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@@"What is he holding?" asked Zheng Ren.

"A silk banner embroidered with words related to the successful rescue operation of the patient with heavy postpartum hemorrhage last night. That man… should be her family member."

Uh… Zheng Ren looked closely at the commotion. Generally, silk banners would be directly delivered to the department to be hung up or buried in a random corner of the room.

If the silk banner was meant to express sincere gratitude, it should be hung on a visible location so that everyone could read it.

However, the man standing in front of the Sea City General Hospital emergency building was holding the silk banner up with both hands…

Was that not exhausting?

Zheng Ren vaguely noticed the shaky arms and bruises on the disheartened man's face.

A short distance away stood a few familiar figures who constantly appeared in the man's field of vision on purpose.

There were a few noticeable but mild injuries on them as well.