scumbag And Sl*t Show Off
262 Full Of Herself
263 Decision To Get Married
264 I Only Care About You!
265 My Wife Is Really Thoughtful
266 What Are You Afraid Of?
267 Somehow Want To Hug Him And Comfort Him
268 A Good Girl That Belongs To Someone Else
269 Not Nervous About Living With Her Husband
270 Not Convenient To Move
271 Who Is The Shameless One
272 Young Master Han Is Back
273 The Jiang Family's Future Heir
274 Jealous And Uneasy
275 The Strange Old Man With The Strange Pulse
276 Are You Jealous?
277 You're The One That's Reeking Of Vinegar
278 Mr. Fang's Sister, Jiang Qi
279 Vinegar Is Sour. Don't Drink It Recklessly.
280 This Illness Is Related To His Character
281 Future Granddaughter-In-Law?
282 Like Me, No One But Me
283 Tell Your Grandson To Bite Me!
284 I'm Not Human, I'm A Goddess
285 How Do You Want Me To Thank You?
286 Do You Want To Know About Your Husband's Past?
287 Another Bite? Are You A Dog?
288 Does She Like Fang Zhihan?
289 This Person Looks Very Familiar
290 This Brat's Skills Aren't Bad
291 The Shocking Identity
292 Not Married = Can't Share A Bed
293 Friendly Reminder
294 Insulting A Person Without A Single Swear Word
295 Satisfy Both Parties
296 He Is Too Clear
297 Guessing With Extraordinary Wisdom
298 Stupid Brat VS Fierce Old Fool
299 Air Hug
300 36 Wife-Seducing Techniques
301 72 Wife-Coaxing Tricks
302 This Auntie...
303 Remember For Life
304 What Are You Afraid Of?
305 She Likes Fang Zhihan Too
306 A Special Gif
307 Taking The Opportunity To Create Trouble
308 The 'Real' Yu Gangan
309 Unexpected
310 Little Pervert Has Grown Up
311 Racing Hear
312 Bringing Trouble Upon Oneself
313 Refusing To Admi
314 Huge Mistake
315 If You Like Someone, You Should Say It Out Loud
316 Is The Wedding Too Rushed?
317 Shouldn't You Care About Me?
318 The Person I Like: Brother Jiang
319 A Young Girl's First Experience Of Love
320 My Type
321 Winning His Heart By Living Nearby
322 Selling Gangan Just Like Tha
323 A Smart Girl Acting Stupid
324 He Shigui May Have Been Killed
325 With Honor
326 A Soldier Matches A Doctor
327 Whose Grandson Is More Impressive
328 Elder Jiang's Threa
329 Becoming A Daughter And Auntie
330 Meet Again With Strong Hostility
331 Don't Call Me Auntie, Call Me Grandmother
332 A Sudden Memory
333 What's Wrong With That Patient?
334 Seriously Ill And Incurable
335 The Tired Elder
336 I Am Now Your Auntie
337 Too Embarrassed To Face Anyone
338 Mr. Fang's Anger
339 Mr. Fang's Revenge
340 You Attack Her, I Attack You!
341 A Gift For Fang Zhihan
342 Tie Up Fang Zhihan With A Tie
343 The Person That Was Killed At Sea
344 Mr. Fang's Confession
345 Confused, Utterly Confused
346 We Aren't Actually Married
347 Angry Because She Likes Him
348 Who's The Father Of The Child?
349 I'm Your Husband...
350 Take Good Care Of Yourself
351 Are You Fang Zhihan's Wife?
352 Plans? No Plans
353 Wedding On Schedule
354 Mr. Fang Is Violent?
355 Admiring The Love Of A Father
356 You Must Be Crazy To Think I'm Seducing Your Boyfriend
357 Mr. Fang's Jacket And Hug
358 Wordless Faceslap
359 Give Yourself To Me
360 Mr. Fang's Big Gif
361 Could They Be The Same Person?
362 Sleep Together On The Bed?
363 He Is Actually The Child's Father
364 If Your Son's Father Is Standing Right In Front Of You...
365 Private Parts In Pain
366 I'm Already Drunk, Yet You're Still Lying To Me?
367 Clinging To You And Not Getting Off
368 Mr. Fang's Unique Gaze
369 Call Me Mr. Fang
370 Xiao Yu And Brother Jiang
371 Drunk In Our Home 1
372 Drunk In Our Home 2
373 You Don't Want To Take Responsibility?
374 You're Too Smart, I'm Scared
375 I Like You, I Have Feelings For You
376 Master Handsome Is Back 1
《The Sweetest Medicine》 Volume 3
377 Master Handsome Is Back 2
378 Master Handsome Is Back 3
379 Master Handsome Is Back 4
380 Who's The Killer 1
381 Who's The Killer? 2
382 Who's The Killer? 3
383 My Naughty Girl 1
384 My Naughty Girl 2
385 My Naughty Girl 3
386 My Naughty Girl 4
387 Attempt To Lure The Snake 1
388 Attempt To Lure The Snake 2
389 Attempt To Lure The Snake 3
390 Attempt To Lure The Snake 4
391 I Like Eating Little Fish 1
392 I Like Eating Little Fish 2
393 I Like Eating Little Fish 3
394 I Like Eating Little Fish 4
395 I Like Eating Little Fish 5
396 We Are Already Married 1
397 We Are Already Married 2
398 We Are Already Married 3
399 We Are Already Married 4
400 We Are Already Married 5
401 Put All One's Eggs In One Basket 1
402 Put All One's Egg In One Basket 2
403 Put All One's Eggs In One Baske
404 Put All One's Eggs In One Basket 4
405 Put All One's Eggs In One Basket 5
406 A Special Relationship 1
407 A Special Relationship 2
408 A Special Relationship 3
409 A Special Relationship 4
410 A Special Relationship 5
411 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 1
412 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 2
413 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 3
414 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 4
415 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 5
416 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 6
417 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 7
418 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 8
419 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 9
420 Madly In Love With Me And Won't Marry Anyone But Me 10
421 Master Handsome's Tes
422 PDA: Matching Outfits
423 Confused: Are They Talking About Me?
424 Stunned At The Two Bosses Of Acting
425 First Round: Black-bellied Fang Wins
426 Come, Have Some Fish~
427 Are We Supposed To Let Fang Zhihan Go?
428 A Trip To The Hot Springs
429 First Date
430 Taking It For Real
431 Are You Afraid That I'd Sell You?
432 The Biggest Joy
433 The Abandoned Teacher
434 Refuse To Be Friends
435 Curiosity Killed The Ca
436 Childhood Friend, Gu Yanyu
437 Fang Zhihan's Innocent Friendship
438 Meet Again But Don't Recognize
439 A Threat: I Want You To Help Me
440 A Woman's Heart Is Hard To Predic
441 Fantasies In The Hot Spring
442 Love Rivals Meet: A Fight Ensues
443 I Am Not Your Opponen
444 One Should Share A Hot Spring With Someone They Like
445 Love Begins With Trus
446 Don't Tell My Brother
447 Keep Me Company In The Hot Spring
448 You Are The World
449 The Underwater Kiss
450 A Warm Scene Eating Fish
451 A Bad Man Deliberately Causes Trouble
452 Declaring The Winner And Loser
453 This Fight Wasn't A Figh
454 Fleeceflower Root And Angelica
455 Never Forgive
456 The Strange Family
457 Sudden Turning Back
458 The Rich And Powerful Mr. Fang
459 Another Familiar Person
460 Observant Yu Gangan
461 Steal Fang Zhihan's Girlfriend
462 Don't Have A Smart Boyfriend
463 Live Stream Yourself Eating A Compendium Of Materia Medica
《The Sweetest Medicine》 Text
464 Fang Zhihan: One Of The 4 Greats
465 Deliberately Teasing Mr. Fang
466 Are You My Wife?
467 My Shirt Is Your Pajamas
468 Heart Ache: The Hardworking Mr. Fang
469 Danger Is Near
470 A Fine Line Between Life And Death
471 Accident Or Deliberate
472 I Will Never Let Go Of The Culpri
473 Decision To Stay In Beijing
474 Announcement: I Miss You
475 Chronic Food Poisoning 1
476 Chronic Food Poisoning 2
477 Chronic Food Poisoning 3
478 Only Me From Now On
479 A Domineering Proclamation Of Love
480 Xiao Yu Is About To Return
481 I Just Want To Love You
482 Xiao Yu vs Yanyu, Who Do You Choose?
483 I Only Want Fang Zhihan!
484 The Youngest Doctor Of Chinese Medicine
485 A Familiar Place With A Familiar Person
486 Not The Same Xiao Yu
487 A White Lotus With a Black Hear
488 Treatment Or Murder
489 Similar For No Reason
490 If You're Sick, Go Get Treatmen
491 Awkward Encounter
492 Lying For His Wife
493 An Ambiguous Series Of Lies
494 The Ultimate Good Guy Cooks